The Essential Guide To Indiana Lake Property [Part 1]

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June 07, 2024
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Planning to move to Indiana or do you just want to know the Hoosier State even more? If yes, then allow us to give you more idea of what Indiana is like.

Other than The Indy 500, its vast farmlands, agricultural products, and the University of Notre Dame, Indiana is also home to beautiful lakes.

So if you're planning to relocate to a lakefront property, it's good news as there are tons of locations to choose from.

Pros And Cons Of Living On A Lake

Life on a large lake is risky, and getting on the water may be difficult. However, it comes with some advantages too, so before you decide to buy a lakefront property, weigh its pros and cons first.

Advantages Of Having A Lakeside Property

  • Gorgeous water views
  • Easy access to state parks, nature preserves, and national parks
  • Water fishing

Disadvantages Of Having A Lakefront Property

  • When boating on the water, you'll need a larger boat that can handle the waves and currents of a major lake, as well as access to a nearby marina. In Indiana, there are marinas in Michigan City, Portage, and Hammond.
  • Beach erosion and lakefront lot erosion are serious concerns, particularly during high lake levels.
  • Roads can be very busy during holidays or summer vacations.

Lakefront Homes Along Northwest

If you're eyeing a home along Lake Michigan in Indiana, there are various communities in the Northwest to choose from, each offering something unique:

Michigan City

About sixty miles southeast of Chicago's downtown lies the 32,000-person city of Michigan City. Along Lake Shore Dr., waterfront real estate buyers can find beachfront Michigan City homes for sale.

Only seven Lake Michigan lakefront home transactions, ranging in price from $725,000 to $3,000,000, have been recorded to the GNIAR MLS since 2021.

From west to east, there are three distinct neighborhoods in Michigan City, Indiana, that provide waterfront real estate for sale: Sheridan Beach, Shoreland Hills, and Duneland Beach.

Washington Park and the Michigan City Marina are the nearest locations to Sheridan Beach. Homebuyers may anticipate a completely beachside setting here, along with easy walking access to parks, the marina, the Michigan City Zoo, and a few local eateries.

Shoreland Hills is located further east and is not close to any amenities by foot. Still, there are actually very few lakeside residences that are listed as being in Shoreland Hills.

Last but not least, purchasers might discover a Michigan City lake house in Duneland Beach for sale. Except for one thing, all of the properties in Duneland Beach are waterfront. Indeed, they are lakefront, but they are situated on the south side of Lake Shore Drive since the beach is owned by the neighborhood association, which has a building prohibition. Duneland Beach lakeside homes are, well, lakefront, but you have to cross the street to get there. From properties along Lake Shore Dr., there are unimpeded views of the lake since you see across the bare beach that you and approximately 150 other residents jointly own.

lake michigan


Long Beach

In the Indiana bedroom community of Long Beach, buyers can find homes for sale that are located on Lake Michigan. This community also has 2.3 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline. This encompasses Moore Road and Lake Shore Drive from about west of Blanchard Ct. Michigan City, which encircles Long Beach to the west, south, and east, has all the amenities that are required. Long Beach is a good place to seek a lakeside house for sale in Michigan City.

Six Lake Michigan beachfront Long Beach houses, with prices ranging from $1,225,000 to $2,290,000, have sold through the GNIAR MLS since 2021. Long Beach waterfront properties for sale usually offer 2,300 to 5,000 finished square feet, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The dimensions of lots vary from 7,000 to 25,000 square feet.

long beach in indiana


Beverly Shores

Beverly Shores in north east Porter County offers Lake Michigan lakefront residences. This 600-person bedroom community is called Beverly Shores. Connected to downtown Chicago by the South Shore Commuter Rail Line, it has minimal amenities; however, Michigan City and Chesterton have everything.

Purchasing a waterfront property in Beverly Shores, Indiana, is less expensive than Long Beach or Michigan City. The waterfront in Beverly Shores was selling for between $522,000 and $875,000; however, this is not true lakefront real estate.

The houses near the lake in Beverly Shores are all located on the south side of Lake Front Drive, which runs parallel to the lake. You must therefore go across the beach and cross the roadway to get to the ocean. In essence, residences on the lake do not actually own the lakefront.

A marina is not present in Beverly Shores. Alternatively, locals can take a boat out from Michigan City's marina, which is about four miles distant. On the other hand, Beverly Shores is close to several protected areas, such as Indiana Dunes National Park. For those who enjoy the outdoors, this adds significantly to the value of Beverly Shores, Indiana, real estate.

beverly shores


Ogden Dunes

About 1,200 people live in Ogden Dunes, Northwest Porter County, 40 miles from downtown Chicago. A bedroom community surrounds Lake Michigan, Ogden Dunes has trails, parks, and protected places nearby. The South Shore Commuter Rail Line stops at Ogden Dunes. Chesterton and Portage, Indiana, offer more amenities.

In Ogden Dunes, Indiana, real estate buyers can acquire lakefront homes on Lake Michigan. Recently, the price range for beachfront properties in Ogden Dunes was $860,000 to $1,250,000.

Shore Drive runs parallel to the shoreline, and on its northern side are lakefront residences. However, in Ogden Dunes, erosion has reduced the amount of beach in recent years.

Ogden Dunes does not have a marina where one could launch a boat onto Lake Michigan.


Miller Beach

In Gary, Indiana, there is a neighborhood called Miller Beach on the northeast side. This is where purchasers may find beach houses for sale in Miller.

The population of Miller Beach ranges between 9,000 to 10,000. Because Miller Beach has so few amenities in reality, Gary and Portage, Indiana, subsidize the region. There is a stop on the South Shore Rail Line that connects Miller Beach to downtown Chicago. The Loop is 35 miles southeast of Miller Beach. The Miller Beach marina is nonexistent.

Depending on its size and amenities, lakefront Miller Beach real estate often sells for between $600,000 and $1,400,000.

These are just some lakefront locations in Indiana. Watch out as we list down the All-Sports Lakes in Northwest Indiana.

miller beach


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