Interior Home Trends for 2012

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July 27, 2012
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Change is a constant, and, along with Real Estate market figures, what is 'in' for interior designs and decorations goes in different directions every year.  Knowing what is happening today is for everyone—it allows you to either be content staying in your home for another few years if you can’t sell, stage your home attractively to get the highest sale price, or find a home that you can personalize how you would like. Below we’ll share what’s hot in Indiana homes, from our own observations and that of the professionals.

Interior Layout: Wide Open Spaces

The inside of an house is what makes it a home.  Being able to decorate and design your home how you like is one of the perks of homeownership.  As far as home layout, it is becoming more common for new home buyers to opt for a great rooms or playrooms instead of a formal dining room.  As formal dining rooms are rarely used, consider buying a home without one, or knocking down the formal dining room wall in an existing home to create to uncrowd the kitchen.

As a general rule, the American lifestyle is becoming much more casual than formal.  Open spaces enliven a house and make it far more accommodating, so, fewer, bigger rooms is considered a plus.  This is something that can be controlled in more ways than just knocking down walls or buying houses that have wide-open layouts.  Opening up walkways, diminishing obstructions—including excessive furniture and decorations—can make a big difference.  Also, greenhouse rooms and sunrooms are popular, because so many in Indiana and elsewhere are making being green a priority.  Consult with your or Indianapolis Realtor agent to get their ideas as they see homes every day.

Interior Design: Indiana Style

As far as design colors and decorations go, trends are varied—it depends on who you ask.  According to the color experts Pantone, the hot color for 2012 is tangerine, a nice bright orange.  You can use this color to painting a room if you’re daring, or in a less obvious way.  Bright colors are in fashion for clothes and interior decorating.  Along the same lines, don’t be afraid to move away from color-coded room designing, as many are going for modern mix-and-match style.   Also earthy tones like shades of tan, grey, blue, and green are well-liked in today’s environmentally friendly world to bring a bit of the outside in.

Experts suggest a few tips that can fit in the stretched budget of a home owner trying to sell their home.  For example, instead of remaking a whole room, add a few items that give the color, texture, or design that you are searching for.  In a bedroom, putting in a new red throw, set of fake roses, and red drapes could work wonders, giving it the updating you seek without a big price tag.  Another fun way to make small, but significant changes is rotating pictures and wall decorations.  Consider making similar changes to make a room each season to make it more modern and attractive.  You can have fun doing these fashionable updates, while keeping your home in good condition for selling.

Don’t forget in all of this interior decorating to give it your personal touch.  You don’t want a cookie-cutter home—you know you’ve achieved your interior decorating goals when a guest says, “Oh, this is so you.  When you’ve done this you now you’ve realized your decorating goals.  Real Estate professionals can help you find the right home in Indiana for the right price so that you can do all the fun stuff from there!

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