In the dynamic landscape of Indiana real estate, one team stands out as the pinnacle of excellence: The Indy Home Pros Team at RE/MAX Advanced Realty. Renowned for our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional results, our recent triumphs in the 2023 rankings reinforce our position as the undisputed leader in the industry. Let's delve into what sets us apart and why aligning with us means embracing unparalleled success.

Unmatched Performance: Setting the Standard

The collective journey of the hardworking agents at the Indy Home Pros Team to the summit of Indiana's real estate landscape is defined by our unwavering performance and outstanding achievements statewide. In the 2023 RE/MAX Top Producers rankings, we proudly claimed the #1 position in every crucial category: Team | Commercial Only, Top 50 Teams by TRANSACTIONS, and Team | Residential and Commercial Combined. Our expertise extends beyond mere residential properties, as we excel in both Residential and Commercial Combine Combined Categories. Through our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, we as a team, continually set new standards, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to exceeding expectations in every transaction.

Global Recognition: Excellence Beyond Borders

The Indy Home Pros Team's success transcends local boundaries, earning us recognition on a global scale. In the RE/MAX Year-End Top 100 U.S. rankings, The Indy Home Pros Team secured and impressive position, ranking #16 in both Team, Residential & Commercial categories. Furthermore, on the global stage, we stood strong in the RE/MAX Top 100 Worldwide rankings, achieving a remarkable #37 position in both Team Residential and Commercial categories.

Our excellence in commercial real estate is particularly noteworthy. In the RE/MAX Top 25 U.S. rankings for Large Teams, Commercial we soared to the #3 spot, showcasing our proficiency and expertise in this domain. Moreover, on the global scale, our team's prowess was evident as we clinched the #7 position in the RE/MAX TOP 25 Worldwide rankings for Large Teams, Commercial. In residential real estate, our achievements are equally remarkable. We solidified our presence in the RE/MAX Top 50 Worldwide rankings for Large Teams, Residential, achieving and impressive #36 position. Additionally, in the competitive U.S. market, The Indy Home Pros Team secured a commendable #16 spot in the RE/MAX Top 50 U.S. rankings for Large Teams, Residential. These rankings underscore our team's dedication to excellence and our capacity to achieve outstanding results across various segments of the real estate market.

Join Our Winning Team

Are you an ambitious agent ready to take your career to unprecedented heights? Joining the Indy Home Pros Team means gaining access to a supportive culture rooted in mentorship, collaboration, and cutting-edge technology. Led by industry luminary Dennis Nottingham, our team empowers agents to unlock their full potential and thrive in today's competitive market. Seize the opportunity to be part of Indiana's number one team and embark on a journey of unparalleled success.  Reach out to us today to explore exciting opportunities and eleveate your real estate career with the Indy Home Pros Team.

Your Partner in Success

Whether you're  buying or selling, The Indy Home Pros Team is your trusted ally in achieving your real estate goals. Our proven track record and excellence, highlighted by our recent accolades, ensures that you receive unparalleled service and results that surpass expectations. Don't settle for mediocrity when you can partner with the best. Choose the Indy Home Pros Team for all your real estate needs and experience the transformative power of true expertise.

Experience Real Estate Excellence Today

When it comes to real estate success, trust the team that consistently ranks number one in Indiana and reigns supreme in the industry. Contact The Indy Home Pros Team today to kickstart your journey towards realizing your dreams. With us by your side, your success is not a possibility - it's inevitable. Let's make it happen together.


In the ever-evolving landscape of real estate, achieving top positions requires unwavering dedication, expertise, and a commitment to excellence. RE/MAX Advanced Realty stands at the forefront in November 2023, solidifying its reputation as the go-to brokerage for the state's top talent. This triumph extends beyond teams, with individual performers like Keith Turnbill shining in the spotlight. Let's delve into the exceptional achievements of these high-performing agents, whether they thrive in collaborative teams or as successful solo performers.


Indy Home Pros Team - A Consistent Powerhouse: #1

Leading the charge in November 2023 is the formidable Indy Home Pros Team, guided by Dennis Nottingham, a former veteran recognized by the Wall Street Journal as one of the nation’s top team leaders. This dynamic team, consisting of Listing Specialists, Buyer Specialists, and REO Specialists, maintains its position as the number 1 team in the state, epitomizing collaborative excellence within RE/MAX Advanced Realty.

