Recruiting Real Estate Agents Like A Pro

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September 25, 2023
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Are you having trouble recruiting real estate agents

96% of brokerages admit that it requires constant attention and that they're always looking for ways to recruit realtors to their company. 

If you are one of those brokers looking for new hires, this post will help you:

  • Learn what real estate recruiters do
  • And find tips and tricks on how to recruit real estate agent

What Does A Real Estate Recruiter Do?

A real estate recruiter is in charge of finding and recruiting new agents for a real estate firm. Your tasks in this field may involve identifying applicants to fill a range of positions in the organization, such as a mortgage professional, depending on the demands of the real estate company.

A real estate recruiter may meet with a candidate one-on-one, attend events, such as real estate mixers and open homes, or use other lead sources. During the recruitment process, you should adhere to the company's prospecting methods and make use of any services that might assist you in finding the best applicants. 

After connecting with suitable applicants via phone calls or emails, your responsibilities may involve analyzing their backgrounds before forwarding them to a hiring manager. Real estate recruiters are sometimes in charge of researching competition offerings to decide a salary for prospective employees.

Tips And Ideas On How To Recruit Real Estate Agents

A real estate brokerage's performance is heavily reliant on its agent team. As a result, it's no wonder that many businesses are constantly on the lookout for top talent. Nonetheless, recruiting the right people might be difficult in this highly competitive environment. 

Here are the top ten techniques to attract real estate agents to make the process a little smoother. These suggestions will not only help you attract skilled agents, but they will also help you retain them.

Build And Maintain A Good Reputation

Being a desirable brokerage is one way to attract a real estate agent. This might mean having a successful track record, professionalism, and a good name in the industry. 

However, it can be challenging because most likely, many of your rivals already have these characteristics. So, you must put an effort into distinguishing your agency. 

One way to do this is by listening to your applicants. When conducting interviews, take your time in getting to know the applicants and learning new information. It's crucial to support these demands even if you won't be able to meet them all at once. This can help your brokerage become more enticing to potential agents.

Don't Always Follow The Script

Each real estate agent is unique, so if you hire them, don't oblige them to follow one script alone. Otherwise, you'll come out as uninspired if you just keep on saying the same thing over and over again. Give your recruiters the freedom to change up the talking topics so they can project a livelier image.

real estate agent presentation

Participate In Business Events

Real estate might feel a little repetitious, let's face it. Many professional events blend education, networking, and recreation because of this. 

When you can, go to these events, especially the national or state-level ones where you can get to know additional agents.

Additionally, seminars and conventions related to real estate are excellent venues for establishing your brand. The fact that everyone is actively encouraged to network and interact with peers at these events puts you in a great position to advertise your brokerage.

Organize Your Own Events

Other than attending events, it might also be beneficial for your firm to host its events.

Regularly make a whole day event or even a night of it. The good thing about it is that you can leave a lasting impression by just putting your name on people's calendars. Make socializing the main objective of the event, with seminars or other educational sessions interspersed.

By doing this, you can get to know many qualified applicants, and they will be able to keep an eye out for you. They may not be actively seeking a new job right now. But once they are, your brokerage will be simpler to recall and probably a top pick.

Develop Your Online Presence

You can bet that real estate agents take advantage of the Internet as a useful research tool. 

A lot of agents monitor brokerages online. You must, therefore, carefully cultivate your online presence. Don't limit yourself to social media. 

You may also try creating and promoting a website. Include solid SEO tactics as well so that you can appear at the top of search results when agents search.

Make The Right Social Media Platform Investments

Social media is inescapable when discussing online presence. You must also be present because most real estate agents, if not all of them, have accounts on several platforms. 

Social networking is a fantastic tool for attracting new employees; however, it’s not a one-size-fits-all. Explore your options to know which social media platform is right for you.

Although LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for networking with other professionals, you might be shocked by how much more active users are on Facebook or even YouTube. Once you've identified the best platform, be sure to offer pertinent, useful information.

Broaden Your Network

It's tempting to just hire real estate agents who have established themselves in the field when hiring new ones. However, by doing this, you risk passing up on emerging talent. 

Instead, cast a wider net and create distinct messages to appeal to the many demographics you are trying to attract.

Offer Training

Training and mentoring are very important for newer agents. These new players are eager to advance their careers, therefore giving them a variety of chances to do so will increase their likelihood of joining your brokerage. 

Maintaining your company's competitiveness and ability to consistently provide excellence will also be ensured by mentoring and training your employees. 

Also, when it comes to educational opportunities, even seasoned real estate brokers can benefit from it, especially given how quickly the market is changing these days.

It's Not Just About The Cash

Fair compensation is a key element in recruitment. Everything should be negotiable, including salary ranges, commission rates, and referral fees. But try to go beyond this and give something in addition to cash. 

Mentoring might be advantageous for newer agents. Having access to health insurance, paid holidays, and paid sick days are just a few more great perks that come with your salary. Again, pay attention to your candidates so you can give them bonuses and benefits that are specific to them.

Take Advantage Of Technology

Today, technology is used in almost every sector of the economy. It is visible in the form of CRM in the real estate industry, along with marketing, accounting, data storage, and other back-end operations. 

By making technological investments, you demonstrate your commitment to streamlining processes, lowering mistake rates, and removing duplication. 

Additionally, the correct technology makes life simpler for agents overall, which is undoubtedly a strong selling point.

Are you ready to grow your team of real estate agents? If yes, these tips might help!

If you have more techniques on how to recruit realtors, feel free to share them in the comments.

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