5 Books You Should Be Reading as a Realtor

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Dennis Nottingham
August 10, 2021
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As a professional, it is important that you are working towards expanding your knowledge in your field and refreshing on core fundamentals. In this article we are bringing you 5 books you should be reading as a realtor to aid in developing your skills in the field. To view the book on Amazon, click the book title.

1. “Secrets of Top Selling Agents: Habits, Mindsets, and Tactics of Real Estate” by Joe Sesso

Secrets of Top Selling Agents has been a prominent source for education and career building advice in the real estate world since 2007. The tips and tricks in this book has changed the game for realtors across the map. This is without a doubt a must-read book for every agent in the field. In each chapter is packed with information, as different real estate super producers share their tips on how to effectively grow and manage a successful real estate business.

In the book, 3 important factors are covered: lead generation, business and wealth building, and negotiation and scripts. With leads, this resource covers effective methods like geo farming, open house conversions, and FSBOs, as well as the latest trends such as IGTV and leveraging ibuyers to rack in more appointments. Regarding business and wealth building, readers will learn the keys of investing and business building from Linda McKissack, Dirk Zeller, and Leigh Brown. They will then be able to explore the secret to staying and feeling successful with insights from Floyd Wickman. And lastly with negotiation and scripts, readers will learn to navigate tricky situations with clients and other agents in order to achieve a healthy outcome.

2. “7L: The Seven Levels of Communication: Go From Relationships to Referrals” by Michael J. Maher

In the book, The Seven Levels of Communication, we are taking along the life story of Rick Masters. He is suffering from a down economy when he crosses paths with a mortgage professional who has achieved success in her business without the use of traditional marketing such as advertising and/or personal promotion. Rick decides to tag along with her to a conference to expand his knowledge on how she has become so successful in the field in using non-traditional methods. Taking the wisdom she has taught him, he goes off to become successful as ever in his field of real estate, more than he could have ever imagined. In this quest of success, he finds his heart beginning to attach to new adventures and a new person. This is a heartwarming tale of success through failure and how to evolve in the field. This book teaches you how to win at referrals and in other areas of life.

3. “What to Post: How to Create Engaging Social Media Content that Builds Your Brand and Gets Results (for Real Estate)” by Chelsea Peitz

This book is not your traditional real estate marketing book where you skim through it for a few days, then leave on a bookcase (or in a drawer) to collect dust. This book will teach you vital skills in the world of marketing that you will use for the remainder of your career and things you will be able to build from. Everyone wants to be popular on social media, but not many people know how to work the algorithm. This book will teach you exactly what to post on social media that will get results in the field of real estate, all while building and promoting your own powerful personal brand that will attract your ideal customer and drives referrals in effortlessly.

This book is a step-by-step guide that will help you create a solid social media content strategy that will give you a strong advantage on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to generate real estate leads at no additional cost to you.

The simple three-phase framework outlines how to build your brand, create engaging content, improve your marketing skills and will teach you how to understand how to increase your reach online.

4. “The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents: It's Your Time to Rise and Shine” by Hal Elrod

In real estate, one thing all realtors share in common is the drive to strive to get to the next level. The next level of personal success and the next level of professional success. Realtors, like many other professionals, aim to take their lives, businesses and themselves to greater heights. What would you say if you could get there faster than you ever thought possible, simply changing how you start your mornings? There is so much power during the hours of the morning and this book will teach you just how the early bird catches the worm. This book is taking the real estate industry by storm, transforming the lives and businesses of tens of thousands of agents, and you too can benefit from it. Go on a  journey into the lives of top-producing agent, Rick Masters and his wife, top-producing lender, Michelle Masters to learn from the best.

5. “The Book of Yes” by Kevin Ward

The Book of Yes provides readers with powerful scripts to use the in field of real estate. Ward ditches old sales scripts in exchange for modern and effective scripts that are sure to help bring in more sales. This book provides realtors with a new and constructive approach to the game of real estate. The book is broken down into two parts. Part one will provide you with foundational skills that will aid you in crafting professional scripts that are tailored for you. Part two will provide you with example scripts that will enable you to have smooth conversations that will lead you to more success in the field. Ward’s book holds 27 scripts and 9 techniques that are guaranteed to help you in any real estate related situation. The book also includes small phrases, key vocabulary to use, signs of a client’s unease and so much more.

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