Standout Individual Performer - Keith Turnbill #9

In the Individual RESCOM combined category,  Keith Turnbill emerges as a top performer, securing a prestigious spot among the top 9. His accomplishments underscore the diverse and exceptional talent nurtured within RE/MAX Advanced Realty, emphasizing that at the brokerage success knows no bounds, whether you're part of a team or an individual agent.


But wait, there's more! Within the powerhouse that is RE/MAX Advanced Realty, several other standout teams are making waves and leaving their mark. Let's take a closer look at these remarkable contributors in the November 2023 rankings:

Team Results : Soars to #21

Jason Williamson, Russ Burk, and Robyn Roller embody a shared passion for assisting others in buying and selling houses. Their greatest privilege in real estate is helping complete one of life's most significant transactions. As Team Results, their strongest asset is the collective commitment to providing excellent service with honesty and integrity. 

The Craftsman Group:  Secures #30


With a client first mentality, this team of highly educated agents, led by team leader, Cate Waggoner Lee together with team members Jackie Ray, Marcus Fillyaw, Matt Henninger, Gigi Melloh, Sarah Ragsdale, and Katrin Teverbaugh of The Craftsman Group secured the top 30 spot. 

The Rob Campbell Team:  Soars to #33

In the dynamic world of real estate, The Rob Campbell Team, consisting of Rob Campbell, Joyce Campbell, and Kayla Brandenburg, secures an impressive 33rd position. Their synchronized efforts and commitment to client success continue to elevate their standing.

RE Indy: Attains #38

Last but certainly not least, RE Indy, represented by Tony Sowers and Jason Kraus, showcases their expertise, earning a commendable 38th position. Their unwavering dedication to client satisfaction and market excellence solidifies their presence in the rankings.

As we applaud the remarkable achievements of these exceptional teams, it becomes clear that RE/MAX Advanced Realty is more than just a brokerage – it's a dynamic community of diverse talents, each bringing a unique touch to the triumphs of the real estate industry. Agents, are you ready to elevate your career? Join the winning team at RE/MAX Advanced Realty today!

For clients seeking unparalleled real estate experiences, contact RE/MAX Advanced Realty for all your needs. Whether buying, selling, or seeking expert advice, our dedicated professionals are here to guide you through every step. Experience the difference with RE/MAX Advanced Realty – where excellence meets your real estate goals!







Welcome to our bustling real estate office, where the hum of activity never ceases. As November graces us with its presence, we can't help but feel grateful for the vibrant energy and unwavering commitment of our talented agents. This month, as we embrace the season of gratitude, we reflect on all the elements that make our office feel like a second home and our brokerage’s support staff and team members like a second family.

Our office is more than just a place of work; it's a hub of camaraderie and shared aspirations. We're thankful for the dedication and hard work that our agents bring to the table daily, making our brokerage the thriving success it is today. The bond that unites our brokerage is as strong as the deals we close.

In our continued pursuit of excellence, we asked our September Top Producers who have seen it all, from challenging market seasons to heartwarming client stories. Let's delve into the insights of these remarkable agents as they answer our questions and share tips and stories on the valuable lessons they've learned in their many years as realtors and how they stay on top of their game.


"Always Be Available" 

In the fast-paced world of real estate, Dana Wright lives by one golden rule: always be available. She takes "time is money" quite seriously, responding to text messages in a blazing 90 seconds and emails within four hours. She even answers her phone like a superhero on caffeine because, in this business, missed calls are like missed lottery tickets. Dana believes in building relationships through constant interaction, proving to clients that they can count on her, and leaving a lasting impression that's hotter than a two-alarm fire.


Cate Waggoner-Lee's secret recipe for building strong and lasting client relationships goes beyond mere transactions. She takes the time to get to know her clients on a personal level, remembering their kids' names, their pets' names, and even their favorite vacation spots. Cate's philosophy? Treat your clients as friends, not just customers, and keep that connection alive by touching base with them regularly. It's not just about being a trusted professional but also being a true-blue buddy.

"Motivation Beyond the Paycheck"

For Jason Williamson, motivation isn't measured in paychecks but in the satisfaction of helping clients achieve their dreams. He'd take a pat on the back over a paycheck any day. Jason knows that real estate is all about advocating for your clients, especially when the going gets tough. For him, challenges are like golden tickets to make a real difference in people's lives. He's a real estate superhero, and his superpower is making dreams come true.

