Selling Your Indiana Home Faster: Unveiling Helpful Ways [Part 1]

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Caroline Soriano
December 18, 2023
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Selling a house in Indiana but don't know how to get started? If yes, our in-depth guide will help you understand why people want to sell their homes faster and how to do it in a breeze.

7 Reasons Why People Want To Sell Their Home Quickly

Two of the top reasons why someone is selling a home in Indiana is because of a financial issue or a major life event. Here are more reasons why home sellers want to move their property quickly: 

  1. Divorce

Divorce is a popular reason for quickly selling a house in Indiana and other countries. It often prompts a speedy home sale since divorcing spouses typically want to move forward. Home payments and maintenance prevent divorcing couples from moving forward. Thus, these home sellers are often eager to move swiftly.

  1. Inherited Home

House inheritors generally want a quick sale. This is especially true when none of the heirs utilize the residence or live far away. An inherited house is a tremendous financial opportunity, but it will only cost money temporarily. Faster home sales mean lower costs.

  1. Foreclosure Avoidance

Owners behind their mortgage payments are often motivated to sell their property to prevent foreclosure. Avoiding foreclosure requires sellers to put their homes on the market quickly because they have to meet rigorous deadlines set by the lender.

  1. Job Loss Or Job Relocation

Life events like job loss, income reduction, or relocation can encourage homeowners to sell their property quickly. The following mortgage payment is 30 days away after losing income. People relocating for work are ready to leave their existing area.

  1. Medicaid Spend Down

Medicaid spend downs also motivate homeowners to sell quickly. Especially if the homeowner is in a long-term care facility or other care home and nearing Medicare limits, by selling assets rapidly, they can stay in their care facility and qualify for Medicaid.

  1. House Needs Serious Repairs

For some people who can't afford significant repairs, one of their alternatives includes selling the home to someone who can fix it. This is especially true for extensive repairs like foundation, septic, or water intrusion.

  1. Moving To Their Dream House

Last but not least, homeowners who find their new dream home are motivated to sell their current property quickly to get it.

Ways To Selling A Home In Indiana Faster 

Selling a house in Indiana can be seamless and efficient when you employ the right strategies. This guide will discuss the first two ways to speed up your Indiana home selling:

handyman on ladder doing hand repair

  1. Make Quick Repairs

Buyers are attracted to houses that are well-maintained and in good condition. That said, examine your home and repair anything visibly broken. 

Simple adjustments include fixing damaged baseboards, tightening slack handrails, finishing paint jobs, and low-grade door latches. Also, replace any burned-out light bulbs. Your home will be more appealing to purchasers if you take the time to fix these minor problems.

  1. Get Your House In Front Of As Many People As You Can

Your house needs to be everywhere so that potential buyers can see it. Make your place as visible as possible. Getting in touch with a real estate agent is the most effective and straightforward way to achieve this. 

You can access the local MLS with the help of your agent. Every real estate-related website, including national search engines, regional brokerage websites, and websites run by real estate agents, will receive a feed of your home after being listed in the MLS. Here are more ways to reach a wider market for your home:

  • Start positioning the house in front of your area of influence as well. 
  • Inform everyone you know that you plan to sell your home. 
  • Email all your contacts, post them on your social media platforms, and put up a sign in the yard immediately. 

These are just some ways to sell your house in Indiana as quickly as possible. In Part 2, we'll share more strategies to help make your home selling faster and easier.

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