14 Great Ideas For Attracting Buyers During An Open House In 2024 [Part 2]

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Caroline Soriano
March 01, 2024
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In Part 1, we’ve shared tips on how to make open houses more inviting, such as using signages, creating shareable videos, putting balloons in mailboxes, and more.

Now, let us dive deeper into the art of attracting buyers during an open house.

The Best Open House Ideas 2024

Make Use Of Virtual Staging

If the home you're showing is vacant, virtually staging a few or all rooms will be one of the best open house ideas to inspire buyers to imagine it furnished. If the house has a lot of stuff, colorful purple walls, carpets, or other old-fashioned features, virtual staging might show the owner what it would appear like with a few improvements or a neutral color scheme. Put a photo of the altered area on an easel or display a QR code in a few key rooms to link with a gallery of staged photos online.

Offer Them Branded Drinks

One way to not only get attention but keep you in your prospect’s mind is to customize. Attach personalized labels with your contact details and logo to the water or bubbly drink bottles you offer. 

Collaborate With Nearby Restaurants

Seek out co-branding options with a local restaurant, bakery, or deli. To attract prospective buyers, tiny local shops can display little savory snacks or cupcakes alongside their menus, business cards, or coupons.

Keep A Helper Nearby

Have a coworker, intern, or other person at the open house answer guests' inquiries, ask the proper leading questions, conduct personal guided tours, and watch for particularly interested buyers to follow up with. Get your helper to match up names on the sign-in sheet with interest levels, so you can customize follow-up for promising leads.

Contact A Lender

The lender can instantly pre-approve prospective purchasers and inform them of the monthly payment amount before they leave the property, allowing the buyer to ascertain their affordability immediately.

Prepare The Goody Bags

Prepare small bags to give with various treats that visitors can take with them. Gift bags are great open-house ideas for promotional products like refrigerator magnets or keychains. Add a packaged cookie from a local bakery and ask nearby shops for samples or coupons.

Make A Raffle

A raffle is a great way to get visitors to your open house. Think of items like fanny packs, baseball caps, duffel bags, or portable Bluetooth speakers that you can buy in large quantities and mark with your promotional logo. Local businesses may donate a prize if you put their advertising materials in the goodie bags or educational packets. Include a social media and invitation that mentions the raffle.

Holding Another Agent's Listing Open House

Listing agents usually welcome other agents' open houses, especially if they're across town. Ask for your open house signs to promote your brand in the community and provide the listing agent an enticing referral fee for every client you secure from the event. 

Organize Simultaneous Open Houses

See if two or three local real estate agents want to collaborate on a multiple-house open showing. Plan and advertise the event jointly and create buzz on your social media channels. 

Arrange A Preview For Agents Exclusively

Invite local real estate brokers to a private preview. In addition to networking with local industry people, this event can lead to future open house collaboration. 

Use Personalized Video Message

Send them a personalized video follow-up message with their name and an outline of the property's essential features. Messages can be sent after the open house if well-attended, but interested parties should be prioritized. 

Call Them Via Phone

Reconnect with every individual who was reached. Call them to inquire about their experience, or if they have given you their agent's business card, call the agent to find out what they had to say.

agents preparing baked cookies

Bake Cookies

This is one of the most underrated yet effective ways to make an open house more inviting: bake cookies. Instead of buying them, ask the current homeowner if you can use their oven for baking the goods. If you bake late enough, the house will still smell amazing when guests arrive. Just make sure you leave enough time for kitchen cleanup afterward.

Give A Thank You Card

A Thank You card can keep the property—and its owner's name and contact information—on a hot prospect's mind. Select a home-themed thank you card or one with a more profound message. You can even provide a photo of the deck view they loved to a Card. Whatever design you choose, write a note and immediately send the card an email or text message.

Bottom Line

Executing great open house ideas, such as freshly made cookies and virtual staging, can increase the attraction of your house to potential purchasers. In addition, giving customized follow-ups, partnering with nearby businesses, and offering branded drinks are among the best open house ideas to impress and engage buyers.

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