“A Real Estate Tale of Triumph: Preserving Dreams and Nature”

Rob Campbell shares a heartwarming story about a challenging property sale involving Dr. G. Despite initial resistance from the neighbors, a match was found with Johnson County Land Trust, ensuring the land's protection and preservation. Dr. G's dream of keeping the property in its natural state was fulfilled, and both the buyer and the seller were over the moon. This tale reminds us that real estate isn't just about deals; it's about bringing joy to all parties involved.

“Opportunity to Serve”

Cheryl Sizemore sums up her approach to real estate in a single word: "Opportunity." She emphasizes that real estate lets you assist people from all walks of life in various situations. From first-time homebuyers to empty nesters, real estate agents have the privilege of guiding individuals through one of life's most significant decisions. The diversity of experiences and backgrounds makes each day in real estate an adventure full of unique opportunities.


 "Treating Clients Like Employers"

Keith Turnbill breaks the myth that Realtors are self-employed. Instead, he treats each client as his employer, aiming for outstanding "performance reviews" from all of them. He sees client satisfaction as his promotion and ultimate success. By providing top-notch service, Keith ensures his clients return and refer friends and family, keeping the real estate party rolling.

"The Power of Follow-Up"

Josh Latham has some pearls of wisdom for his younger self: "Follow up, follow up, follow up!" He wishes he had been more diligent in maintaining thorough contact with past clients. In hindsight, he recognizes the importance of this practice and its impact on long-term success. Sometimes, we all need a little nudge in the right direction to reach the stars.

"Homegrown Expertise: Mukul's Beloved Avon/Plainfield"

Mukul Khanna's favorite playground is Avon/Plainfield on the west side of Indianapolis. He holds this area close to his heart because it's where he grew up, and he feels a deep connection to the place. It's not just about the properties; it's about the memories, the history, and the warm feeling of home that makes this neighborhood extra special for him.

We hope you've enjoyed these insights from our top producers, each of whom brings a unique perspective to our real estate family. As we enter November with gratitude in our hearts, we're reminded that our office is more than just a place of business; it's a place where dreams are realized and lasting connections are forged.

The dedication and passion of our agents have been the driving force behind our thriving success, and we're excited to continue this journey with you, our clients, and our community. As the season of gratitude unfolds, we invite you to reach out and connect with us. Whether you're buying, selling, or simply curious about the real estate market, we're here to assist you on your journey.

And to all the talented agents out there who share our passion for real estate, we extend an open invitation to join our brokerage family. We believe in the power of collaboration and are always looking for dedicated individuals who want to be a part of our dynamic team.

Thank you for being a part of our real estate family, and here's to a November filled with opportunities, shared dreams, and the unwavering commitment that makes our office a true home for real estate success.

Indianapolis has family-friendly suburbs, but a few repeat offenders stand out. Suburbs in Indianapolis, like Fishers, Zionsville, Carmel, and Greenwood, are ideal places to raise a family. Most suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana, are huge, and not everyone wants shopping and movie theaters.

But which suburbs in Indianapolis are quieter, smaller, and still suitable for raising a family? Below are the family-friendly suburbs of Indianapolis, Indiana, which are great if you're searching for a rural lifestyle, a lakeside community, or developments with a little more room.

The Small Suburbs Of Indianapolis, Indiana

New Palestine

1. New Palestine

Indianapolis residents who wish to feel like they don't live in the suburbs will love New Palestine. This rustic, open area is called "New Pal" by locals. New Palestine is a great area to reside in an agricultural setting and increase your land.

Those seeking the county-adjacent front porch swing lifestyle must forego some conveniences. In New Pal, nothing is within walking distance. There's nothing within a few minutes' drive. Although New Palestine has limited conveniences, you can get what you need. The town has grocery stores, clinics, and other necessities, but you must go to a larger city for comprehensive shopping.

New Palestine has an excellent school system. Though small, these schools are good. Many Hancock County students attend New Palestine High School even though they don't reside there. New Palestine is a safe, family-friendly suburb that appreciates the simple things in life.


2. Bargersville

Population growth in Bargersville. As far south as the Indy Metro Area can go, this family-friendly suburb of Indianapolis is. Bargersville is farther south than Greenwood but still has much to offer: good schools, lovely residences, and exciting things to do almost year-round.

Outdoor lovers love Bargersville. South of the Mighty Ohio River on Indiana's southern border, undulating hills and lush forests replace central Indiana's plains. A nature lover's paradise is the Hoosier National Forest and Brown County State Park south of Bargersville. Bargersville, Indiana, feels like the woods with fishing, camping, hiking, and great mountain biking trails.


