Indianapolis FHA 203K Financing

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January 08, 2014
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FHA 203K Financing

A lot of homeowners are searching for home loans that is affordable, whether for the purpose of buying a new one or making improvements in it. That is why the FHA 203k financing was established by the Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD. The main objective of this program is to help the borrowers in financing for their housing needs, providing favorable loan terms, a much higher loan limit, and lower down payment options for those buyers who are qualified to avail. FHA 203K can also be used to buy foreclosures as well as short sales.

Buying Indianapolis Homes for Sale

If you are interested to buy an Indianapolis real estate and wanted to avail the FHA 203K program, there are certain things you need to be aware of. The main purpose of the 203K program in Indianapolis is that, it is specifically intended to provide loans on obsolete, distraught, badly maintained or uninhabitable properties that may not be qualified in a conventional home loan for rehabilitation or renovation purposes.

How Does the FHA 203K Program Work?

The first thing you need is an expert 203K loan agent and lender to make a successful rehabilitation project. After you have set eyes on a particular property, the ones involved in the process would be Department of Housing and Urban Development, a 203k consultant, your real estate agent, your mortgage lender or lending institution, a contractor and appraiser.

Market Analysis by Your 203K Loan Agent

Your agent can help in determining the estimated value of the property by way of a market analysis. This would include the extent of the rehabilitation needed, you may need the help of a 203K consultant to have an accurate estimation. A contractor will be able to assist in making a rough estimate of the work to be done and the agent can determine the expected market value of said property by the time it gets completed.

Executing the Sales Contract

A provision in the contract should state that the buyer has applied for FHA 203K financing wherein it says that said contract is contingent on approval of the loan and the acceptance of the buyer’s additional mandatory improvements as set on by HUD, the appraiser or the rehabilitation lender.

The Lender Issues Conditional Commitment and Rehab Loan Agreement

After the contractor’s bid and the appraisal have been agreed and accepted, the lender will prepare and issue a Statement of Appraised Value and a Conditional Commitment to ascertain the maximum mortgage amount for the specified property. He will likewise issue the Rehab Loan Agreement along with other documents needed for the mortgage closing. Said agreement will be executed by the borrower and the lender with the condition of releasing the funds via the Rehab Escrow Account. Construction starts after the proceeds are disbursed and work is not allowed to stop at any given time for more than one month or 30 days. Dependent on the type of loan and extent of work, the buyer has until six months to finish the rehab project.

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