The Ultimate Relocating Guide To Indiana [Part 2]

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June 26, 2023
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In the first part, we learned some facts about Indiana, the average salary of those who live there, the status of the job market, its population, the cost of living, weather, and climate, and many more.

Now, we'll dive deeper into the Hoosier State and discover more things about this beautiful place.

Crime Rate In Indiana

The rate of violent crime in Indiana is slightly higher than the national average. According to recent data, there were approximately 400 violent crimes and approximately 2,600 property offenses per 100,000 persons. Indiana's violent crime rate is thus around 9% higher than the national average. Property crime was close to the national average.

On the other hand, the place offers some fantastic cities and villages. The Northwest Indiana region is home to nine of Indiana's top twenty safest cities. St. John was ranked first, Crown Point was ranked fourth, and Valparaiso was ranked fifteenth.


Because five distinct interstates intersect in Indianapolis, IN, Indiana is known as the "Crossroads of America." Indiana is the entryway from the east coast to the west coast. The rail system in the United States is vital to the highways that transport products. Indiana is home to several major freight rail lines. Indiana is home to rail intermodal, the Ohio River canal, and the Port of Indiana on Lake Michigan.

  • Indiana is home to five transcontinental routes.
  • Indiana has more than 3,700 miles of railways.
  • There are 11 main airports in Indiana.

Real Estate In Indiana

You will need a place to reside whether you are relocating to Indiana or visiting for another purpose. Indiana real estate, homes, and houses will continue to be in high demand in 2020. In 2019, the number of homes for sale in Indiana climbed by 3% to slightly more than 4%. Several factors are contributing to Indiana real estate's high demand and value growth.

Real estate values in Indiana rise as a result of both business and inhabitants. Indiana is a low-regulation, business-friendly state. The minimum wage is cheap, schools are excellent, and public services are extensive. Furthermore, tax rates in neighboring Illinois are encouraging more firms and residents to relocate to Indiana. Finally, Indiana has shown to be a secure, thriving state that is also a fantastic location to live.

Northwest Indiana real estate had some of the most significant improvements in 2019. Last year, the number of homes for sale in Northwest Indiana climbed by 5.6%. We anticipate that this tendency will continue. The most significant contributing elements are the increased number of residents from Illinois and the recent economic expansion in Northwest Indiana.

buildings in indiana


 One advantage of residing in Indiana is the state's dedication to environmental preservation. Indiana is home to some spectacular natural places.

The state's northern boundary is with Lake Michigan. You can visit the Indiana Dunes State Park and the Indiana Dunes National Park while you're here. You may relax on the beach, climb the sand dunes, or go for a trek through the woodlands along the lakefront.

Hoosier National Forest is located in the state's south. The United States manages this forest preserve. The Forest Service. The Hoosier National Forest encompasses about 200,000 acres of property in southern Indiana's Appalachian foothills.

  • In Indiana, there are 24 state parks.
  • Indiana is home to three national parks.

Culture Of Indiana

Indiana's culture is diverse. There are several densely populated places in Indiana. Among these are Ft. Wayne, South Bend, Indianapolis, and the Northwest Indiana region all within commuting distance of Chicago, the third-largest city in the United States. These regions have the commerce, entertainment, and cuisine that you would expect to find in a bustling metropolis.

There are several smaller cities in between, separated by extensive farmland. This provides tremendous balance for Indiana people. Those who reside in the city might live a more urban lifestyle. People who live in the country might enjoy a calmer, more communal existence.

Indiana has a little bit of everything, so there is something for everyone. When you need a change of scenery, get in your car and drive down the highway (Indiana is known as America's Crossroads) to meet a new portion of this great state.

Reasons Why People Love Indiana

Here are some things to consider before relocating to Indiana.

  • Low taxes and living expenses
  • Strong public and private higher education systems
  • Local economies that are stable with pockets of fast growth and gentrification
  • Housing expenses are low, but values are steadily rising, and in some locations, quickly rising values continue.
  • Indiana is a lovely, free-spirited location to live, with vibrant communities brimming with Midwestern charm.

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