5 Extravagant Features You Can Only Find in Luxury Homes

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Dennis Nottingham
November 02, 2021
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In luxury homes, you will find some of the most lavious and outrageous features that you wouldn't usually see in traditional homes. In this article, we are bringing you 5 of the most extravagant features we’ve seen in lavious homes. You won’t want to miss out on this article!

1. Bowling Alley

Yes you read that correctly! Our first extravagant feature that many lavious homes share is their very own bowling alley. When homeowners with this budget are feeling up to striking some pins, they don’t travel to an alley, they simply travel to the level in their home in which their alley is located. Home bowling alleys can start off at $125,000, and a single lane can run as high as $90,000. Looking for 4 lanes? It’ll cost you around $300,000 to have them installed in your home. The price includes electrical work, labor, placement of professionally certified bowling lane equipment, and simply getting all the equipment into a residence in the first place.

Not only do you need the cash for this area of entertainment and fun, you also of course need the proper space. To install 2 bowling lanes, a room needs to be at least 100 feet long. Even grand homes in residential neighborhoods don’t have that kind of space, which puts to scale just how enormous these luxury homes are and how much money these homeowners have to spare for a little fun at home.

2. Elevators

Big home spenders understand that their lavious home covers a lot of ground, which is why many of the top spenders invest in their very own elevators. Installing an elevator in the home can cost an owner anywhere from a low $2,000 to over $60,000, a lavish price to pay in order to avoid the staircase. Having an elevator in the home does have its benefits however.

These luxury amenities come in handy when you have perhaps heavy furniture that needs to be moved to or from a higher level of the home. If residents have an injury or surgery and were warned to be wary of staircases, the elevator would also be extremely useful in such situations.

3. Sport Courts

Luxury homes often feature a sports court. This can include basketball courts, tennis courts, putting greens, racquetball courts, miniature baseball diamonds, bowling alleys and any number of lawn games for their guests. Luxury homes appeal to a lifestyle of convenience, quality and style. Beyond simple functionality, luxury investors are looking for special features, design or new technology that give a home a unique flare.

With a basketball sports court, the price can range from $3.50 too $17.00 per square foot. This means the price range for the total expense for this court can range from $11,000 at the lowest, $35,000 on average and $76,000+ on the high end, a typical basketball court of this price measuring in at 94 by 50 feet. These high spenders love to have fun with the family in the comfort of their own home. Having such grand amenities would also be amazing to have during such times as COVID-19 where we are stuff at home in order to avoid catching the virus from others.

4. Grand Guesthouse

Homeowners of grand homes also enjoy having their guests live in luxury, leaving these owners no other choice but to invest in a grand guest house to ensure temporary residents have the utmost comfort and care during their time over.

Prices per square in for guest houses comes in a broad range. It could start at $100 square foot or jump up to $500+ per square foot. Detached newly constructed guesthouses are the most popular on the market at the moment. This style of guesthouse is one of the most popular choices in backyard guest house designs. If yard space isn’t an issue, this is usually the best choice, as it doesn’t involve the same amount of disruption that occurs when a guest house is attached to an existing home.

Luxury homeowners are sure to make these miniature temporary homes mirror the luxury they experience in their own homes in order to give their guests a proper experience.

5. Wine Cellar and Tasting Rooms

In California, luxury wine cellars are in high demand. A  “luxurious” home wine cellar doesn’t mean you should have a large room for this space; you don’t even need to go beyond your budget.

In modern times, we have the capability to transform rooms into stunning wine cellars and they are in demand in many parts of the world. It can be practically any room in a home. A small closet, an under-the-stair space, or any room with limited space can be used for your wine cellar project. You can have custom wine racks installed to fit the desired aesthetic of the client.

Custom-designed wine rooms are expensive, but the basics are reasonable for anyone with a decent budget. Luxury homes are known to go well above the standard basic design to have a lavious wine cellar fit for their lifestyle. High end wine cellars can run for  $200,000 +.

Wine rooms have made a major resurgence as one of the most sought-after luxury amenities. In modern times, this amenity is no longer hidden away in the basement. They serve as a major showpiece and focal point for entertainment and design. Key factors buyers look for include displayed bottles, custom lighting, glass displays, motorized racks and entire rooms solely for the purpose of displaying, tasting and enjoying vintage gems.

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