The Incomplete Guide To Buying Your First Home

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Dennis Nottingham
November 05, 2019
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So, you’re ready to buy a home. You’re asking around and your family and friends have a lot of input, but  you can’t help but to think...are they even remotely informed? And why are people who still rent apartments telling me how to buy a home? Shouldn’t I be talking to someone who does this for a living? Have no fear, your instincts are correct!

The Indy Home Pros Team has been ranked the #1 Real Estate Team in Indianapolis by The Indianapolis Business Journal for 4 years running, and we do not take this honor lightly. We specialize in ensuring your first time home buying process goes as smoothly and as magically as possible. Sure, there are hundreds of pieces of paper and documents that go into buying a home, and there should be; it’s the biggest purchase of your life! But we take care of that, that’s our job, not yours!

There can never be a complete guide to buying a home, because each home buying experience is unique to you. So below are some quality steps to take instead, and if followed, will get you through it!

1) Get Pre-Approved

All this means is that you call a mortgage broker (most likely your friend you see spamming your Facebook Feed that you have no idea what they do for a living, yes, that’s a mortgage broker) and give them some info about your life. i.e. how much money you make, how much debt you have, and they will come back to you, hopefully, with a money amount that you are able to safely spend on a home, say, $145,000. 

2) Find and Hire a Realtor

Just because your Uncle Billy Bob is a realtor does not mean you have to use him. In fact, you likely shouldn’t. Didn’t he have one too many and fall off the porch last Christmas? Is that really who you want showing you houses? Plus how awkward will it be when you have to fire your own kin? Distance yourself slowly and pick an Indy Home Pro instead!

The market has changed since the 1990s and you need a realtor who is active and knows the current market and trends, knows all the relevant paperwork and how to execute it QUICKLY, has relationships in the industry with current title companies and so on and so forth, things you don’t need to think about because you are using a realtor!

That’s it! You’ve done your job, now let your Realtor do theirs! Just Kidding. Much more valuable info is below!

3) Don't eliminate homes that aren't up to par in your eyes as there are loans available to assist in renovating properties before you move in. 

These are 203K loans that will allow for budgeting in renovations prior to close and can range from a simple bath or kitchen remodel to a full blown, top to bottom overhaul. 

4) If financing is an issue, check with family to see if they can gift you funds for a down payment.  This is allowed and can help new home buyers get things off the ground for your first time around. 

5) Seek out lenders that can offer 0% down assistance to first time home buyers. Additionally, be aware that there are government loans that allow for the same type of financing as this in the form of a VA or USDA (rural) loan. 

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