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It used to be that you could easily purchase a home with just a 10% down payment. During the housing boom (before the burst) you could sometimes get a home with as little as 5% or even 0% down. These days, though, it's much more common to see people putting 20% down on Indianapolis homes. The […]
November 23, 2022
Curious about Indiana's current real estate market? Below are the Market Statistics comparing October 2022 transactions to the prior calendar month (September 2022) and the same time in the preceding year (October 2021). Single Family Homes - October 2022 Market Statistics Condos - October 2022 Market Statistics For October 2022, closed sales for single-family homes dropped to 15.9%, […]
November 14, 2022
If purchasing a home is on your bucket list, there are six considerations to make that may improve your ability to obtain a mortgage. What Do You Need To Apply For A Mortgage MANAGE YOUR CREDIT RATING In order to ensure that you can make your recurring home loan repayments, lenders will carefully examine your […]
November 09, 2022
People yearn to have a place that offers warmth and safety, and it's evident even during earlier times. For instance, the Stone Age people who lived in caves protected by warm fire and round wooden or stoned huts with thatched roofs that Bronze Age People lived in. Even until now, the same principle is applied, […]
November 07, 2022
It's a common question among property investors whether getting a real estate license is worthwhile in terms of both time and money.  Obtaining a license for real estate investment comes with several benefits.  There are several benefits to investing the extra time and money to obtain a real estate license, including the ability to use your own […]
November 07, 2022
If you’re new to real estate, whether as a buyer or an agent, decoding the industry itself can be challenging. It’s complex to learn the process of selling, buying, or investing alone, and so is learning all its jargon. However, it’s critical to know even just the basics before you dive into it to avoid […]
November 04, 2022
If you are a serious home buyer looking to buy a home in today's market, we have 3 good news for you. 1. More Options With buyer demand skyrocketing while the housing supply really low, the past couple of years have been very challenging for home buyers. But that's no longer the case this time […]
November 03, 2022
A significant financial accomplishment and source of pride is owning a home. One important factor is that owning a property increases your equity, which significantly raises your net worth. The connection between owning a property and increasing your wealth is particularly crucial at this time of high inflation. Here are some reasons why starting your […]
November 02, 2022
Generally speaking, there aren't any strict rules for an Open House. However, there are some generally accepted do's and don'ts that home buyers should keep in mind: Don't Knock, Unless Stated Otherwise Ringing the doorbell or Knocking is unnecessary when going to an open house. Just walk right in. Examine Home Features, Not the Personal […]
October 26, 2022
See below to see the September Housing Market Update of a single property type home per County in Indiana. Located in the Southeastern part of the state, with Columbus serving as the county seat, Bartholomew County lies mainly in the level areas surrounding the East Fork of the White River and its tributaries. The majority of the County's economy […]
October 24, 2022

Indiana Relocation Guide

Are you ready to relocate to Indiana?

One of the states in America with the most stunning natural attractions is Indiana. Many visitors and young families are drawn to it because of its magnificent sceneries.

Moving to Indiana is the best option if you want to live in a city with reasonable housing, a low cost of living, and a vibrant art and music culture.

The job market in Indiana is rising, and the state is good for new businesses. The dining scene in the state is quite amazing, and you'll have easy access to several lovely parks and other breathtaking outdoor settings.

If all that piques your interest, then this guide is for you. It has all the details you need to decide whether relocating to Indiana is a good move for you or not.
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