3 Deep Home Cleaning Hacks for 2021 (With Tool and Product Recommendations)!

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Dennis Nottingham
November 16, 2021
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Seasonal cleaning is a great way to deep clean your home on a routine basis. This fall deep cleaning guide will serve as a fantastic resource in what cleaning products, areas and tools need to be catered to in giving your home its best clean of the season. This is an article clean freaks will not want to miss! Click on the name of the products to be directed towards a store link.

1. A Powerful Cleaning Duo: Removing Hard Water Stains in Toilet Bowl

In taking a view at the upper rim of your toilet bowl you notice dark stains coating the prerimter. After scrubbing with products that have successfully cleaned other areas of your bathroom you find your hard work to have been in vain as the stain persists. What can be done about this? Those dark stains that you’ve found in your toilet bowl are hard water stains and happen to most toilets. Even if you give your bowl a quick scrub every Sunday, it’s easy to miss the deeper and harder-to-reach crevices of the bowl and hard water can begin to build a film around the bowl that seems impossible to scrub away.

There are 2 products that do a seriously fantastic job in ridding bowls of these tough stains. The first is Zep Acidic Toilet Bowl Cleaner ($5.48 at Lowe’s). This product is a thick acidic gel that clings onto hard water and rusted covered surfaces in a toilet bowl. Apply a thick even layer of the product around the primator of the toilet bowl and wait 5 minutes for the cleaner to break down the soiled surface.

Once 5 mins is up, use a toilet pumice stone, yes a product like this exists and it’s amazing! Pumie Heavy-Duty Scouring Stick ($2.98 at Lowe’s) does a fantastic job at tackling heavy stains. These scouring sticks effectively break hard water stains from the toilet without damaging your toilet, as the are a of the stick that makes contact with the bowl dissolves with time as you scrub at the stain. You may have to repeat the process of applying a new layer of the cleaner, waiting 5 minutes, then scrubbing with the stone, but by the second time, it’s sure to have your toilet bowl free of hard water stains. You’ve seriously got to try this powerful cleaning duo out!

2. A New Mattress: Remove Stains from Mattress

No one likes seeing stains in the investment that are mattresses. When a stain comes along we find ourselves scrubbing for an eternity to revive our mattress back to the spotless gem it once was. These next 2 products are sure to bring the surface of your mattress back to life. The first product you’ll need is Biokleen Bac-Out Stain + Odor Remover ($7.99 at Target). This product is fantastic for the mattress and other upholstery because it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, planet based, and free from artificial fragrance, colors and preservatives. It is also cruelty free. This powerful product destroys accidents from pets, wine, kids and more. It can also be used on various surfaces such as carpets and on clothing. Apply the product to your mattress and let it sit for 5 minutes. Once finished it’s time to break out the upholstery cleaner. The Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner is an affordable and powerful cleaning gadget to use in ridding surfaces of stains. It runs for $97.99 at Target, but is on the lower end of the upholstery cleaning tool spectrum.

Use this tool to vacuum out the Biokleen product from your mattress and watch the stains be sucked out with it. Below you will find a cleaner surface of your mattress exposed. You may have to give your mattress a bit of elbow grease and time, but it’s sure to come out stain free with this combo. After cleaning, allow your mattress to air dry properly, keeping any sheets, blankets or pillows away from the freshly cleansed areas. This mattress cleaning combo is simply amazing.

3. A Sparking New Sink: Removing Grout and Hard Water Stains

The sink can accumulate hard water stains on the counter and grout around the opening of the sink. We have another 2 amazing products to recommend to you, our beloved reader. The first product is 9 Elements Bath Spray ($4.99 at Target). This product is made from a powerful combination of lemon and vinegar (it's important to mention that the vinegar smells really strong). It cleans up soap scum, hard water build up and grime. It is plant based, free from synthetic fragrance, dye-free and can be used on a variety of surfaces. 

Spray the product over your sink and wait 1 minute. After 60 seconds use a traditional scrub brush that is safe for your bathroom countertops to watch the stains be scrubbed away. It may take a second or third scrub to get the surface completely free of stains, but the end result is so worth it. To tackle the hard to reach grout, we recommend the Rubbermaid Power Scrubber ($19.99 at Target). This electronic cleaning brush has been given a big status on Tik Tok and various Youtube cleaning channels. Use this tool to clean up hard-to-reach grout. This tool can also be used in the shower to clean up grout and does a fantastic job in doing so.

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