7 Tips On How To Virtually Stage A House Like A Pro

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Caroline Soriano
January 05, 2024
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One of the most important steps in selling your home is to stage them for a virtual tour photo shoot. But how do you virtually stage a house to ensure high-quality results? 

In this post, you'll find seven practical tips to achieve excellent shots.

How Do You Virtually Stage A House For Virtual Tour Photos?

Since virtual tours are frequently a person's first impression of a location, the property must ensure that the impression is positive by preparing ahead of time.

Not every business or property will require the same level of preparation because they are unique. Before a photographer starts taking pictures of the facility, there are a few things that all property owners should check off their checklist.

1. Keep Common Areas Closed

Taking virtual tours in an empty or sparsely populated area is advisable. Inform guests and tenants that certain common areas might be closed temporarily while preparing the property. You may even post signs telling people not to enter. Discuss with the residents of the apartment complex to ensure that the patios and balconies are free of obstructions. 

Consider taking a picture of the property before opening if the business is a food or retail establishment. While the sun will be out, this will prevent people from appearing in your photos.

2. Decluttering

Decluttering is one of the simplest yet most important parts both in staging and selling a home.

Remove all paper, post-it notes, and other random stationery from tables, desks, and worktops. If there are any boxes, make sure they are put away and hidden—clear dry-erase boards.

It's advisable to unhook and store away any visible wires while plugged in when taking pictures. These objects may obscure the critical details you wish to get in your shots. 

3. Clean From Top To Bottom

It should go without saying that even the tiniest dust particle or stain will be captured. After dusting everything, open a window to let some fresh air enter. Check for stains on all pillows, linens, and furniture, and replace or clean as needed.

Wipe all windows (inside and outside) to eliminate streaks, grime, and smudges. Dust blinds and push newly pulled drapes. If you have draperies or blinds, ensure they are always drawn or pulled in each room.

woman using vacuum cleaner to clean couch

4. Check The Electronics And Lights

Nobody wants dull, flickering, or differently colored light bulbs. Check the proper function of each light. Turn on the interior lights for outdoor shots if you capture them in the evening. 

Ensure monitors and television screens function correctly and have consistent displays if you need to turn them on. It's preferable to keep those off.

5. Set Up Your Home

Make the decor visually appealing. Lamp shades, frames, and wall art must all be straight. Arrange the decor according to your preferences and what seems the most sense. Steer clear of seasonal decor, such as Halloween or holiday lighting. This is how your virtual tour will be dated.

6. Ensure Outside Care And Grooming Of The Landscape

One of a virtual tour's most important views is the exterior, so be sure it looks good. 

From the entrance, move vehicles out of sight as well as garbage cans. Put hoses and gardening tools away as well. Make sure paths are free of debris.

If it hasn't been done recently, you should give your landscaping a makeover by replacing dead plants with fresh blooms. Additionally, remember to mow your yard freshly.

7. Check Out Everything Before Shooting Begins

Lastly, looking into the home before the photo session can reveal things you missed during staging and planning. The best way to do this is by standing in the middle of the room and slowly checking every nook and cranny.

Look for anomalies. Go through the corridors and common spaces to review your prep checklist. What seems odd is wrong. Don't overlook anything before the shot.

Bottom Line

These virtual tour tips provide a comprehensive guide on effectively staging a house for virtual tours. The guide ensures a visually appealing and timeless presentation by emphasizing key aspects such as decluttering, cleaning, proper lighting, decor arrangement, and outdoor grooming. 


Checking everything thoroughly before the photo session underscores the importance of attention to detail in optimizing the virtual tour experience.

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