8 Tips to Move Faster and More Effectively

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Dennis Nottingham
May 09, 2019
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Move Faster and More Effectively: 8 Tips

Warm weather is here to stay, which means we've officially entered the 2019 Moving Season! RE/MAX Advanced Realty and The Indy Home Pros Team are here to help make your move better: Here Are 8 Tips!

1. Start Sooner

Too many people wait until the last minute to begin packing, leading to horrendously long moving days and frustrated families the entire way. Avoid this pitfall by starting early!

1-2 months before the move, we recommend packing small to medium sized boxes with items that are not necessary to everyday use. This way you can easily put them aside for moving day, or if you happen to have access to your new home early, you can move them in and have only the larger items to worry about on moving day.

2. Declutter

Moving is THE PERFECT time to declutter your life! If it hasn’t added value to your life or been used in the past 6 months to a year, toss or donate it! This can be scary at first, but we think it’s safe to bet that the “out of sight out of mind” freedom that comes with ditching the stuff will overcome you fully after it’s gone. Start this process early and just feel your stress and anxiety fade as your Feng Shui decluttering process begins.

3. Except for Chargers

Exception to the decluttering rule: Keep all the chargers, you never know what device you’ll need to power up and restore old memories from next year.

4. Get Free Quality Boxes

Don’t waste money! Most liquor stores, grocery stores, or big box stores are happy to give away their boxes. Just call and ask when the best day to come get them will be. If you do want to buy boxes, Lowes and Menards can have them cheaper than U-Haul type moving specific stores!

5. Renting The Right Size Truck

If you are planning the ultimate sacrifice of moving yourself, here is a guideline that can help you choose the moving truck size that’s right for you!

10 ft. truck = studio or small 1 bedroom

12-14 ft. truck = 450 cu. ft. or 1 to 2 bedrooms

16-17 ft. truck = 800 cu. ft. or 2-3 bedrooms

22-24 ft. truck = 1,200 cu. ft. or 3 to 4 bedrooms

26-27 ft. truck = 1,400 cu. ft. or 4+ bedrooms

6. Pack a Few “Open Me First” Boxes

These boxes will be for all of the items you will need first thing after a loooong day of moving. From toothbrushes to bed sheets, toilet paper to contact cases and solution, you may be too tired to do much other than eat and sleep. This will make the next days and weeks of unpacking go much smoother.

7. Label Boxes by Room

While you may think you will remember what’s in the boxes when you pack them, trust us, you won’t 😉

8. Use Colored Labeling Tape

Better than writing directly on the boxes, writing on different colored tape can help you easily organize boxes by room, faster! Consider this a tip for the next level mover, or those of you who are super organized and detail oriented.

BONUS TIP! Help others move so you can ask them for help with your move in return! 😉

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