4 Resources Realtors Can Use to Grow in the Field

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Dennis Nottingham
September 14, 2021
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In 2021, we are privileged to have access to a library of digital resources, many free of charge. In this article, we are bringing you 4 resources you as a realtor can use to further your development in the field. You’ll definitely want to bookmark this one! 

1. The Real Estate Marketplace Glossary: How to Talk the Talk (Free PDF)

Free PDF: https://www.ftc.gov/sites/default/files/documents/one-stops/real-estate-competition/realestateglossary.pdf

This first resource will allow you to develop an extensive vocabulary of real estate related terms. Knowing the proper terminology for all things real estate adds to your development and level of proficiency in the field. You can flip though this 18-page glossary or go as far as making flash cards to ensure you know the terms by heart and are able to apply them in the field. Your clients may be unaware of these terms and it’s your job as a professional to ensure they have knowledge of them and aid them in the process that follows.

2. Real Estate YouTube Channels

YouTube is a valuable resource for many in a variety of fields and professions. Other video-based learning platforms such as Udemy or Skillshare are also available resources, but the great thing about YouTube is that the platform is free and filled with information-packed videos and additional resources that can be linked in the bio of videos. Check out our blog 6 YouTube Channels to Gain Knowledge as a Real Estate Agent to discover channels crafted just for realtors. These videos are packed with key information regarding ways to grow in the real estate world and more.

3. Develop a Book Collection

No matter how the times change, books will always be a prominent resource for many professionals in a variety of fields. Take some time to explore your local library or bookstore and search for real estate related books to help you grow in the field. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Check out our article 5 Books You Should be Reading as a Realtor. In that article we will bring you 5 books you can order from Amazon that will aid in developing your skills in the field.

4. Instagram

Follow realtor and real estate related accounts to see how competition advertises to potential clients and how they showcase themselves as professionals in the field. On this platform you will be able to see how other professionals market their listings on social media, how they highlight clients and more.

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