3. Pittsboro

West of Brownsburg, IN, Pittsboro is a lovely suburb of Indianapolis. Pittsboro is smaller than Bargersville or New Palestine but has 3,500 residents. Residents in Pittsboro enjoy a quieter lifestyle yet have all the facilities of Brownsburg, one of Indianapolis' largest suburbs. Although rural and open, Pittsboro is adjacent to Eagle Creek State Park, making it a good compromise between New Palestine and Bargersville.

Choosing public education in Pittsboro means sending your kids to Brownsburg High School. Although vast, this school's evaluations speak for themselves. Brownsburg High School is an excellent choice for your kids, with many activities, athletics, and organizations.


4. McCordsville

McCordsville and Fishers are often mistaken as the same, but it's not since it's smaller and quieter. 

Being close to Fisher allows McCordsville to have suburban and rural vibes while being one of the fastest-growing in the Indy Metro location.

The Geist Reservoir is a significant benefit of this modest, family-friendly community. One of Central Indiana's most prominent attractions, this stunning water feature has over 1,900 acres of water. Residents near the reservoir enjoy fishing, boating, swimming, and aqua fun, letting them enjoy lake life. This location explodes in summer, so be prepared to welcome a more significant population if you move here.


5. Cicero

Cicero is a drive on the northern end of Indy if you work downtown or frequent the city. Despite being an overlooked suburb, its merits outweigh its cons.

Cicero has several fantastic school districts, depending on where you live. In most Indianapolis suburbs, public schools are well-ranked. It also offers a love of the outdoors in Cicero Red Ridge Park.

There's a busy scene in downtown Cicero. Recently, Cicero's newly revitalized downtown has become charming and none of the other little suburbs have a golf course like what they have. Although smaller than Indianapolis' suburbs, this area has a little of everything.

Did we miss anything? Which suburbs in Indiana do you like the most? Feel free to share them in the comment section!

Are you on the hunt for your dream home? Look no further! We have just released a stunning lineup of new listings for September 2023 that are sure to catch your eye. From spacious family homes to cozy condos, there's something for everyone in this selection. Let's dive into the details of these fantastic properties and see if your dream home awaits.

6037 Amber Valley Ln, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Listed by Marilyn Farley | 317-919-6296

First up is a charming two-story home in Indianapolis. This 3-bedroom, 2.5-bath gem boasts 3,024 sq ft of living space, ensuring plenty of room for your family. Situated in a peaceful cul-de-sac, this home offers privacy and tranquility. Inside, you'll find a newly updated kitchen with granite countertops and ample cabinet space. The cozy fireplace in the great room is perfect for chilly evenings, and the master bedroom features a walk-in closet. Enjoy a fenced backyard with a lovely pond view. With a little TLC, this home is ready to be your perfect oasis.

4242 Cairo Way, Avon, IN 46123
Listed by Rene Hauck | 317-987-7068

If low-maintenance living is your style, look no further than this immaculate home in Avon. Located in the peaceful neighborhood of Grant Park, this property features an entryway level with the ground, making it completely step-free. Inside, the open floor plan, wide doorways, 9ft ceilings, and ample lighting create a spacious and inviting atmosphere. The kitchen stands out with granite countertops, 42-inch cabinets, under-cabinet lighting, and a pantry. The master bedroom boasts an ensuite with double sinks and a walk-in shower. Additional rooms include a guest bedroom, dining room, office, and sunroom. The large covered front patio and rear patio provide perfect spots for relaxation.

10372 Valley Rd, Carmel, IN 46280
Listed by Michelle Jackson | 317-554-7095 and Justin Jackson | 317-777-0598

Enjoy peaceful living in the prestigious Carmel Clay School district with this delightful 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom ranch home. Situated on a generous lot, this property offers ample space for outdoor enthusiasts and those in need of extra storage. The updated master bathroom and included appliances make it move-in ready. Plus, with no HOA, you have the freedom to personalize your space. Located near the Monon Trail, outdoor adventures and tranquil strolls are just steps away.

3935 Mistletoe Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Listed by Jason Williamson | 317-430-3952

This 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom brick/wood 2-level home in Perry Township has many surprises in store. The upper level features newer laminate flooring throughout and an updated kitchen with butcher block countertops, newer lower cabinets, tile backsplash, and stainless steel appliances. The lower level has been converted into in-law quarters/apartment with a private entry, a large family room/kitchen, and a spacious backyard with a pool and two barns.


