10 Very Useful Amazon Products for Your Home

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January 28, 2020
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“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.”

Bo Derek, Actress, Film Producer, & Model

These products from Amazon are must-haves for any home. Check out these 10 items and add them to your cart!

  1. Silicone Dishwashing Gloves (13.99)
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Dishes can be a hassle, but these dishwashing gloves make the process a little easier. These silicone gloves have dense bristles that create lots of foam and properly cleans dishes. These gloves are also multi-purpose and can be used to clean a bathroom, car, and even a pet! Of course for sanitary reasons, we recommend buying separate pairs for different uses. 

  1. Broom with Dustpan Teeth (21.99)
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Hair and other debris get trapped at the bottom of brooms with every use. This can cause brooms to spread dirt and trash in attempts to clean our homes. Having to look at a dirty broom isn’t the most appealing either. With this broom set, teeth have been attached to the dustpan to comb through the bristles to remove hair and debris; a simple, but ingenious invention!

  1. Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags (10.99)
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It takes an astonishing one thousand years for plastic to decompose. Order these reusable sandwich/snack bags to cut down on your plastic use and combat pollution. These bags are made from food grade material, free from BPA, chloride, and lead. The material is recyclable, and if burned, will not release toxins into the atmosphere. Although they are not dishwasher safe, they are easily cleaned, and are able to properly store various food items from sandwiches to fresh fruit.

  1. Wine Glass Holder for the Bathtub (5.99)
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Bathtime just got even more relaxing with this simple product. For 5.99, add a wine glass holder in your bathroom to sip on your favorite wine while relaxing your muscles in the bathtub. Pairing this product with the next one on our list will set the tone for relaxing soak in the tub.

  1. Dreamegg Sound Machine for Sleep (29.99)
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It’s easy to develop a work, eat, sleep routine in today’s busy world. With this, creating the proper environment to reset our bodies and minds in preparation for the hustle and bustle of the next day is crucial. The Dreamegg can help us sleep a little easier as we climb into bed and hope for a good night’s rest. This machine produces sounds that help relax our minds to put us to sleep faster. Sounds include various versions of white noise, fans, and nature.

  1. Fabric Defuzzer (11.59)
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Stop settling for fabric infested with fuzz balls. Fuzz balls can manifest on our clothes and on our bed sheets. Despite them rubbing against our delicate skin and causing our fabrics to look run down, many people have a tendency to ignore these little critters and go about their daily lives. With this fabric defuzzer, you can easily remove these fuzz balls and renew fabrics.

  1. Salad Cutter Bowl (8.99)
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Often times, we hear people say they want to incorporate more vegetables into their diet, typically through a traditional salad. However, what happens in that fateful moment in the kitchen when it’s time to make the salad? We have all the ingredients we need and don’t have a reason not to make the salad, but there’s something standing in the way. That thing is time. The amount of time it will take to make the salad seems to outweigh the benefits of consuming one. Thoroughly washing each vegetable, cutting it into pieces, and then having to clean up the boards and knives you have used and return each item back to the fridge. With this salad cutter bowl, we can cut the amount of time and effort required to create a delicious salad. Simply wash your veggies and cut them in the bowl used to eat the salad out of. Making a salad has never been easier with this unique and ingenious product.

  1. Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber (12.99)
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Scrubbing a bath and shower is a sport of its own. Invest in this lightweight extendable tile and tub scrubber to make the cleaning process less strenuous. This product stretches from 26 to 42 inches, and the antimicrobial head is abrasive and is able to hold water for rinsing. 

  1. Bamboo Monitor Stand with Storage Compartments
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Sometimes our desks can become cluttered with various items that invade our space. On top of this, our laptops and computers take up even more surface area. Invest in this monitor stand to increase desk space, productivity, and lower stress. This monitor stand comes with storage components for items such as paper clips, pens, sticky notes, etc. There are even components for your phone and coffee/tea mug. 

  1. Jar Grips (3.45)
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A jar grip serves as a very useful tool for every household. Tight jars prove to be one of the most stressful things on the planet. Make opening one easier by purchasing jar grip. These grips come in three different shapes and fits over most jars and bottles. Take the effort out of opening tight jars by investing in this product.

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