What Qualifications And Capabilities Are Required For Real Estate Agents In Indiana? [Part 1]

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Caroline Soriano
December 27, 2023
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Thanks to Selling Sunset and other similar reality shows, becoming a real estate agent sounds like a promising job. However, it's not all glitz and glamor; the path to becoming a realtor is not as easy as it sounds. There are several steps to take and once you become one, there are new sets of challenges.

In this post, we'll talk about Indiana's real estate license requirements as well as other important aspects, such as the potential pay, opportunities, and more.

But First, What Does An Agent In Real Estate Do?

Real estate agents assist customers in buying or selling property using property laws and transaction processes. They frequently mediate buyer-seller disputes while some specialize in specific markets, such as residential or commercial real estate. Many real estate agents conduct comparable tasks in different markets.

The following are some of the typical duties of real estate agents:

  • Keep abreast of consumer preferences and behavior by researching market trends.
  • Consult with customers to learn about their demands for purchases or sales goals.
  • They draft and negotiate client contracts.
  • Complete business transactions and submit papers as necessary.
  • Organize and arrange estate sales, open houses, and private house visits.
  • Upkeep databases, including contact details of past, present, and potential clients

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What Qualifications Are Required To Be A Real Estate Agent In Indiana?

Indiana real estate professions require a license. In this state, there are five real estate license requirements:

  1. Plan Your Career And Be Knowledgeable Of The Pre-Licensing Requirements

Before becoming a real estate agent, find out the qualifications first. Typically, you must be 18 years old or above and have a high school diploma. 

After meeting these qualifications, you can start planning your career to help you stay focused and measure your progress while you work to complete all the licensing criteria to become a real estate agent.

  1. Complete Your Pre-Licensing Coursework

After fulfilling basic requirements and planning a career, take approved pre-licensing courses. These courses can help you understand state and federal property rules. 

In Indiana, the training takes 90 hours and you can take it online or face-to-face. 

  1. Take And Pass The Indiana Real Estate Exam

You can move forward in your career as a real estate agent by passing the state-regulated licensure exam. The exam is divided into two sections with 125 questions. The first half of the exam covers national property laws, and the other part has state laws. 

If you're living in Indiana, you can take the test online by installing the online proctoring tools on your phone or computer. Otherwise, you can take the test at your local testing center. 

  1. Look For A Sponsoring Broker

After finishing and passing the licensure exam, you can start looking for a sponsoring broker. 

Sponsoring brokers are seasoned real estate professionals who run their independent real estate firms. They are helpful when it comes to hiring, mentoring, and supporting new real estate agents. With their experience and knowledge, they can help rookie real estate agents build skills and confidence.

  1. Complete The Licensing Application

After meeting each requirement, complete your licensing application online by uploading proof of passing the exam and a sponsoring broker. The application may also involve a background check to verify your identification and Indiana employment eligibility. 

Watch out for Part 2 to learn more about the qualifications for becoming a real estate agent in Indiana.

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