7818 Puckett Ln, Camby, IN 46113
Listed by Rene Hauck | 317-987-7068

Discover your dream home in this beautiful 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom gem boasting a split floor plan for privacy and comfort. Recent updates include cabinets, sink, faucet, hardware, and a tile backsplash in the kitchen. The spacious primary bedroom features an ensuite bathroom and a generous walk-in closet. The sunroom adds versatility to your living space, perfect for additional dining or simply unwinding while taking in the view. This home has been meticulously cared for with recent upgrades including HVAC and a roof replacement. This is your opportunity to call this place home.

5123 Rocky Mountain Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46237
Listed by Sheri Maar | 317-590-6469

This cute one-owner ranch is ready for its new owner! With 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a great room with cathedral ceilings, and a wood-burning fireplace, it's a cozy and welcoming space. The kitchen appliances and water softener are included. Outside, you'll find a cute front porch and a deck in the fenced yard. Updates include a water heater, garbage disposal, bathroom fixtures, gutters, roof, and lighting.

9487 Sandpiper Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46268
Listed by Dennis Nottingham | 317-298-0961

If you're seeking a move-in-ready condo with beautiful water views, look no further. This home features 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, and a 1-car attached garage. Enjoy the large rear patio overlooking the community lake, and don't forget about the neighborhood pool. An amazing opportunity in a convenient location.

8544 Gandy Ct, Indianapolis, IN 46217
Listed by Trudy Paige | 317-431-9449

This super cute 3-bedroom home is located on a cul-de-sac with a nice, private fenced backyard. Laminated hardwoods throughout the kitchen, nook, great room, and hall create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy sitting on your front porch or having a fire and a cookout in the backyard. With recent updates like HVAC and appliances, this home is move-in ready.

486 Van Camp Sq, Greenwood, IN 46143
Listed by David Cook | 317-319-7895

This 1-level attached home is not in an Over 55 Community but is in an Estate. Located near downtown Greenwood, it features 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, a U-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar and pantry, breakfast/nook area, and a living/family room with a wood-burning fireplace and vaulted ceiling. The kitchen and breakfast/nook area have beautiful hardwood floors. The outside has just been freshly painted, and there's a privacy fence in the backyard.

Listed by Shelby Scott | 765-635-5836

Investment Opportunity! This home offers 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and a deck for entertaining. It's a fixer-upper with great potential and is just minutes from historic Irvington and Fountain Square. Home is being sold AS-IS.

1332 E Gilbert St, Muncie, IN 47305

Listed by Danielle Shouse | 765-630-7089

This charming fully renovated three-bedroom, 1.5-bath ranch home is situated on nearly half an acre of land. Freshly painted and move-in ready, it boasts an open floorplan concept, vinyl hardwood floors, and a separate dining and living room area. The updated kitchen includes new cabinets, countertops, and stainless steel appliances. With new windows, plumbing, roof, siding, and more, this home is ready for you to move in.

922 E 7th St, Muncie, IN 47302

Listed by Danielle Shouse | 765-630-7089

Introducing this beautifully updated home with four spacious bedrooms, two full bathrooms, and a 2-car garage. Recent updates include new flooring, countertops, carpet, and backsplash. The grandeur of vaulted ceilings in the fourth bedroom creates an open and airy atmosphere. The full basement is equipped with 2 sump pumps, a gas furnace, and a gas water heater. The roof was replaced in 2020, and a sewage line was installed in 2022. The A/C unit and furnace are older but in good working condition.


1605 W 15th St, Muncie, IN 47302
Listed by Danielle Shouse | 765-630-7089

Welcome to this beautifully updated two-bedroom, one-bathroom home with a charming fence and a spacious backyard. The open-concept design creates a seamless flow between the living and kitchen area. This property offers new countertops, cabinets, backsplash, light fixtures, vanity, water heater, and more. With all the updates and improvements, this home is ready for you to move in and start making memories.


If any of these properties caught your eye, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated agents for more information and to schedule a showing. If none of these homes fit your criteria, don't worry! RE/MAX Advanced Realty can customize a search for you and show you any home in Central Indiana and its surrounding areas. Your dream home may be just a call away. Don't miss this opportunity to find the perfect place to call your own. Contact our dedicated agents today and let us help you make your real estate dreams come true!

