4 Interior Design Trends That Have Become Popular in the Pandemic

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Dennis Nottingham
July 14, 2021
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The pandemic has brought us face-to-face with the relationship we share with our home. Ostentatious designs are being swapped for simplicity and comfort, and cleanliness has become king. Check out this article to see how the pandemic has made an impact in the interior design world.

The midst of the pandemic, we seek to have our homes radiate a sense of coziness and safety. Organic shapes have been very popular in the interior design world in recent years.These shapes comfort us by mirroring our environment with nature. Pieces of furniture such as rounded tables with soft edges and organic materials like plants and wood all contribute to the aura of coziness we seek in our homes during these times.

After spending months inside our homes, many are finding popular shades of gray to be unfit for their homes. People are finding the shade radiates a sense of gloominess as we continue to push through the pandemic. To counteract this, many are switching out traditional shades for pops of color to add comfort to the home. Pantone has named a vibrant yellow Color of the Year for 2021. Many studies show that yellow has a positive effect on our mood, something we all need after having our lives flipped upside down. Adding pops of this color to the home through color blocking is a great way to incorporate this shade into the home. You can also add pops of this color through decorative accessories such as vases. Other popular shades to bring some color into this year include rich jewel tones, earthy greens, various shades of browns and soft blues. We can also see that decor in 2021 will also evolve, or in this case, make a blast to the past. During these trying times, many are seeking the comfort they experienced in previous homes. This has opened the door to nostalgic decor. This trend will grow throughout the year as we seek to have our home emanate comfort and security. 

The pandemic has allowed us to discover the value in having a home of simple design and one that is well-kempt. A trend that has become popular amidst the pandemic is having a home that is of basic design. This is so because we crave the basic essence of what a home provides. Before the pandemic, many of us overlooked the relationship we have with our homes. Being forced to stay inside during the pandemic has put us face-to-face with the exchange of energy we share with our home and many of us have found it rather uncomforting. In exposing this relationship, we have been able to make changes to our space that allow ourselves to feel more at ease and comfortable. This discovery has allowed us to crave and value a simply designed and well-kempt home. Thoughts of ostentatious designs and furniture that was built for aesthetic rather than comfort, now make our stomachs churn.

Having a proper and effective disinfecting routine is also something that will be prominent in many households. High-touch surfaces are surfaces that will need to be catered to daily, as these are areas and/or items that we come in contact with many times a day. High-touch surfaces include light switches, doorknobs, countertops, etc. Electronics such as phones, remotes and keyboards are also included.

Multifunctional spaces are growing in demand and popularity in the wake of the pandemic. Called “flex rooms”, these areas of the home will become a sought after feature during and post pandemic. In adjusting to life strictly inside the home, many found their homes lacking a multifunctional bandwidth, rushing to odd spots of the home simply to find a quiet space to hold a virtual business meeting. Flex rooms have been a great solution for these issues. Flex rooms are great for every home because it fits a variety of needs. This space is a blank canvas ready to be painted with any color or brush the homeowner chooses. Popular ways people utilize flex rooms is for video conferencing, exercise, homeschooling and so much more. It is important that a flex room is spacious and has a blank color palette. Having a blank color palette will allow the room to transform into a variety of spaces without altering the feel of the room. Many homeowners choose a soft white in flex rooms. This allows the space to serve as a reusable canvas.

Smart Home technology provides a beautiful sense of comfort in the home. With a touch of a button, homeowners have the capability to control various areas of their home. Tasks such as adjusting the AC or heat, closing the garage, locking doors and activating the alarm system can all be achieved while being wrapped in the warmth of your blanket. Not only is it physically efficient, but it’s also financially efficient, helping you save up on the electricity bill! Smart homes eradicate the chore of moving to various areas of the home after a long day. This lessens the load for homeowners while also aiding in lowering the electricity bill.

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