How to prepare your home for sale in Indianapolis

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Dennis Nottingham
February 10, 2014
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All sellers have in mind just one thing - how to sell their home at the highest possible price. We are not the only one trying to sell the Indianapolis homes. As a matter a fact, each neighborhood has several houses for sale like the one we do. Competition is not always a bad thing, especially if it is healthy.

Let’s do a walk through

Take a pen and paper and go outside of the house. Write down everything that you would like to change in your garden. Old baskets should be replaced, chairs repainted and some sprinkles fixed. Take a walk through your home and try to notice all the things that you would otherwise notice if this is your first time visiting this place. We all get use to our living environment, so we even no longer see old, rusty, broken things around us that will decrease overall value of the property even if those things are not going to be sold with the house itself.

Cosmetic work

We all know what real investment is in the plumbing, roof and floor replacement. This type of evaluation when it comes to serious repairs should be done by professionals and you should decide if you are able to take that project on yourself after considering your current financial situation. Regardless of your financial status, there are many small things that can be done to improve that first impression of the house and they are known as “cosmetic work”. Yes, the way how ladies know how to make themselves pretty, the house can get the same type of treatment. Painting can add a lot of value to old, especially wooden furniture if it is done the right way. Paint should match the original one or at least to be as close as possible to it. General cleaning should be done before anyone visit your home, even your Real Estate agent who represents you as a seller.


Minimalism presents itself as some type of art. In fact – it is! In today’s world, we have a lot of things in our houses and we think that we need even more. Our homes, more and more look like storage than livable space. Take all unnecessary things in the storage and keep only basics, like large pieces of furniture. By doing so, you will create an impression that the place is larger than really is.

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