It's Farmers Market season once again! Now we can enjoy fresh produce, artisan goods, and so much more while supporting our local farmers. If you are looking for one close to home or want to explore the available farmers' markets in and around Indy, here's our recommended list to visit and support.

Indianapolis Farmers Market

Hamilton County Farmers Markets

South Farmers Market

Eastside Farmers’ Markets


Southwest side

Your go-to-market not on our list? Let us know and we'll add it.

What makes a good bagel? The answer is, nobody knows. Nobody besides a select few that is. The art of baking a bagel is similar to that of alchemy, in that it can only be learned or taught by one who has spent countless hours dedicated to perfecting their craft.

Luckily, we have one such gent right here in Indianapolis in Josh Greeson. And while he is a bit too humble to call himself The Bagel Alchemist, we have no qualms in doing it for him.

Josh initially started to sell his delicious bagels at Amelia’s, a bread bakery in Fountain Square, on Wednesdays, and quickly realized his demand was outgrowing just that one day.

In comes delivery! While you can still get Side Door Bagels at Amelia’s on Wednesdays, Josh now does fresh bagel delivery to Indianapolis and surrounding areas for free! (some areas may include additional charge). So you can now support a local and amazing business, while getting the freshest and most tasty bagels in Indianapolis!

Delivery days are Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. You can also order fresh cream cheeses and schmears! More info on Side Door Bagel’s Facebook and Instagram. We sat down (virtually of course) with Josh to ask him some questions below, we love his story!

Q: Indy Home Pros - How did you get into baking, and then how did you get into bagels specifically?

A: Josh - I am a self taught home baker. I have worked full time at Amelia’s for 9 months now, and I have been doing my own bagel delivery for about 7 months. I’ve always enjoyed cooking but gravitated towards baking and sourdough bread about 5 years ago. I got pretty into it where I was planning my weekends around my baking schedule and giving loaves of bread away to friends and family I was making so much. 

Q: What inspired you to start Side Door Bagel, and when did you start it?

A: I’ve always made bagels for family gatherings because bagels were one of my favorite foods growing up. I’ve always noticed the lack of a good bagel shop in Indy, so whenever I started at Amelia’s I asked the owner if I could make bagels to sell there. He gave his full support and since then I went about perfecting my bagel recipe. 

It’s taken me probably close to half a year to almost feeling confident in it. (Still not completely happy with them lol). **The Indy Home Pros would like to note that this is the sign of any true craftsman/arist, never being satisfied even though everyone loves your work, or bagels!) 

Side Door Bagel was supposed to be a pop up bagel shop that I was going to do on Saturdays out of an actual side door at Amelia’s, and it never really happened, but the name still stuck! The owner decided we could do bagel Wednesdays and it’s kinda snowballed where every week we decide to make more and they always sell out. 

The owner has been generous enough to let me do my own thing with the bagels, and I decided to have a side bagel hustle where anyone could message me about bagels and I would deliver them straight to their door. I have found that the more I deliver, the more the word about my bagel delivery business has spread. Orders have picked up a lot within the last month to where I’ve had to limit my delivery days to 3 times a week. (Monday, Thursday, and Saturday).

My dream has been to hopefully have my own spot for bagels and coffee. But for now I’m really enjoying working with the crew at Amelia’s and doing a side gig of delivering bagels around the city. 

Q: What is unique about a sour dough bagel, and how, if at all, does it differ from what one may call a "traditional bagel"?

A: When bagels are considered “sourdough” bagels, it means that they’re leavened with wild yeast instead of commercial instant yeast that most bagels are made with. Using commercial instant yeast allows you to bake bread within a couple of hours. Wild yeast or “sourdough” is superior in flavor because it benefits from an overnight cold fermentation.

Want to order some fresh, delicious, sourdough bagels right to your door? See the Full Menu Below, and contact Side Door Bagel to order via or via their Instagram @sidedoorbagel!


Mention this blog post to receive a FREE SCHMEAR with the order of Any Dozen Bagels!

Let me begin by saying I am not a good critic, even there, that was a typo that I find too fitting to fix. I am not a food critic, but I like to think I know a good bagel when I taste one. And while I may be a Google Certified Local Guide, (basically the twitter or instagam equivalent of having a blue check mark) that still doesn't mean I'm a good critic nor food critic, and it definitely doesn't mean you should listen to me. Except on this, listen to me on this article.

