Repairs That Will Cost You When Buying A Home

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May 13, 2024
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When looking for Indianapolis homes for sale, it's important to keep an eye out for problems that may cost an arm and a leg to repair once you've purchased the property. The first thing you need to do before committing to buying a home is to have it examined by a licensed home inspector that you trust.

An inspector will alert you to any major issues that might prevent you from buying a home as well as minor issues that you might be willing to fix yourself after the purchase. With a report on the current state of the home in hand, you'll be more prepared to negotiate with the seller, and you'll also have the information you'll need to walk away from a property that will demand costly fixes.

Avoid These Repairs If Possible

Types of repairs that you should probably try to avoid include major issues that can affect the livability or safety of the home. For example, replacing the roof can be an extremely costly repair that might need to be done before you're able to move in. Major plumbing fixes can also be expensive and painful to deal with. 

Considering this, don't forget to have someone look at the pipes before making any final decisions about buying a home. You'll also want to have your inspector thoroughly go over the foundation of the property. If there is a crack in the foundation, the cost to repair it will usually be quite significant. On the other hand, if not repaired, it can pose serious problems for your home in the future.

Common Problems To Look For When Buying A Home

Homes Do Not Have To Be Perfect

Remember, a home doesn't need to be in absolutely perfect condition in order to be a good buy. Some buyers like finding fixer-uppers that they can make their own. For example, if you are interested in building the kitchen of your dreams, it may not matter what the kitchen looks like right now, but only how much space it has to offer.

If you're not particularly interested in performing any serious remodels, look for homes that are in good shape and won't require much work to make beautiful. For example, repainting the walls and updating the fixtures are both relatively low cost and simple tasks that can dramatically improve the look and character of a home.

Nonetheless, here are the most common problems to look for when purchasing a new property:

Construction Issues

Starting outside and going inside, – from ground up to the ceiling and roof, check every corner of the home properly. Although you’re likely to work with a professional, you can come up with a rough idea of the home’s condition. It might help asking yourself these questions;

Are there visible cracks?

What is the condition of the wall?

Does the interior look compromised?

Are there broken pipes?

What is the condition of the roof?

Make a list of all the possible questions before visiting the property and answer each as you examine the home meticulously.

a dirty air duct in bathroom

Ventilation Issues

All rooms in the house, including the kitchen, bathroom, and storeroom, should have adequate ventilation and airflow. A healthier and happier family and fewer microbiological growth result from the house staying fresh and having less moisture growth inside.

Plumbing Problems

Make sure you inspect a home's plumbing system when you go to inspect it. Although they are hidden gems within the house, they are a crucial and indispensable component of a cozy living space. Issues might arise from outdated plumbing systems in older homes. One possible cause could be a leak in the plumbing system or rust. Verify that the water is flowing properly and that all of the plumbing lines are in good shape. Additionally, you might look for potential plumbing errors if it's a new house.


Ensure that the house receives enough sunshine. Sunlight is crucial for maintaining a fresh atmosphere in the home. It keeps your home odor-free and naturally eradicates germs and other microorganisms. In addition, it promotes healthy plant growth in your garden and keeps the house warm in the winter.

Water Resources

Verify if the house has enough water supplies. Water is essential to every home. The main sources of water were once hand-dug wells, but nowadays the main sources are government water delivery lines and well drilled wells. It will be tough to obtain clean water at your home if these are not included in the house you buy.

If you’re looking to purchase Indianapolis Homes, it’s always wise to work with an experienced real estate agent, like the agents at RE/MAX Advanced Realty. By working with us, you’ll not only find homes that are well-suited to your individual needs, but also avoid properties that demand costly fixes and repairs.

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