10 Amazon Items Every New Home Owner Needs

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Dennis Nottingham
January 27, 2020
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You’ve got your new home, or you’re preparing extra hard before you do, and you want to know just what you need. We tried to leave the more obvious and basic needs off this list, like bowls and forks. We assume you knew you needed those.

So. You’ve got pots, you’ve got pans, but what are the things you will undoubtedly need and are sure to forget? We’ve got 10 for you!

1) Plants!

a dog sitting in the living room

Plants are easy to overlook when you get a new home, as you can be concerned about literally everything else, but trust us when we say the calmness and serenity they can add to your home’s ambiance is invaluable! Compare the pictures below

2) Step Ladder

a person standing in a room

Okay, so it’s not the most exciting item on the list, but it’s one you will absolutely need. From hanging curtains or new pictures, to changing or putting in new lightbulbs, this ladder will be your life saver. It’s much easier than bringing the standard ladder inside from the garage, but if you do need the traditonal ladder as well, we recommend the Little Giant.

3) Locks

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Again, we didn’t promise this would be the most exciting article, but even if you take away one thing, this should be it. Changing your locks to your new home is the quickest and easiest way to feel that the home is finally yours; and safe. 

You never know how many copies of the old keys were made, and who has them, so sleep peacefully knowing only those you want to have access to your home, do.

 4) Security Cameras

a screenshot of a cell phone

Ring Doorbell Cameras are easily the best way to make your home feel safe and protected. Check for deals around holidays, and buy them even before you have your home. You can buy playback features that allow you to see what went on at your house even if you didn't catch it live. This also allows you do check on who is at your door without being present!

5) Tool Kit

a close up of a tool

Again, you likely already know this one, but this list wouldn't be complete without it. We like this tool kit, and we don't recommend getting the cheapest one, because well, you get what you pay for.

You'll want tools that hold up, because you'll be using them way more than you ever thought possible with a new house. 

6) Curtains

a bedroom with a bed and a curtain

You might not have had to think about these bad boys in your apartment, but you're going to want curtains. They instantly transform your home into your own private space, while adding a personal touch depending on your color and pattern choice. 

Curtains also help make your space feel bigger when hung higher, so go for it! Curtain rod not included. 

7) Yard Waste Bags

a man holding a banana

When it comes to yard work, these things are life savers. Trying to put fallen limbs and trimmed bushes into a plastic trash bag will scream to your neighbors, "Hey, I'm a rookie!". Order these and stash them until you need them, even if it's winter when you purchase your home! 

8) Sage Cleansing Candle

thing sitting cup coffee front computer table laptop phone

Okay, so maybe we stretched the article title with "need" for this product, but this candle is absolutely amazing! It's a way to cleanse your space and make it new, without the actual tediousness that comes with burning sage. Plus, this one lasts 50+ hours!

9) Board Games

a table with a birthday cake

You have a house now. Meaning, it's time to stock up on board games that will fill your hall closet and get solid use at least twice a year. Don't be the homeowner who entertains and has zero games options! 

10) Frank's Red Hot

a bottle of beer on a table

Because no home is complete without it 🙂 

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