From Brooklyn to Chicago, I've made it a point to try local bagel shops, yet I didn't know the bagel experience could be elevated to such a pure level until I tried Sidedoor Bagel in Indianapolis. And while I am of the belief that one won't be able to fully comprehend this bagel experience until they've digested it, I will attempt to describe it.

Sidedoor Bagel sits rather unassumingly at the northeast corner of 10th and Dorman, just minutes from Indy's famous Monument Circle. As you walk up, you're greeted by the warm glow of the Sidedoor Bagel neon sign. If you listen close enough, you can hear the sign beckoning to your taste buds and stomach to enter this sourdough sanctuary.

That's correct, sourdough. Bagels. Sourdough bagels. I've got to think this is a major part of what makes these bagels taste so unique. And while I know other places around town might use sourdough or a sourdough base, they just aren't as chewy and fluffy as Sidedoor in my opinon. Anyway, for more info on the sourdough process, go to youtube. To taste the process, go here.

Walk inside and you're greeted by a smell that inspires you to do your best Emeril, "BAM!", but you don't, because you dont' want to make things awkward. If you're lucky enough not to have a line in front of you, you'll see the modern counter set in front of a wall of modern tile complete with a menu.

Now what you do next is up to you, and I can only base my recommendations off my experience. That being said, I'm confident there is no such thing as a wrong next choice; unless you walk out without ordering for some unfathomable reason.

I ordered the everything bagel with jalapeno cream cheese (pictured below), or schmear as it is referred to at Sidedoor. I did not stop there; you do not come this far for just one bagel. I then ordered a chopped chocolate bagel (available Friday's only I believe) and went with the recommended orange marmalade butter which, unbeknownst to me at the time, would soon change my life. I ordered both bagels toasted and pre-schmeared.

I get to my car because sitting at one of their seats to eat wasn't the type of private experience I felt I needed for what was about to happen. I started with the everything bagel because you can't start with sweets first, it's a rule. The moment you take a bite you know something is different.

It's chewy, in the best way. The exterior is crunchy, but not too crunchy. The flavors are what other everything bagels want to be, distinct and not overpowering. I'm not going to google what's in an everything spice, like garlic and stuff? But I love it. I ate it so fast I'm surprised I am able to recollect as much as I just did.

Now for dessert; chopped chocolate bagel sliced, toasted, with orange marmalade life changing butter. I did not know a bagel experience could be this blissful. The chocolate and the orange pairing, and the warm marmalade butter on a bagel, I simply don't have the culinary vernacular needed to better describe it. So I recommend you..go try it!

And if you do visit Sidedoor, tag us at "RE/MAX Advanced Realty" on Facebook or Instagram @remaxindy and tell us about your experience! Links below.

Our Facebook Page

Our Instagram Page

Our Twitter

Sidedoor Facebook

Sidedoor Instagram

Retiring Soon, 55 and Over Communities You Would Love In Florida

Are you close to retiring and are searching for 55 and over communities where you can settle down? Are you looking for excellent 55 plus adult communities where you can spend your retirement? Do not look further; we have put together some 55 and over communities with the best facilities in the most beautiful environment suitable for your retirement in Ocala, Florida. 

Having worked all through your active years, you deserve to spend your retirement in a location that will enhance your wellness and grant you the best relaxation possible to enjoy your retirement. In view of this, this article focuses on Ocala 55 and over communities for the best post-retirement life.  

1. Ocala Palms

One of the best 55 and over communities for you is the Ocala Palms. Ocala Palms is located on Highway 27 in Ocala, Florida. It is one of several 55 plus adult communities in Florida located in a well-established neighborhood. 

The construction of Ocala Palms took place in the mid-1940s. Hence, the community features modern plans with excellent landscaping and is a close-knit neighborhood. This community features several active adult homebuyers due to the luxury of living without the typical hustle and bustle of the city and its noisome nature. Ocala Palms is strictly a 55 plus adult community without large crowds and ongoing construction. 

Ocala Palms may seem small unlike other 55 and over communities in Florida; however, it has all the necessary amenities you may desire in any 55 plus adult community. Starting from a clubhouse to event hall, indoor pool, fitness center, table tennis, sewing studio, card room, arts and crafts studio, and a library with ample space for relaxation and recreation.

One of the premier golf courses in central Florida is the 18-hole Ocala Palms Golf Course. It is the place to be if you are a golfer, or if you’d like to learn. The course features ponds, oaks, waterfalls, and rolling fairways. Ocala Palms is a great location for retirement life due to its serenity and the flexibility the area affords its residents to plan the community’s activities.

