Create a Bedroom Cinema with These 5 Affordable Items from Amazon!

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Dennis Nottingham
March 30, 2021
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Movie theaters were closed for a few months due to the pandemic, but have recently opened back up, inviting a number of guests in one space. Despite your overwhelming urge to resume life in the theater, it is still more important than ever to not gather in large groups for an extended period of time. One way to indulge in the movie theater experience we all love and miss is to bring the theater to you! In this article, we are bringing you 5 things you can purchase from Amazon to create the cinema experience you miss and crave, all while being in the safety of your own home as we continue to push through the pandemic. Sit back, relax and take a look at these must-have (and cost-efficient) home theater items!

1. JIMTAB M18 Native 1080P LED Video Projector ($226.99)

This projector makes for an incredible edition to any space. The JIMTAB projector comes in at an affordable price of $226.99. This projector comes equipped with 1080P, making your viewing experience clear and full of color! The screen extends out to 70 inches wide, mimicking the appearance of the quality projectors we see in theaters.

Most projectors need an exterior sound bar in order to capture clear and quality audio due to the lack of quality found in the projector itself. With the JIMTAB projector that issue is nonexistent. The internal speakers installed into this projector are amazing in quality, making your audio experience all the more comparable to a true cinema experience.

For the price and quality, you can’t pass this projector up. With great reviews and a demo on Youtube, this projector is truly an awesome investment. You can also expect it to ship in quick time. Check out further stats of the projector by clicking the Amazon link embedded into the item title.

2. Luxury Faux Fur Throw Blanket ($22.90)

This luxurious throw blanket is a must have for blanket lovers! This ultra soft throw blanket has over 8,000 ratings, with mostly ever customer very pleased with this product. This amazing throw blanket comes in 8 different shades to fit the aesthetic of any home. The product is made from 100% polyester to mimic the ultra soft feel of fur. This blanket is durable and is fade and stain resistant. It is also a great item to take outdoors for camping or bonfire nights. It is double-sided to ensure the user experiences comfort on both sides.

The greatest thing about this luxury blanket is that it is machine washable, making the cleaning process a breeze. It is recommended to wash the blanket using cold water and to tumble dry on no heat in order to keep the blanket in ideal condition. This is a perfect item to complement your bedroom cinema experience. Wrap up with this cozy blanket while you watch your favorite movie on the big screen!

3. Snack and Drink Holder ($44.97)

If you’re a snack and drink hoarder like the rest of us during a movie, you’ll need to invest in this next item! Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. You’ve just given a theater team member your ticket and are waiting in line for snacks. You look over the menu.

Definitely gotta get a soft pretzel. And I can’t pass up a slushy! I should probably pick out some candy too. Popcorn, extra large. Why is everything so expensive?

The great thing about being at home is that you have all of your favorite drinks and snacks at your disposal! If you’re anything like the rest of us, you can expect to have at least 5 different snacks - and that’s okay! It’s nice to indulge in your favorite snacks during a movie!

With this next item, you can ensure those snacks and drinks don’t spill on your sheets during the movie. The MOOKUNY sofa buddy is another great addition in order to achieve a great cinematic experience! This item will hold all your drinks and snacks and prevent anything from spilling onto your bed or couch. This holder comes equipped with weights, ensuring it stays upright and stationary. It also has an anti-slip lining to ensure it's secure on any surface. You won’t find a model like this anywhere else, so check it out while you can!

4. 2-Pack Hotel Quality Pillows ($36.22)

Invest in this 2 pack of hotel quality pillows to ensure you are supported and comfortable during the show! These pillows are a dream for any bedroom. They are crafted with cooling gel that is allergy friendly and are available in Queen and King sizes. These pillows are fade and stain resistant and are machine washable to ensure each pillow remains in great condition over the years.

These stylish, ultra-comfortable and cost-efficient pillows are a must-have to keep you comfortable while watching your favorite shows or movies, and also for getting a great night’s rest. 

5. HDMI for Projector ($12.99)

The last item on our list is an HDMI cord. This cord is responsible for connecting your laptop to our first item on the list, the JIMTAB projector. The project comes with an HDMI, but it’s quite short. Investing in a longer cord will make the experience easier because you will have more freedom to move your laptop where you see fit, for example on your nightstand.

This HDMI cord comes in a variety of lengths for a variety of needs. The shortest is 3ft and the longest sizes up at 100ft. A good length for the projector would be the 15 or 25ft options. You can also buy this item in packs.

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