4 Easy Ways to Create the Illusion of Space

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Dennis Nottingham
June 02, 2020
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“Design is coming to grips with one's real lifestyle, one's real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one's well-being.” 

- Albert Hadley

  1. Use Light Paint Shades

Light colors give the illusion of a bigger space. Light and bright walls are reflective, and when paired with natural light, allows for space to be created. On the other side of the spectrum, dark colors absorb light, and can easily give the illusion of a smaller space. This shows just how important it is to choose the correct shades for the room you wish to open up. Some popular light shades include: beige, light gray and eggshell white. Many people like to avoid painting their walls a stark white because of something called the “white box syndrome”, a space that is labeled as a room with no personality due to bland walls. Of course, this doesn’t mean white is completely off the table. Sometimes it can give off the popular industrial design style look. The best part about designing your own space is that the design is completely up to your own discretion. If you like the look of white walls, research some interior design looks that use white walls to become inspired.

  1. Utilize Mirrors

Mirrors can make your room feel larger. These items give the illusion of depth and also reflect light, whether the light be natural or artificial. Place mirrors flat against the wall and angled in corners to create the illusion of space. It is important to use mirrors that are fairly large in design in order to make this creation of space work. If one mirror makes a room seem larger, imagine what adding another will do. Get creative and make a “layering” effect with the mirrors to give the look of and even larger space. This gives an avant-garde design that looks incredible. Create groups of mirrors in a style you like and have fun with it.

  1. Declutter

A cluttered space adds to stress levels and is the last thing that would make a space feel open. It’s time to give your space a good cleaning by tossing out all of the unnecessary items you have lying around. Take the time to thoroughly clean and declutter so that you are able to transform the space from center of chaos to a room of relaxation. “The bedroom is the one place where you want to have a sense of calm when you enter so you are able to get to sleep and feel rested. If you have things piled up all over the place, it creates an environment that puts your mind on overload. It also makes you feel guilty about not putting things away,” said Julie Bertram, The Organizing Pro. Clutter attracts more clutter, so be sure to stay on top of organizing as time passes. Find organizational charts catered for various areas of the home online to help you stay on top of keeping your space clutter free!

  1. Have Good Lighting

Having good lighting pairs well with mirrors and lightly colored walls when capitalizing on space. This is a way to trick the eyes and the brain into thinking a space is larger than it actually is. There are a number of ways to do this. The best way is to, like the mirrors, create a “layering” effect with the lights. In doing this you are not relying on solely one source of light to open up a space. You can have a light from the ceiling, stand lights or floor lamps. Having these lights turned on will bounce light from walls and mirrors, and create an open and balanced look. Not only is a well-lit space more inviting, it can also prove to be beneficial to your overall well being. This light layering effect will help brighten dark corners and the entire room, making it look larger.

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