Real Estate Lead Using Drip Email Marketing [Part 2]

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Caroline Soriano
September 15, 2023
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In [Part 1], we've discussed what you can see in the drip real estate email marketing for home buyer leads. Also, we shared some vital information about drip email marketing. 

We will continue discussing some essential info about drip email marketing for home seller leads.

Drip Real Estate Email Marketing

If you work more as a seller's agent than a buyer's agent, your drip marketing software should reflect your position as a top-selling real estate expert who strives hard for customers and gets the job done. Below, you will know the real estate leads using drip email marketing for home seller leads;

1. Latest Local Home Sales Statistics

Comparative market analysis (CMAs) for seller leads can show prospects which similar homes have been selling for in their market in recent weeks and months, giving them a clear idea of what they can expect to pay to list their property. These reports are traditionally presented to bottom-of-funnel leads in person.

However, adding these in drip marketing campaigns for leads hiring counsel shortly will aid client conversion goals. If you solely disclose this information with leads met with for listing presentations, you can provide your CMA report during post-presentation follow-up. Either way, update your CMAs often to give leads the latest, most relevant info.

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2. Information On Listings You've Sold Recently

As local sales numbers reveal sellers' activity in your market, home sales in recent weeks, months, and years might convince seller leads of your industry experience. In your drip real estate emails, note significant averages like what percentage of the above initial price you sold your clients' homes to demonstrate your bargaining prowess. Integrate this information into your email as a visual to make it easier to understand. As with the CMA newsletter, update the figures in this drip email every few weeks, as you'll likely have new monthly sales data.

3. Round-Up Of Blog Posts Featuring Tips For Home Sellers

Lead nurturing drip emails should gradually move new leads considering a home sale along the funnel to become well-informed, ready-to-act sellers needing representation.

Your regular blog posts are the best content to share. Individual emails for each post may overwhelm your leads' inboxes, so start with a weekly or biweekly round-up email in your drips to observe how it affects email metrics, then change based on opens, clicks, and other engagement.

4. Explain Your Background And Value Proposition

Start promoting yourself directly after sending multiple successful lead-nurturing emails to top- and middle-of-the-funnel leads. Showcase your brand, especially what makes you unique from other local agents and firms, and how you have the sales history and housing expertise to support your claims as a premium agent to attract prospects.

5. Testimonials And Case Studies For Your Brand

Statistics show testimonials and case studies are the best approach to building lead trust. Instead of just posting these on your site, use them in your drip real estate campaigns and use them to show seller leads you are honest, reliable, and have a track record of success. Whether you make a video with prior clients or obtain feedback after closing, leverage their site comments and praise and link to them in your emails to get new business.


Finally, we're done discussing all the information and tips you need to know about drip email marketing. Drip real estate email marketing is essential when you want your workload to be more manageable.

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