Retiring Soon, 55 and Over Communities You Would Love In Florida

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August 13, 2018
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Retiring Soon, 55 and Over Communities You Would Love In Florida

Are you close to retiring and are searching for 55 and over communities where you can settle down? Are you looking for excellent 55 plus adult communities where you can spend your retirement? Do not look further; we have put together some 55 and over communities with the best facilities in the most beautiful environment suitable for your retirement in Ocala, Florida. 

Having worked all through your active years, you deserve to spend your retirement in a location that will enhance your wellness and grant you the best relaxation possible to enjoy your retirement. In view of this, this article focuses on Ocala 55 and over communities for the best post-retirement life.  

1. Ocala Palms

One of the best 55 and over communities for you is the Ocala Palms. Ocala Palms is located on Highway 27 in Ocala, Florida. It is one of several 55 plus adult communities in Florida located in a well-established neighborhood. 

The construction of Ocala Palms took place in the mid-1940s. Hence, the community features modern plans with excellent landscaping and is a close-knit neighborhood. This community features several active adult homebuyers due to the luxury of living without the typical hustle and bustle of the city and its noisome nature. Ocala Palms is strictly a 55 plus adult community without large crowds and ongoing construction. 

Ocala Palms may seem small unlike other 55 and over communities in Florida; however, it has all the necessary amenities you may desire in any 55 plus adult community. Starting from a clubhouse to event hall, indoor pool, fitness center, table tennis, sewing studio, card room, arts and crafts studio, and a library with ample space for relaxation and recreation.

One of the premier golf courses in central Florida is the 18-hole Ocala Palms Golf Course. It is the place to be if you are a golfer, or if you’d like to learn. The course features ponds, oaks, waterfalls, and rolling fairways. Ocala Palms is a great location for retirement life due to its serenity and the flexibility the area affords its residents to plan the community’s activities.

Some of the attractions in Ocala Palms include the Ocala National Forest, the Appleton Museum of Art, the Marion Theater, the Howard Academy Community, and the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing. 

2. The Villages-The Villages, FL

The Villages is one of many 55 and over communities in Florida. The neighborhood started in 1978 and has grown to be a big community that is desired by all people searching for 55 plus adult communities. The Villages is a self-sustaining town with several healthcare centers, banks, restaurants, retail establishments, and recreational amenities. 

As part of the uniqueness of this location compared to other 55 and over communities, residents of The Villages are referred to as Villagers. To affirm the name, The Villages, there are three town squares with various amenities for recreation. The squares are Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, Spanish Springs Town Square, and Brownwood Paddock Square.

The lifestyle in this 55 plus adult community is never-ending fun and a wide variety of activities. The Villages is an exciting location that centers on allowing residents to enjoy the best of their retirement life with a wide array of activities like woodworking, quilting, painting, and ceramics. Dancers have different options like ballet, balloon dancing, tap, square dancing, line dancing, and jazz. Residents that are into health and fitness can choose their favorite class from yoga, aerobics, weight training, and power walking. There is also a choir group, as well as a theatrical group. The Villages is one of the most exciting 55 and over communities in Florida.   

Other exciting activities in The Villages include scuba diving, photography, genealogy, bird watching, and clowning. 

Home in Florida

3. Oak Run in Ocala FL

Oak Run in Ocala is located in the heart of central Florida. It is one of the best 55 plus adult communities in Florida and the entire world. It is a large community with a close-knit neighborhood that is renowned for its oak trees, pristine lakes, and hills. With only 30 miles to the gulf of Mexico and about two hours to famous tourist destinations in Tampa and Orlando; Oak Run has several amenities that make it a desirable place to be. 

One of the essential features of 55 and over communities is to have everything that meets the needs of today’s active adults. Oak Run does not fail in this regard, as the location has something for every adult from a fitness center to luxurious spa, resort-style pool, a multi-purpose bathroom, and catering kitchen, Oak Run has so much to offer. 

The lifestyle in Oak Run is fantastic and fun with residents having the freedom to choose from a wide variety of activities such as tennis, dancing, cards, golf, and biking. Each day in Oak Run is filled with different activities that guarantee fun and healthy living. Close to Oak Run are famous destinations such as Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World, and Universal Studios, which are under two hours drive away. 

4. On Top of the World in Ocala FL

On Top of the World is one of the high-class 55 and over communities. Just like its name, life there is really on top of the world. It is a beautiful active adult community. On Top of the World is a perfect retirement community that offers an enhanced experience to residents with world-class amenities. It is surrounded by ancient oaks and hills, and it is just six and a half miles west of Interstate 75.  Active adults who need an exciting escape or getaway can get the most out of life at the most amazing of all 55 plus adult communities. 

Of all 55 and over communities, On Top of the World is the location with the most amenities that span across almost all facets of life. Amenities such as tennis courts, three golf courses, restaurants, an R/C airplane field, and an R/C car track. The experience and life at On Top of the World cannot be captured entirely with words; the location is better visited. 

Residents can explore or pick new hobbies such as painting, yoga, aerobics, and ceramics. There are over 200 community clubs, and countless music concerts to keep residents physically, mentally, and psychologically healthy. If you are retiring soon, On Top of the World is one of the 55 plus adult communities for you.

5. Trilogy in Ocala FL

If you are searching for 55 and over communities for your retirement, Trilogy in Ocala, Florida is one location to consider. It is more than a place to live; it offers everything you need to have a meaningful and pleasant active life after retirement. Trilogy is an exclusive gated community in Marion County. The picturesque, layout, residents and amenities – everything is exquisite and inviting. 

With an extensive collection of amenities, Trilogy in Ocala, Florida is a pleasant venue where you would want to spend your post-retirement life. The Grand Living Room is the place where residents meet, discuss, and make new friends. The presence of restaurants like Salted Bricks, Rose Farm’s Kitchen, and Chef’s Table ensure that residents are provided with the best meals possible. 

Residents that love outdoor life are assured of unending fun with a golf course, fishing, hiking, and boating activities to keep them engaged all day long day-in-day-out.  If you ever plan on retiring to Florida and looking for retirement home, visit

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