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December 17, 2020
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The housing market in Central Indiana was very strong in 2020, and very much in favor of Sellers. So, if you do choose to buy in 2021, be ready to pay top dollar. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Yes, you will be paying more than you might have paid 2 years ago, but your home will also hold it's value. And due to the Seller's market not looking like it will change anytime soon, this also means if you buy now, the value of your home is more than likely to increase in the coming years.

If you are exploring the idea of buying a home in 2021, there are a few basic steps you can take now that will ensure you are prepared to make a strong offer when the time comes.

1) Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approval from a mortgage lender is the essential first step to buying a home. You will speak with a mortgage broker, who will gather your information and determine the price of house which you can afford.

2) Find A Realtor with Experience

Everyone knows a realtor, however, everyone should not use that realtor that they know. Ask your Realtor, even if they are a friend or even worse, a relative, to walk you through their entire plan for you when it comes to assisting you in Buying a Home.

If you feel comfortable with that and feel they are experiened enough to handle a transaction in 2021, which will require putting in a strong offer and having it chosen among other multiple offers, then that is great.

If you want a realtor who is proven and experienced, and that also has the backing of a team of more than 90 other realtors, choose a Realtor from RE/MAX Advanced Realty.

Join the thousands of satisfied clients who have used our Brokerage in Central Indiana. Below are links to where you can begin:

1) Looking for Homes on our Website that's more user friendly than Zillow!

2) Speak with a Realtor to Learn About The Home Buying Process

3) See Our Company Reviews!

Be well, and we hope to speak with you soon,

-RE/MAX Advanced Realty

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