6 Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking For Pet-Friendly Homes

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Caroline Soriano
February 22, 2023
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Looking for pet-friendly homes is not an easy endeavor, especially if you have a pet to take into account. It doesn't matter if you're a renter wanting to buy or a homeowner looking for more (or less) square footage. Once you've located what you believe to be the ideal home, you'll need to confirm that your furry family members will be comfortable there as well. To assist your family in deciding whether the next area you move to will be a good fit for you and your pet, our team at Indy Home Pros of RE/MAX Advanced Realty has provided the following advice.

But first, what does a pet-friendly home mean?

A pet-friendly home is a home that welcomes and accommodates pets, usually cats and dogs. This means that the home is designed with features that make it safe and comfortable for pets to live in, such as a fenced yard or a designated pet area inside the house. 

A pet-friendly home may also have pet-specific amenities, such as a pet door, a feeding station, or a space for a pet bed.

In addition to physical accommodations, a pet-friendly home may also be located in a pet-friendly community, where there are ample opportunities for pets to exercise and play, and where there are nearby pet stores and veterinary clinics. A pet-friendly home may also have rules and guidelines that help ensure that pets and their owners can coexist peacefully and comfortably.

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Will your pet be usually indoors or outdoors?

Do you anticipate your pet running about the home or yard? 

Choosing a home with spacious rooms and corridors will provide your pet with lots of areas to run around and play if the answer is inside. 

You might also want to take into account a house that includes a room or area inside that you can "fence off" so that your pet can relax when visitors are over. 

Keep the flooring in mind as well if your pet will be an indoor/outdoor pet. 

Wood flooring is becoming more and more common, but it can also get scuffed easily.

Muddy paws are a part of owning a pet, so if you prefer carpet, just be aware of that. Choose a hue that won't show a lot of use and abrasion. Make sure there is space in the yard for a comfortable dog home and plenty of shade for hot summer days if your pet spends most of its time outside.

Are there dog parks and nice walking paths if you have a dog?

For you and your pet, great walking places and parks are undoubtedly a necessity. It's a terrific way to spend time with your pet on relaxing weekends, and it will encourage you both to walk and exercise more frequently. Good walking paths should have many options for routes, be spacious with a low threat from traffic, and have a nice setting.

Are there any pets nearby?

It can be excellent to have other pets nearby occasionally so that your furry family member can socialize and make new pals. 

Nonetheless, some animals have issues with their nearby furry companions. Your ability to judge whether your pet requires extra space will depend on his or her nature. 

Since they have tails, good fences do make nice neighbors. But if you haven't already, you should think about getting your pet health insurance because pets can be unpredictable.

Is there enough room for running and playing?

Is it now dog-friendly or do you need to make some immediate landscaping changes and even put up a fence? 

Keep in mind that an enhanced yard for your pet doesn't necessarily mean an upgraded home. 

Be sure the square footage of your new home is acceptable for the breed of dog you own if you're moving into an apartment or condo. 

Compared to a Domestic Shorthair cat or a Chihuahua, a larger dog like a Doberman Pincher will require a lot more area.

How old is your pet?

Do you have a senior indoor pet? 

If so, taking the stairs might not be the greatest option for your pet, particularly if he is displaying arthritis symptoms. As they continue to develop their coordination, puppies may also have trouble climbing stairs.

Does your real estate know you're a pet owner?

It seems fairly straightforward, yet a lot of real estate agents fail to inquire about the presence of pets in the home-buying process. 

Your real estate agent can focus on properties that are more pet friendly if they are aware that you have pets. Inform them of your search criteria and those of your pet.

Want a new home for you and your fur babies? Our team at Indy Home Pros is here to help! Leave a comment or call us at 317-316-8224 today!

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