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January 14, 2014
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Avon is situated in Washington Township, Hendricks County in Indiana. Avon is only minutes away from the outer city of Indianapolis and the Indianapolis International Airport. Ever since its inception in 1995, Avon city administrators have taken steps to make the town function and gets bigger economically. 2000 census shows significant growth in population from 6,248 to 12,000 within city limits and the calculated population of the Greater Avon area is 45,000. The average household income of the city is approximately $80,000.

Affordable Housing in Avon

Avon is a preferred choice for home investors in the Indianapolis Area. The place provides a small town experience with a sense of community. Avon homes include a diverse mix of affordable choices from condominiums to luxury homes. No matter if you are a first time home buyer who wants to start a new life in Avon or a retiree, you will find this town a great place to search for that perfect home. Discover and learn how the residents of Avon live, their neighborhoods as well as homes for sale. When you are looking for long term or short term housing, Avon offers some of the most well-maintained and admirable apartment communities from the county. Avon homes offer reasonable price ranges so as to accommodate people wanting to buy affordable housing, thus making this town a popular haven for home buyers within the Indianapolis area.

Amenities in Avon Subdivisions

Many neighborhoods and subdivisions in Avon provide enjoyable amenities for homeowners, especially kids. Enjoying a cool walk in the park with the family, an afternoon at the swimming pool, not to mention the recreational areas where you can play basketball, tennis, billiards and soccer. Also available are picnic areas, playgrounds and nature areas where the family could relax and have a breath of fresh air. Price Ranges of Avon Homes The price of homes ranges from under $100,000.00 to over $1,000,000.00. To find out more about the types of houses being offered in the market, whether new ones or foreclosures, it is best to look for a reliable real estate agent in the area. See local market listings and trends thru websites for more Indianapolis real estate offerings. One of the most conducive place to live in, Avon has some of the best schools using state-of-the-art technology in educating students. Avon schools have been given a “four star” rating by the Indiana Department of Education.Indianapolis Realtor

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