4 Unique Tiny Homes Around the World

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Dennis Nottingham
January 26, 2021
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Tiny homes are extremely popular in today’s real estate climate. In this article, we are bringing you 4 tiny homes so you can see what all the craze is about. Check out these 4 unique tiny homes from around the world!

1. Manshausen 2.0 Sea Cabins (Steigen, Norway)


Our first tiny home on the list is a stunning sight. This metallic box hangs beautifully over the shallow end of the sea to give residents and guests a cavitivating view of the water. It is an optimal location for bird watching, as many seagulls flock to this area. The home’s shape compliments its rocky surroundings and its reflective metal coating serves as a mirror to the stunning nature it is engulfed in. The home is eco-friendly and like most tiny homes, cost-efficient. This tiny home has been nominated for the 2019 Dezeen Award for its beauty and stunning design. Each cabinet fits two to four people and comes with a master bedroom, library, bathroom and kitchen.  It was once used as an ideal location and home by fishermen in the area.  


2. KODA Walking Concrete (Tallinn, Estonia)

Paul Kuimet

This stylish home sizes up 250 sq ft and is movable-friendly for travelers. This home is completely mobile and can be disassembled and reassembled for homeowners who are constantly on the move to new locations. The two tiered home can be assembled in as little as four hours. The KODA Walking Concrete made the World Architecture Festival's shortlist of the best "Small Projects'' in 2016. This stunning home was designed by Kodasema. The simplistic design allows it to function in a variety of spaces to fit the needs of the homeowners. Unique ways owners convert this tiny home include turning them into cafés or offices.


3. Muji (Japan)


This incredibly stunning and stylish tiny home in Japan sizes up at an astonishing 98 square feet! Designed by the world famous design firm Muji, they have taken the tiny home game to the next level with these models. The Muji company traditionally sells minimalist home goods and clothing, but has recently expanded their incredible talents to the interior design world. The stylish tiny home markets in at $27,000. The home’s material is extremely durable and sourced from beautiful materials. The home doesn’t come included with electricity or plumbing because its target market is for those who simply wish to plug from the world for a period of time. Some have adopted the home by placing it in their backyard, giving them a comfortable place to turn to when they want to unplug themselves from the electronically-heavy world around them. 


4. Flat-pack mirror house, Estonia

This unique tiny home is quite the eye catcher! Although you are unable to purchase the home in its entirety, you can rent the home for yourself or with another person. The accommodation is located at the Riverbed inn mirror house and Iglucraft sauna. The home is by a beautifully flowing river, garden and a terrace in Kanaküla. Guests are gifted with a grill to cook their favorite foods on. Guests are also able to use free WiFi and are given free private parking. Guest rooms come equipped with air conditioning, a microwave, fridge, electric tea pot, shower, free toiletries and a desk. Each room also includes a private bathroom, closet and seating area. These tiny homes are spread thoughout the area, each home having its own perks. Locations include choosing to be by the river or perhaps having a patio equipped with the room. At the accommodation, guests will also have excess to a beautiful sauna. The staff at this location speak English and Estonian and are available 24-hours at the front desk. 

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