Role Of Technology In Real Estate And Why You Should Take Advantage Of It

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Dennis Nottingham
October 19, 2022
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Almost everything can be done at the touch of your fingertips -- looking for a new home to buy or rent, selling a property, or even searching for a real estate agent is possible with the help of your phone.

That, however, is only the tip of a much larger iceberg that there's a significant impact of technology in real estate industry for both consumers and business professionals in the sector.

There are numerous opportunities for using current real estate technologies to expand the nation's largest asset, estimated to be worth $40 trillion, in both residential and commercial properties. 

Here are five ways that prove the role of technology in real estate.


Anyone may easily examine inventories and see what's available, thanks to online listings. You may find information on the area, including school rankings, tax, images, and even purchase histories of houses, not to mention, the extensive descriptions of the property. 

Want to know how far you are from a road or a mall using a satellite view? Just get your phone and easily search for it.


One of the best things that technology has offered is virtual tours. 

In addition to images, modern software enables buyers and sellers to experience a 3-D virtual tour of a residential or commercial property, giving the impression that they are physically walking through it.

No need to get out of your home or travel, all you have to do is get online and explore the property virtually.


One of the best role of technology in real estate is to provide mobile applications.

Apps are extremely helpful, especially in helping us stay informed without going to websites. You'll receive alerts when new homes and listings that match your search criteria become available. Additionally, apps can assist you to manage your finances and provide easy access to agents and property managers.


One impact of technology in real estate industry is the popularity of crowdsourcing.

By combining their resources online, some brand-new websites aim to enable anyone to invest in top-notch real estate.


Technology has made things not only possible but also convenient and more accessible.

Gone are the days when you had to meet someone face-to-face just to complete a process; now, you can accomplish multiparty real estate transactions, save time, and maintain organization.

This kind of technology is not only increasing efficiency but also transforming how agents interact with their clients. Examples include safe and legal e-signatures, private task lists, and straightforward file sharing.

These are just some of the impacts of technology in the real estate industry, and although these are just five ways, we bet it's more than enough to convince you of its power.

Can you think of another way technology has influenced the industry? If yes, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. 

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