4 Reasons You Want To Sell Your Home During The Fall or Winter

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Dennis Nottingham
October 29, 2019
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So, the coming months have notoriously been deemed the slow home selling season, but with low rates and a seller’s market in Indianapolis, this is no longer the case! Below are some of the Top Reasons that selling your home in the Fall or Winter is a strong choice in the current market.

1) Supply and Demand

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Seeing as there will be fewer homes for sale, yours will get more eyeballs. In today’s hot market, the buyers are there, the homes are not, so you already have an upper hand. Many buyers have already been outbid or missed out on homes they liked in the summer and fall months, and are willing to pay top dollar for a home they like. With fewer homes for sale in the winter, yours will get more traffic, assuring you Sell Your Home For More!

2) Buying Before Year End

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Many Buyers have been looking all year and are ready to close on a home before the year ends due to tax reasons. In comes your home. They love it, it’s just before year end, sold!

3) Companies Hire In The New Year 

Many companies begin hiring new employees in January and February, making this a popular time for families to relocate. With people needing homes quick and available, anything in these months becomes a hot property!

4) Serious and Strong Buyers

Anyone willing to house hunt in the winter months is definitely a serious buyer. People who are out looking at homes in the cold are not going to waste your time, and you can expect their offers to reflect that. They're likely out searching because they need that house, and might have missed out on some in the past, they won't want the same to happen with yours!

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