Top 10 Interior Design Accounts on Instagram in Indianapolis

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Dennis Nottingham
September 17, 2019
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We've made graphs, we've gathered public opinion, and we've monitored the dark web for mentions of these Instagram accounts. Then, we put all of the information into a highly advanced algorithm specifically designed for the creation of Top 10 Lists and it has now constructed THE OFFICIAL LIST of the TOP 10 INDIANAPOLIS INTERIOR DESIGN INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTS. So, without further ado...we give you the Top 10 Indianapolis Interior Design Accounts on Instagram...

10) @wedgewoodbc

Our #10 spot barely squeaking on the list is @wedgewoodbc! Their account is great, but they get the #10 spot because their relatively new to the IG game it looks like. We've got them down as "One to Watch", and we could not love their bio more, "Our goal is to create the right home for your changing lifestyle and have a better relationship at the end of the project than we did at the start." Give them a follow!

9) @julie_obrien_design

Solid account here, Julie..solid account! Give her a follow, we need say no more! 

8) @paralell_dg 

So this one could've easily been in the Top 3, but like The Dude, we abide to the algorithm. Check out this slick company and give them a follow!

7) @remaxadvancedrealty

This account is THE BEST for all things Interior Design and Fun related, if you live in Central Indiana and don't follow them, you're defintely missing out! 

6) @thebaerminimalist

5) @willagrayhome

Simply stunning, give them a follow!

4) @lantzcollective

This collection of Lantzs is one of the most prestigious Lantz Collections this side of the Mississippi! Give them a follow! 

3) @polishinteriorandartdesign

2) @hollanderhomestyle

Sleek, Modern, other hip adjectives! We love them and you've gotta give them that follow!

1) @kathrynpackard !!!!!!!!

Bravo Kathryn, Bravo!! Kathryn wins #1 for her authenticity and personal touches! She often posts about her very own living spaces and when you find out they aren't from a magazine and are from her actual home, your mind is blown! Congrats Kathryn and keep that #1 content coming!

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