Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

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Dennis Nottingham
September 04, 2020
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In this article, we are bringing you 4 mistakes to avoid when selling your home!

  1. Not Properly Staging Your Home
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Staging serves as a form of advertisement when selling a home.

With staging, potential home buyers are able to get up close and personal with what could be the home they build their future in. They are able to explore the space, identify some changes they may want to make, and most importantly, they are able to visualize themselves in this space.

This emerson is critical for potential buyers. Let’s take buying a car as an example. A potential car buyer could do all the research he or she pleases, but test driving the car to see how it feels is what will convince the buyer to purchase the car if expectations are met. This buying process is no different with homes.

To properly stage a home, ensure the space is clean, has walkable space and the decorations are kept to a minimum. It is also important to ensure that any pets are kept away during a showing.

A special touch to add for showings include the use of aromatherapy with essential oils. Choose a scent that will invite guests into the home.

  1. Hiding Much Needed Repairs
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Never hide major repairs that need to be done to the home.

This can cause unnecessary stress to both the home seller and buyer. Most importantly, these damages could potentially put the health and safety of potential residents in jeopardy.

It is vital to ensure the home’s condition is made clear to the buyer.

To keep the transfer simple and straightforward, it is best to either repair major home damages before selling the home or to inform a potential buyer what needs to be repaired if they go through with the purchase. 

  1. Neglecting A Realtor
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There are some things in life that ultimately require a professional’s touch; purchasing a home is one of them.

In order to have a successful turnout when selling a home, it’s best to get a realtor to walk you through the process, explain what your options are and properly market your home to potential buyers.

These professionals know the best way to sell your home, so it is important to make use of resources for the best outcome. 

  1. Not Using Quality Listing Photos
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Human beings are visual creatures and first impressions are vital.

Traditionally, most people see photos when a home is being advertised. The last thing anyone would want to do is give a bad first impression when their home is finally being noticed by the eye’s of a potential buyer. Having quality listing photos should be one of the first things on your list when selling a home.

Just like staging, these photos serve as the home’s advertisement.

Be sure you spruce up the exterior of your home to ensure it’s looking its best when it’s time for photos. Choose a day when the weather is nice and ensure your camera's settings are properly calibrated (meaning that the photo isn’t too bright or dark, and there is no gritty texture present). This will ensure great photos are taken!

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