5 Pieces of Positive COVID-19 News

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April 21, 2020
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In the wake of COVID-19, we are surrounded by coverage of illness and death on a daily basis. This article will allow us to take a look at some of the positives in a time of uncertainty to help settle our minds and calm our nerves.

“Discipline your mind to see the good in every situation and look on the best side of every event.” 

Roy Bennett

  1. 99.9 percent of people with COVID-19 recover
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In a time of panic and turbulence, it is essential to understand that the recovery percentage rate of COVID-19 is a lot higher than what most people assume it to be. The recovery rate for COVID-19 is an astonishing 99.9% (Harvard Health Blog). It may seem like the recovery percentage is a lot lower, due to the fact that we are constantly hearing about the amount of deaths this viral outbreak has caused. One can only imagine what is running through the minds of those who are unable to properly digest this information and engage in the act of panic buying and running ramped. It is important to know what harm this virus can cause, but it is equally important to understand the nature of it’s recovery period and percentage, and how to best slow the spread to keep those around us safe and free from harm.

  1. We understand how to slow the spread
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We live in an era where we are lucky enough to have scientists and doctors who are able to instruct us on how to best navigate during dangerous times. It is in our best interest to heed their warnings and follow their directions on how to stay safe in the wake of a viral outbreak. The directions we have been giving are to: (1) properly wash your hands, (2) quarantine in your home, and (3) if out, wear masks and practice social distancing by staying 6-feet away from another person. Engaging in these safety precautions is essential to slow the spread of this virus. We should feel fortunate to have effective and simple safety precautions to follow. With this, we should all do our best to follow the rules given to us by trusted healthcare professionals.

  1. We have the internet to connect with others and pass time
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Having the internet available to us is truly what has made this pandemic bearable. In being stuck in quarantine, face-to-face interaction has not been possible. We miss the outside world and crave going out to our favorite places with friends and family. Fortunately, we have the power of the internet on our side. With this resource, we are able to connect with our friends and family, whom we miss dearly, while respecting the rules and regulations of quarantine. We are also given the opportunity to browse social media platforms, Instagram being one of the most popular during this time, as celebrities go live with each other and invite fans onto their lives (video calls). Without this resource, we would surely be more than miserable during this quarantine period, especially when news of extensions seem to come day-by-day. The internet allows us to stay connected with those we love and people around the world.

  1. Better air quality
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Since the majority of the population is stuck indoors, the environment is getting a much needed break from human activity. There have been many reports about an improvement in air quality, and in Italy, streams that were once polluted with trash and gunk, are now clear and fish have been seen swimming in these once highly polluted bodies of water (USA Today). Unfortunately, there are many people who are not disposing of latex gloves and medical masks properly. These items have coated our streets and will contaminate our waters. It is crucial to encourage those around you to dispose of these items (and trash in general) properly, and to recycle what can be recycled. This practice should be treated just as vigorously as keeping our hands clean and keeping a 6-foot distance from one another in order to ensure the longevity of our planet, the people and animals that inhabit it. 

  1. Countries are containing and the spread
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Places such as Italy and China, where cases were initially abundant with COVID-19, are now showing stable or lower death rate percentages and contamination cases (CNET). These countries are taking the proper precautionary measures to protect their people and from spreading the virus by disinfecting streets, following quarantine rules and regulations, and by keeping their hands clean. It is our duty to be sure we too follow these rules for the protection of all people and the environment. Be sure to do your part by keeping your hands clean and by practicing social distancing. With these precautionary measures, we can beat this virus and return to everyday life, having learnt a very powerful lesson in keeping ourselves and environment sanitary.

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