5 Video Mistakes Realtors Are Making

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Dennis Nottingham
September 01, 2020
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If you're reading this, you likely understand how important video creation has become in Real Estate. Here are 5 Mistakes to Avoid when making your videos!

1. No Establishing Shots

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Watch any local news segment and you're sure to see some nice examples of what you should be putting in your videos: establishing shots. 

Where are you? If you're at a listing, take a few videos of the neighborhood entrance sign, some ducks in a pond in the neighborhood, or even a street sign.

These all do well to show the viewer the environment, and gives the viewer's brain interest in your video. Simply starting with you talking inside the house is more likely to make the viewer tune out.

2) Not Rehearsing

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Just like you would a speech, you should both write a script and rehearse outloud to yourself or in front of others, what you are going to say during your video.

You may think you can walk and talk about your listing, but your viewer will take every pause and "um" as an opportunity to click out of your video. With so many videos screaming for potenital clients' attention, it's important to get the basics right!

3) Too Long

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Unless you are going for length on a platform such as YouTube, we suggest making your video no longer than 3 minutes, with the ideal video being between 30-90 seconds.

Rarely will viewers wants to hear anyone talk for more than 3 minutes if it's not a TED Talk or a podcast. Shorter videos will get better engagement, and lead to a better social media presence overall!

4) Too Shaky

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Rather than focusing on showing every inch of the house with back and forth camera movements, focus on learning simple pans or tilts to slowly show the main rooms and parts of the house.

Shaky video can be disorienting to the viewer, and their brains will tell them to stop watching, making them more likely to view you as less professional.

5) Trying To Be Perfect

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Everyone doing video messes up, it's okay! Putting out something with minor errors is much better than putting out nothing. Your audience knows you are human, and slight speech mess ups, noise distractions, etc. are all fine to leave in. Don't take it all so seriously! 

Visit our YouTube page to see samples of video techniques like these! 

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