15 Great Ideas For Attracting Buyers During An Open House In 2024 [Part 1]

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Caroline Soriano
February 19, 2024
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Real estate brokers can reach a large number of prospective buyers by holding an open house, including people who might have yet to see the property. It provides a relaxed setting where interested parties can take a leisurely tour of the house and get a sense of what it might be like to live there. 

If you're a real estate agent searching for open house ideas that can improve guests' experiences and distinguish your property from others, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the best open house ideas for real estate agents that can help their “For Sale” sign into “Sold.”

The Best Open House Ideas 2024

1. Keep Your Listing Up To Date

First, make sure that you advertise your open house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and social media platforms. Update the listing with the open house date and time for the week and tag the location with the necessary details. You might not have followers, but your city has and others might find it in that way.

2. Make A Social Media Post

In line with the statement above, Instagram and TikTok are some of the best platforms to promote an open house. You can also market your listing in local Facebook Groups, your page, and neighborhood websites. Attract more attention by using high-quality photos and videos highlighting the home’s best features. 

3. Send Out Invitations Or Flyers

An excellent open house invitation or flyer can spread the info. Add a Photo Gallery Block with property photos or a Video Block with a customized video tour or message. You may send your flyers and invitations via text, email, or a shareable link on social media. Encourage followers to share them with friends and family.

4. Invite Your Neighbors

Inviting neighbors to your open house can increase traffic and sell the home. Real estate has a 10, 10, 20 rule. When you get a listing, knock on ten houses on each side and twenty across the street. In condos, slip a flyer under the front door, which includes an invitation and QR code.

5. Include A Link To Google Maps

Add a Google Maps link to all your messages, including emails inviting people to your open house or posting images to social media to make it easier for people to locate you.

open house sign with balloons

6. Post Signs

Going to the area an hour before the open house and posting 30 signs on the busiest roads and crossroads can help. Add arrows on signage that will lead people into the neighborhood and to the residence. 

7. Put Balloons

Balloons attract attention, without a doubt. It’s giving a “Hey, something's happening here!" vibe so it makes sense to put balloons in open house signs, mailboxes, porch railings, and other places to easily catch attention.

8. Clean And Decorate The Outside

The day before the open house, clean the sidewalk and the entryway. Bring some greenery to the front door with a few urns, a branded welcome mat, or a giant door wreath. 

9. Put A Welcome Sign

Use a large framed sign on an easel inside the door saying: "Welcome!" This is a great way to invite them in and make them feel comfortable. Be sure to give a genuine smile, greet them at the table, prepare goodies, encourage them to ask questions, and let them explore the home.

10. Make The Sign-In Table Interesting

Set up an attractive table for customers to sign in and receive your card, brochure, or other information. Sign in with a digital tablet to appear professional and avoid deciphering messy handwriting. Put fresh flowers on the table and a dish of hard candy for visitors to enjoy. 

11. Be Ready To Greet

Make sure you greet guests with a smile and offer to answer any inquiries. When they're done exploring at their own pace, step back and observe.

12. Create A Shareable Video

If your open house is in a cool location or the property has an exciting history, record a video and play it on a tablet or TV. At the end of the video, use a QR code to let guests rewatch or share the movie.

13. Create A Branded Info Packet

Provide packets with your branding for guests to take and utilize throughout the house. Include basic housing information like square footage, bedrooms, school district, and niche-selling elements like local history or nearby parks, shops, and restaurants.

14. Use Tent Cards

Use tent cards to highlight a few of the house's best characteristics. QR tags on tent cards can offer visitors on-site security and heated floor information.

15. Showcase Framed Floor Plans

To assist buyers in exploring such a large property, strategically place framed floor plans throughout. To help children understand their location and the rest of the house, include a red "you are here" dot. 

We hope these tips help in your next open house. We’ve gathered additional expert advice in Part 2 so be sure to click this link to learn more.

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