Home Inspection Preparation Tips - How To Do It Like A Pro

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January 19, 2024
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If you are selling your home in Indiana, you may require the services of a home inspector to conduct a home inspection as part of the selling process. Alternatively, the buyer may request a home inspection for their peace of mind. Buying a house is, after all, a significant financial investment.

Getting ready for your move will be easier if you have a home inspector visit your property first. But you need to know about home inspection preparation before you begin home inspection. It's better to spend a little more money fixing things before selling than to have the buyer back out or issue a summons for repairs.

This blog will give you tips on how to prepare for home inspection. Home inspection preparation might help if you want an excellent and smooth home-selling process.

How To Prep For Home Inspection?

Here are five helpful tips on home inspection preparation:

1. Clean Up Your Home

You should clean the home before an inspection. Though some people ignore it, it is a simple yet essential step. People may assume that a cluttered or dirty home indicates that those who live there are not taking proper care of it. Maintaining a clean home will demonstrate to the inspector your concern for and maintenance of your asset. 

2. Make Sure You Prepare Your Home On Time

Give yourself an hour ahead to ensure you are prepared for the inspector. It's well known that home inspectors arrive on time, if not early. Since most home inspectors begin their work on the outside of the home, you should not be startled if the inspector wanders about your lawn before they ring your doorbell.

3. Keep The Power On

The utilities in your house, such as the furnace, air conditioning, dishwasher, and stove, will need to be inspected by the home inspector. Carefully switch the power back on in time for all appliances to function properly by the time the inspector arrives if you have already moved out and turned off the electricity.

If these are not checked, the inspection cannot be finished, and this could lead to the need for a second house inspection or possibly the buyer withdrawing their offer. To allow the inspector to check for grounding and reverse the polarity of your utilities, be sure to leave the power on.

4. Clear The Area So The Inspector Can Do Their Job

Clear access to your furnace, water heater, and air conditioner for a home inspection. Remove boxes and other storage around these utilities to provide the inspector with a good workspace. Inspectors won't move anything in their way, which could damage your items or demand a second visit, costing you money.

5. Light Up Your Pilot Light

The inspector cannot inspect items like the water heater, furnace, or gas stove if the pilot light is not ignited. They will not start the pilot light for safety and liability. They won't check the necessary utilities if the pilot light is out, and the selling process will be put on hold until they have had a chance to inspect them thoroughly.

organized garage at home

6. Make Sure These Areas Are Easily Accessible

Remember that the inspector will require easy access to your attic, basement, and garage. Take note that the first tip to prep for home inspection above is essential and advisable. 

Make sure your basement is clean by vacuuming spider webs and rodent droppings. Also, make sure that you properly store any valuables in these areas.

7. Keys Should Be Provided For Entry To The Outside

The inspector will need keys or remotes to access your garage and outside utilities, including electricity boxes and sprinkler systems. Leave keys for your outbuildings, too. Your property inspector must inspect every corner before leaving.

8. Ensure Your Garden Is Clean

Your home's outside will also affect the inspector's impression as you clean inside. Clear away yard debris for the inspector to evaluate the house's foundation. Remove trash cans and storage boxes from the house to help the inspector and streamline the inspection.

9. Organize Your Documents

Give the inspector the paperwork for any house improvements or additions. Giving the buyer this paperwork will reassure them and demonstrate that all house improvements and repairs have undergone a second inspection.

10. Be Prepared To Spend At Least Three Hours Away From Home

Some home inspectors may ask you and your family to leave the property in the buyer's presence. While the owner is there, buyers are typically uncomfortable asking the inspector questions. 

Discuss with the inspector and buyer a time for you and the family to leave the home for at least three hours for the inspection. Keep pets with you or restrict them to avoid disturbing the inspector while they inspect your property.

Bottom Line

Selling a house is significant and frequently involves hiring a home inspector to examine the utilities and different aspects of the building. Clean your home inside and out to give the inspector an excellent first impression. 

Ensure all utilities function so the inspector can adequately inspect them on inspection day. Make sure everything is ready for the home inspector to complete the job the first time and avoid extra inspection days.

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