Tips For Preparing Your Home For The Holidays [Part 1]

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December 08, 2023
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Winter holidays are the most popular period of the year to travel mainly because of its perks, such as lower prices, fewer crowds, and authentic experiences. However, an exciting trip might get ruined once you realize you forgot to lock a door or turn on the faucet in your rush to catch a flight.

Therefore, before you plan your next trip, learning tips on how to get your home ready for the holiday can help you enjoy a well-deserved break.

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Tips For A Stress-Free Holiday Vacation

Below are easy yet helpful tips on how to prepare your home security, appliances, and housekeeping before a holiday vacation.

 Preparing Your Home Security For The Holidays

  1. Maintain Your Yard

Before a weeklong vacation, prune your yard and shrubbery. Hiring a local lawn care provider regularly or bi-weekly may be ideal for long holidays.

  1. Clear The Driveway

Before vacationing in snowy places, clear or shovel your driveway. A snowy driveway without footsteps or tire marks may suggest no one is home. Expecting snow? A snow removal service may visit your property while on vacation to make sure that your driveway is clear.


  1. Lock The Doors And Windows

Make a trip around your house to close and lock all windows and side and back entrances. Check pet doors for coverage and locking. As you leave, lock the front door.

  1. Let Your Neighbors Know

Inform any neighbors remaining home for the holidays of your intentions and guests. They can phone authorities or warn you in an emergency or suspicious situation. They may also help with house-sitting chores like watering plants, collecting mail, and emptying garbage. 

  1. Closing Your Home Blinds

Close your blinds to make it hard for an unwanted guest to tell if your home is occupied. When planning a winter vacation, this can insulate your windows from the cold, reducing your heater’s workload.

  1. Set Timers For Outside Lights

Schedule outside lighting to highlight doorways and gloomy places around your property. This makes your house appear occupied and helps neighbors identify strange behavior outside. Motion-activated lighting lets you utilize it when needed instead of running the lights.

  1. Put Timers On Indoor Lights

Leave a few modest lights on during your vacation to provide the impression of being home. Want to reduce electric consumption? Automation with digital timers would be more efficient and effective.

setting up home security using tablet ipad

  1. Set Up Your Alert System

Arm your alarm before vacationing. Tell your provider about your travel plans and whether someone will be at your residence while you're away.

  1. Make Sure You Have A Working Doorbell Camera

Ensure your doorbell camera works and shows anyone at your front entrance clearly. When you're away, a doorbell camera can protect your packages.

  1. Get The Extra Key Or Give It To A Neighbor

The welcome mat, door frame, potted plant, and other frequent areas to seek for spare keys are known by most individuals. Please offer your extra key to a house sitter, friend, or neighbor in case of need.

  1. Put A Hold On The Delivery Of Newspapers And Mail

Junk mail and newspapers might accumulate while you're away, indicating an unattended home. Putting your mail and newspaper on hold is simple.

  1. Set Up Smart Home Technology

Automating your home takes two to three weeks, so prepare beforehand. Hiring a local home automation business may be worth it if you take an extended vacation or travel often. Smart home technology lets you control and monitor home security and appliance usage from your smart device.

Things to Do Around The House Before The Holidays

Along with your primary home security, here are a few additional things you can do to make your home vacation-ready:

  1. Give Your Houseplants Enough Water

Before leaving, water indoor house plants, depending on the type and length of your trip. Have a friend, neighbor, or home sitter care for sensitive plants or longer getaways as needed.

  1. Hire A Pet Sitter Or Board Your Pets

We recommend leaving your pet with a friend or neighbor while on vacation if it needs daily food, walks, or medicine. You might also board them at a veterinary or pet-sitting service.

  1. Move Or Hide Your Valuable Things

If you've taken all the required steps, hide your possessions upon departing. Keep valuables in a safe while on vacation. A well-decorated basement may need relocating valuables upstairs to prevent floods.

  1. Make A Meal And Freeze It For When You Get Back

You won't have much hearty food left after wasting perishable stuff. If grocery stores and restaurants are closed, you'll be pleased to defrost a tasty lunch after your travels.

These are just some tips to help prepare your home for the holidays. Watch out for Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For The Holidays [Part 2] to learn more.

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