What Are The Seasonal Factors In the Real Estate Market?

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Caroline Soriano
December 22, 2023
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Understanding the current state, intricacies, and uncertainties of the real estate market in general and your neighborhood in particular is crucial as you develop your real estate profession. 

While the status of the national economy can significantly impact the real estate market, several recurring, yearly, and seasonal elements could also impact local buyers and sellers.

This post will share some important details about real estate seasonality and the factors that affect it.

Why Is Real Estate Seasonality Important?

Real estate seasonality refers to the idea that seasonal variables like holidays, weather, and more may cause fluctuations in the real estate market, including home prices and the number of homes available for sale.

Seasonality is a concept used in real estate. If you grasp these seasonal characteristics, you will be more equipped to succeed in your neighborhood's real estate market as you work toward earning your real estate license.

What Are The Seasonal Factors In Real Estate?

Some seasonal factors are universally present, even though various regions of the country could each have unique, specialized seasonal factors. Below are the five seasonal factors in real estate:

  1. The Market May Also Cool Off When The Weather Does

As the weather becomes cooler and we get closer to the winter months, one of the real estate market trends we see across the country reveals a tendency for the market to slow down. 

As a real estate agent, you must know that business will be slow during winter. These seasonal factors in real estate may occur for various reasons; however, it is necessary to identify the possibility of slow business.

  1. There Isn't Much Time For Purchasing Or Selling During The Holiday Season

Many people have many things to do in the winter because of holiday commitments, work deadlines, and other end-of-year tasks and responsibilities. This typically means that even people interested in moving in the future are not interested in making such a move during the holiday season, which slows down commerce.

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  1. Families Might Be Less Likely To Move During The School Year

If any of your customers have children, they are much less likely to move during the academic year. This is especially true if they have many children. 

In addition to the possibility of moving within a school district, the school year brings many extracurricular activities, duties, and constraints that parents may not have to negotiate to buy or sell their home.

  1. Winter Is A Less Desirable Time To Move

When it comes to moving, many people take into account the seasonal weather. This is true even though colder weather tends to delay the property market. 

If you work in real estate in an area with cold autumns and considerably worse winters, fewer people wish to move throughout October, November, and December.

  1. People Interested In Moving In The Summer Might Try To Buy A House In The Spring

On the other hand, even though summer is traditionally the most popular period to relocate due to a combination of climatic and academic considerations, there is a possibility that the demand for housing will increase dramatically in the spring. 

During this time of year, there will likely be many offers and opportunities for negotiation, regardless of whether or not the supply can meet the demand.


Success in real estate requires understanding seasonality. Holidays, weather, and the school year affect the market. Real estate agents must master these seasonal factors in real estate to succeed in the local market and adjust to shifting conditions.

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