5 Items from Amazon That Are PERFECT for Realtors (And Under $25)!

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Dennis Nottingham
October 05, 2021
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On Amazon, there are items for everyone - including real estate agents! In this article, we are bringing you 5 things that you as a realtor can add to your arsenal to make your life a little easier. You’ll definitely want to bookmark this one!

1. Real Estate Agent Portfolio ($17.95)

Our first item on the list will have your portfolio package in the palm of your hand (or your clients)! The Real Estate Agent Portfolio comes equipped with several pocket areas for paperwork, holds pens, business cards and also a flash drive. It is made of black leatherette and is debossed with the REALTOR logo. It comes in at 9 ⅞” W x 1 2 7/8 “ H, so it’s just the right size for travel and big enough to fit in a medium sized purse. This item is perfect for educational classes, business meetings, trainings, appointments, and more!

2. Reusable Shoe Covers ($9.99)

Bring these usable, anti-slip and machine washable shoe and boot covers to your next showing! Show respect for your clients potential home by covering the bottom of your outdoor shoes.

These shoe covers are made from napped cotton and dacron lining to prolong it usage. Wearing outdoor shoes indoors serves as a way to bring dirt, germs and viral matter from the ground outside inside the home. Major bacteria that can be brought into the home include coliform bacteria like e coli and even fecal matter. A 2015 study published in Microbiome analyzed the microbial environment on people's shoes after walking in different locations. The researchers found that microbes from surfaces — like bacteria and viruses — end up on shoes and rub off on other surfaces you walk on, such as the inside of our home if we walk in with our shoes on.

It is essential that in your home as well as during showings, you cover your shoes with protective covers. These covers are also made for boots and may possibly work with some heels. If you often wear tall heels to showings, consider bringing a change of flats that you can slip a protective cover over if the slips can't fit over taller heels. This deal from Amazon comes with 5 pairs.

3. Social Media Testimonial Photo Props ($23.87)

Our next items on the list are great tools for social media marketing! These modern sold signs are great for social media. They have beautiful designs with gorgeous color palettes and creative messages.

This set comes in a pack of 2 so you are able to choose from one that is bold in color and one that is a bit more stuttle, but just as beautiful! These signs are lightweight, durable and double-sided. Bring them to your next sold listing to capture your clients moments of purchasing their dream home and show potential buyers that they too can find their dream home with you as their realtor!

4. Professional Business Card Holder ($5.85)

This business card holder is a must for real estate agents! These business card holders come in 21 stylish shades to fit your look. The design is padlike with magnetic shut so your cards are tucked away and secure. The card holder is also designed with a slim metal pocket card holder. The business card holder is made from high quality PU leather and stainless steel. It is lightweight, slim and stylish. It measures in at 3.7 x 2.4 inches and is tactile.

5. Housewarming Gift for Clients - New Home Keychain ($9.99)

Our last item on the list serves as a simple and thoughtful gift for your clients who have purchased a home with you. These are a great gift to add to the keys of new homeowners. When they see the chain, they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness and how you helped them claim the home they will make great memories in.

This keychain set also comes contained in a gift box if you would like to present the gift that way. The keychain is real stainless steel and is durable. Congratulate your clients on their new home with this simple and thoughtful gift so that they will remember you if they themselves or others they know may need a great realtor like you to assist them in finding a new home.

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