Some of the attractions in Ocala Palms include the Ocala National Forest, the Appleton Museum of Art, the Marion Theater, the Howard Academy Community, and the Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing. 

2. The Villages-The Villages, FL

The Villages is one of many 55 and over communities in Florida. The neighborhood started in 1978 and has grown to be a big community that is desired by all people searching for 55 plus adult communities. The Villages is a self-sustaining town with several healthcare centers, banks, restaurants, retail establishments, and recreational amenities. 

As part of the uniqueness of this location compared to other 55 and over communities, residents of The Villages are referred to as Villagers. To affirm the name, The Villages, there are three town squares with various amenities for recreation. The squares are Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, Spanish Springs Town Square, and Brownwood Paddock Square.

The lifestyle in this 55 plus adult community is never-ending fun and a wide variety of activities. The Villages is an exciting location that centers on allowing residents to enjoy the best of their retirement life with a wide array of activities like woodworking, quilting, painting, and ceramics. Dancers have different options like ballet, balloon dancing, tap, square dancing, line dancing, and jazz. Residents that are into health and fitness can choose their favorite class from yoga, aerobics, weight training, and power walking. There is also a choir group, as well as a theatrical group. The Villages is one of the most exciting 55 and over communities in Florida.   

Other exciting activities in The Villages include scuba diving, photography, genealogy, bird watching, and clowning. 

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3. Oak Run in Ocala FL

Oak Run in Ocala is located in the heart of central Florida. It is one of the best 55 plus adult communities in Florida and the entire world. It is a large community with a close-knit neighborhood that is renowned for its oak trees, pristine lakes, and hills. With only 30 miles to the gulf of Mexico and about two hours to famous tourist destinations in Tampa and Orlando; Oak Run has several amenities that make it a desirable place to be. 

One of the essential features of 55 and over communities is to have everything that meets the needs of today’s active adults. Oak Run does not fail in this regard, as the location has something for every adult from a fitness center to luxurious spa, resort-style pool, a multi-purpose bathroom, and catering kitchen, Oak Run has so much to offer. 

The lifestyle in Oak Run is fantastic and fun with residents having the freedom to choose from a wide variety of activities such as tennis, dancing, cards, golf, and biking. Each day in Oak Run is filled with different activities that guarantee fun and healthy living. Close to Oak Run are famous destinations such as Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, Sea World, and Universal Studios, which are under two hours drive away. 

4. On Top of the World in Ocala FL

On Top of the World is one of the high-class 55 and over communities. Just like its name, life there is really on top of the world. It is a beautiful active adult community. On Top of the World is a perfect retirement community that offers an enhanced experience to residents with world-class amenities. It is surrounded by ancient oaks and hills, and it is just six and a half miles west of Interstate 75.  Active adults who need an exciting escape or getaway can get the most out of life at the most amazing of all 55 plus adult communities. 

Of all 55 and over communities, On Top of the World is the location with the most amenities that span across almost all facets of life. Amenities such as tennis courts, three golf courses, restaurants, an R/C airplane field, and an R/C car track. The experience and life at On Top of the World cannot be captured entirely with words; the location is better visited. 

Residents can explore or pick new hobbies such as painting, yoga, aerobics, and ceramics. There are over 200 community clubs, and countless music concerts to keep residents physically, mentally, and psychologically healthy. If you are retiring soon, On Top of the World is one of the 55 plus adult communities for you.

5. Trilogy in Ocala FL

If you are searching for 55 and over communities for your retirement, Trilogy in Ocala, Florida is one location to consider. It is more than a place to live; it offers everything you need to have a meaningful and pleasant active life after retirement. Trilogy is an exclusive gated community in Marion County. The picturesque, layout, residents and amenities – everything is exquisite and inviting. 

With an extensive collection of amenities, Trilogy in Ocala, Florida is a pleasant venue where you would want to spend your post-retirement life. The Grand Living Room is the place where residents meet, discuss, and make new friends. The presence of restaurants like Salted Bricks, Rose Farm’s Kitchen, and Chef’s Table ensure that residents are provided with the best meals possible. 

Residents that love outdoor life are assured of unending fun with a golf course, fishing, hiking, and boating activities to keep them engaged all day long day-in-day-out.  If you ever plan on retiring to Florida and looking for retirement home, visit

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