Easy Home Upgrade Suggestions for New Homeowners

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Dennis Nottingham
October 18, 2017
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As a new homeowner, it is expected that you would want to maintain and improve your new residence. Does it have to be costly? Not necessarily. Here are a few upgrade suggestions to help ensure that your biggest investment stays in top shape for a long time.                                                                       

Replace Doors and Windows - Doors and windows get worn down by climate conditions and repeated use over the years; so it’s definitely a good idea to replace the doors to avoid air leaks, cracks, and other problems. Another smart option is installing new windows; you can use this as an opportunity to upgrade to energy-efficient double-pane windows to help reduce utility bills.

Paint the Rooms - In order for the house to appeal to more buyers, many homes are painted with neutral colors before being listed. As the new owner of the home, you can personalize and make each space your own, quickly and inexpensively, simply by adding color.

Maintain and customize landscape- You can tailor your home’s landscape to fit your personal preference instead of merely maintaining the lawn. Plant new trees for shade, add shrubbery, and colorful flowerbeds to make your yard more attractive. You can also install a deck or patio for entertaining.

Make sustainable updates to your home- There are so many ways to save on your energy bills beyond buying the right kitchen appliances. Tankless water heaters, as well as plumbing and air conditioning units with high-efficiency ratings, can make a huge difference almost immediately and are totally worth upgrading to.  The cost of improving energy efficiency, however, varies significantly depending on the type of upgrade and it can be costly.  So our main tip is to plan for them. Earmark a slice of your budget ahead of time to avoid being overwhelmed by the process.

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