Energy Efficient Remodeling in your home in Indianapolis

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Dennis Nottingham
March 03, 2014
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Are you considering improving your real estate investment in Indianapolis? You might want to remodel your property to make it energy efficient. Doing so would not only help lower the bucks you pay for your energy bills. You would also contribute in helping save Mother Nature by reducing carbon footprints.

Ask most Indianapolis realtor and they would surely tell you that now is the best time to consider and adopt energy efficient remodeling. Lower interest rates serve as your go-signal to refinance existing mortgage or take a new one so you could shoulder any remodeling effort.

We hope now you have realized that within the market for real estate investment in Indianapolis, energy efficient remodeling is a necessary and ideal project to take. Why not adopt such an approach when you could reduce your water and energy bills, bolster health and home comfort, and lower pollution as well as greenhouse gas emissions? Here are several smart tips when remodeling your home to be energy efficient.

Remodel the kitchen

They say if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. But you could always remodel the area so you could possibly recoup up to 90% of overall valuation. One effective way to upgrade the kitchen is through investing in energy efficient appliances and models.

Replace old doors and windows

You may need to replace old doors and windows in favor of double pane windows with low-emission coatings. Costs for heating and cooling could be lowered along with street noise and the sun’s typical hot and discoloring rays could be lowered by installing glass doors and windows or such fixtures made in more ideal materials.

Improve heating and cooling system

Most Realtors in Indianapolis would point out the importance of replacing heating and cooling systems with more energy-efficient ones. Needless to say, such systems usually account for up to 50% of energy costs in any home. The central air conditioning system must bear Seasonal Energy Efficiency ratio of at least 13. This way, you could lower electric consumption by up to 20%. What could be more energy efficient than that?

Insulate the home

Earn back as much as half of your Indianapolis real estate investment in  by installing the right insulation in your home. So-called weather stripping could effectively lower air conditioning or heating costs. That is because doing so could help regulate indoor temperature to reach and maintain ideal hotness or coldness in your house.  

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