Selling Your Indiana Home Faster: Unveiling Helpful Ways [Part 2]

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Caroline Soriano
December 22, 2023
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In the first part, we've talked about why people often need to sell their homes quickly as well as some helpful strategies for selling a house in Indiana.

Now, we'll share more helpful ways to expedite your home sale.

Ways To Selling A Home In Indiana Faster [Part 2]

Here are more strategies you can use if you want to sell your house in Indiana faster and easier:

  1. Choose A Selling Strategy

Selling your home might not be a walk in the park; luckily, there are strategies you can implement to make it less challenging, such as: 

  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO): This might be the slowest way to sell your home since FSBOs need help reaching all possible purchasers. It might also be more expensive. The advantage, however, is that it comes with lower commission fees and more control over the sale.
  • Hire An Agent: Real estate brokers know how to entice buyers. Agents can list your home in your community's multiple listing service. Doing this can boost homebuyers who see your listing. 
  • Alternative Approaches: Sell your home quickly with iBuyers. The most popular alternative to going alone or utilizing an agency is contacting them. Homeowners receive a speedy cash offer from iBuyers to close in days or weeks.
  1. Make A Cash Offer Request

Selling a home quickly with cash offers is possible. Home sales take the longest after buyer finance approval; cash offers eliminate this stage.

With cash offer requests, buyer financing concerns are eliminated. There are no scheduled TRID deadlines either. Forgoing appraisals speeds up the process for cash purchasers—close cash purchases after title work.

  1. Price Your Home Appropriately From The Start

Overpriced homes do not sell. Therefore, setting the proper home value is an excellent way to sell it quickly.

Additional Tips:

  • If necessary, be ready to lower the asking price for your house. In the age of instant information, purchasers react fast to a property's asking price. Reduce that price if there is a week of low activity. Repeat this every ten to seven days.
  • Buyers can be encouraged to visit your house using incentives. Offering a home warranty, allowing the buyer to take possession at closing, or even paying a portion of the buyer's closing costs are all excellent incentives.

beautiful curb appeal with american flag

  1. Curb Appeal And Stage Appeal

Staging and decorating homes as well as the yard works well. The better your home is ornamented and cleaned, the better the photos will be. Great photos will impress internet homebuyers and potential buyers who request a showing and tour of your home will make offers.

  1. Post High-Quality Photos

High-quality photographs improve showings and offer chances. High-resolution images make your home look vibrant and intriguing. Unless your real estate agent has the expertise and equipment to take the pictures, insist they hire a pro.

  1. Create An Amazing Listing Description

One more way to sell a house fast is to write outstanding marketing copy. You might think that people don't read this but the truth is, the majority of them do read the marketing remarks. Here are some pointers to remember when crafting the ideal marketing statement for your home:

  • Maximum 1,000 characters
  • Focus on home features
  • Mention the location, especially if it's excellent
  1. Make Your House Easy To Show

One of the reasons why it's hard to sell a home might be because the house is difficult to show. It might mean the house is unavailable for showing, restricted showing times, not meeting short-notice requests, keeping alarms on, or being present during the viewing. Other than this, it might be because of minor but troublesome inconveniences, such as the owner's dog's incessant barking or messy yards and houses that turn people off.

That said, make sure that your home is not only clean; it should also be easily available for viewing.

  1. Cut The Grass And Tidy Up Your Home

 In line with the statement above, a clean, well-kept home attracts potential buyers. Dirty dishes, scents, and piles of clothing sort of act like a repeller. Therefore, cleaning your home thoroughly is crucial. Avoid overgrown bushes and neglected garden beds in your yard. Make beds, clean bathrooms with toilet seats down, vacuum carpets and sweep floors, remove dog waste from the yard, trim the grass, and keep landscaping in order before a showing. A tidy, orderly home impresses buyers.

We hope that these tips help you sell your home in Indiana faster. If you have more techniques, feel free to share them in the comment box below.

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