The Ultimate Guide For Recruiting Real Estate Agents

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October 02, 2023
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This year, the real estate business has been in a slump. Mortgage rates are approaching 7%, while existing house sales in the United States declined by 3.3% between the beginning of May 2023 and the end of July the same year.

Believe it or not, now is an excellent time for realtors to hire new agents.

Why? It's because the production and commissions of real estate agents have declined, and most of them will probably consider moving to another brokerage and receive a better option for themselves.

In this post, we will talk about the hiring process for real estate agents and the best way to attract top professionals.

But first, let's find out why it's important to prioritize the recruitment of real estate agents.

Why Recruiting Real Estate Agents Should Be A Long-Term Priority

Finding good employees is critical to success in any industry, and real estate is no exception. Bringing in top producers to your real estate firm or team will give you a competitive advantage and help provide the long-term growth that your company needs.

Having exemplary real estate agents will help develop a stronger pipeline, close transactions, and retain a strong network of satisfied clients.

Companies may struggle to maintain high output levels and client satisfaction without these top producers and their significant professional experience. 

Recruiting Real Estate Agents By Interview

No matter what kind of company the real estate business is, you can offer a diagnostic assessment to recruit agents. 

Asking strategic questions can help gauge the innate talents and skills of the recruits is ideal. This includes asking about:

Passion - This is the result of one's passionate convictions. It can be seen in the candidate's emotional response. 

Here are sample questions:

  • Have you ever worked for an association whose mission did not match what you feel strongly about? 
  • Describe the situation and how you handled it.

Commitment - People keep their word and execute tasks. Committed people own their acts and don't blame others for their mistakes. 

Here are sample questions:

  • Describe an instance when you were given the task's direction, which didn't turn out as expected.
  • What challenges did you encounter while working on that task?
  • What was your response to it?"

Promptness - Planning along with time management is needed. Prompt people are ready for unexpected shifts. They respect others' time and avoid inconveniencing them. 

Here are sample questions:

  • How have you avoided missing deadlines?
  • Please describe an event when your finest efforts failed.
  • What actions did you take?

real estate agent showing clients new home

Assessing Their Skills

Learning the basics of recruitment can help get better results in recruiting real estate agents.

Before interviewing another candidate, you should know the sales process:

  • Prospecting and generation of leads
  • Identifying the lead's qualifications and carrying out a needs analysis
  • Formulating some type of offer or proposal
  • Closing and negotiating the offer
  • Proving the value of your product to the needs of customers

When evaluating a candidate's performance, inquire about problems or concerns.

  • Ask potential recruits for detailed facts regarding how they have handled long sales cycles.
  • Find out how successful they have been in meeting their quotas in the past and how they have bounced back when things have gone wrong.
  • Find out how effective the candidate had been under various sales managers, question those managers about their management methods, and then compare those approaches to your management approach.

Do A Performance Assessment

Comparisons of the sales process, different kinds of buyers involved, the sales cycle, the complexity of the product and related terms, and the level of competition are among the major factors in determining whether an estimate of sales is accurate. 

Creating Call-To-Action

Creating a CTA or Call-To-Action will tell recruits what to do next. For example, they can reach you by calling or sending an email.

Tips To Successfully Find The Right Agent

Think About Your Ideal Agent

Make a list of the qualities that you believe are most important for your agents to possess. This can help you decide whether the applicant is a good fit for your company or not.

When forming a team, you must consider whether or not the members will work well together. Include other brokerage or team members in your recruiting appointments. If they have any concerns, pay attention to them.

A recruit can easily transition from one brokerage to another or from one team to another. If you want to keep people, you must keep them satisfied.

Be Honest And Straightforward

A pitch is something that everyone in the real estate sector has heard before.

When you "sell" to a businessperson, you must be completely upfront and honest.

As a real estate broker, you don't want any potential agents. You want the best possible agent. And the best agents will be the happiest.

Your real estate agent recruiting campaigns should focus on what you know you can deliver — and be honest about what you can't. That is the only way to ensure that your recruitment process finds agents who will stay with you in the long run.


Of course, you are not required to be truthful with your recruit. There are always more effective ways of saying things: a small team is a growing team, and a new team is learning. However, individuals must understand what to expect. 

Keep Your Current Agents' Satisfied

Your agents, in many ways, sell the club better than you could.

If you have a lot of nice, seasoned agents, you'll make a big impression on any recruit.

A competent real estate agent will notice if your reps look to have one foot out the door.

Your current agents will want to bring in new people when they are the happiest. You don't want to be the brokerage or team that other individuals at events warn about.

These are just some tips to help you find the right real estate agent for your company. 

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a reputable real estate company to join, we're happy to assist you. Just send us a message or call us at 317-316-8224 to get started!

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