More people are adopting sustainability as a lifestyle, not simply as a catchphrase. As homebuyers seek eco-friendly homes, this shift in consciousness is affecting the real estate market. 

In today's market, marketing eco-friendly homes requires knowledge. In this blog post, we will talk about sustainable home living, eco-friendly housing amenities, and how real estate agents may market and sell eco-friendly homes effectively.

The Growth Of Sustainable Home Living 

The trend toward sustainable home living has significantly increased in recent years. For instance, homebuyers consider a property's ecological footprint, location, and visual appeal. Growing market segments now prioritize eco-friendly features, decreased waste, and energy efficiency. The needs of environmentally concerned purchasers are changing, and real estate brokers need to understand this and modify their approaches accordingly.

Eco-Friendly Home Features 

Understanding a home's eco-friendly features is crucial when marketing it. This knowledge allows real estate agents to communicate these features' benefits to potential buyers effectively. 

Essential components include:

ENERGY STAR and LEED certifications are two examples of certifications that can provide concrete validation of a property's commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Making Use Of Green Certifications 

The real estate industry has recently seen green certifications emerge as powerful marketing tools. Real estate agents need to be aware of the significance of several certifications. A property's marketability can be improved by understanding the prerequisites and benefits of any recognized certification, such as LEED or ENERGY STAR. Highlighting these certifications in marketing materials and property listings in a competitive real estate market may attract environmentally conscious buyers and set a house apart.

a concept of energy efficiency level

Effective Methods Of Marketing For Eco-Friendly Homes 

Eco-friendly homes for sale require appealing marketing. Listings of properties are needed to promote environmentally friendly characteristics and to include images of high quality that are conscious of the environment. 

Producing specific marketing materials highlighting the advantages of the house's environmental attributes, such as reduced energy bills and small carbon emissions, may also be an effective way to attract buyers worried about the environment's future.

Providing Sustainable Benefits To Purchasers 

Many purchasers need to fully understand the long-term benefits of environmentally friendly features. To fulfill their educational responsibilities, real estate brokers should explain how features such as solar panels, energy-efficient windows, and smart home technologies contribute to the preservation of the environment and result in cost savings over time. By providing information about decreased utility bills and their favorable environmental impact, it is possible to demonstrate attractive selling factors. 

Working Together With Sustainable Developers And Builders 

Real estate agents who want to specialize in environmentally friendly properties should make a deliberate effort to cultivate relationships with businesses that create and develop sustainable structures. Establishing these relationships demonstrates a dedication to environmentally responsible behaviors and allows access to a consistent supply of ecologically friendly dwellings. Participating in networking events within the community of sustainable builders can provide access to one-of-a-kind listings and opportunities for collaboration. 

Sustainable home living is changing the real estate industry and real estate agents, home sellers, and home buyers must learn to adapt. 

To effectively sell eco-friendly homes, agents must know green features, certifications, marketing, buyer education, and strategic collaborations with sustainable builders. They must also know how to prioritize sustainability to meet market needs and promote a greener real estate sector.

In the dynamic world of real estate, success isn't just measured in numbers; it's a testament to dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to clients. As the first quarter of 2024 draws to a close, RE/MAX Advanced Realty proudly celebrates the outstanding achievements of our teams and agents, who have once again demonstrated excellence in their field.

With great pleasure, we congratulate the Indy Home Pros Team for maintaining their #1 positions across multiple categories. Their consistent dedication to excellence has earned them the top spots in Team RESCOM Combined, Team Commercial Only, and among the Top 50 Teams by Transactions. Their unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service has solidified their position as leaders in the industry.

The Craftsman Group has also showcased their prowess in the Q1 2024 rankings, securing impressive placements in several categories. Ranked #15 in Team RESCOM Combined and #19 among the Top 50 Teams by Transactions, The Craftsman Group continues to impress with their expertise and efficiency in delivering results for their clients.

Additionally, we extend our congratulations to Team-Results for their notable achievements in Q1 2024. With their strong performance, they have secured the #31 position in Team RESCOM Combined and #38 among the Top 50 Teams by Transactions. Their dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has been instrumental in their success.

Individual excellence is also celebrated at RE/MAX Advanced Realty, and we commend Keith Turnbill for his outstanding performance. Ranking #37 in the Individual RESCOM category, Keith's dedication and expertise have been instrumental in delivering exceptional results for his clients.

These achievements not only reflect the talent and dedication of our teams and agents but also underscore our commitment to providing unparalleled service to our clients. At RE/MAX Advanced Realty, we are proud to have such exceptional individuals and teams who consistently go above and beyond to exceed expectations.

As we move forward into the next quarter, we remain dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and service excellence. Congratulations once again to all our teams and agents for their outstanding performance in Q1 2024. We look forward to continued success and making a difference in the lives of our clients in the months to come.

Last Saturday, March 16th, the Nire Event Center was a lively hub of excitement and anticipation as we came together to celebrate the outstanding accomplishments of our RE/MAX Advanced Realty team at our 2024 Annual Awards Night. The atmosphere was electric, filled with a palpable sense of anticipation and camaraderie, as we eagerly awaited the moment to honor our brightest stars. With spirits as high as balloons at a festival, we reminisced about the remarkable triumphs of the past year while eagerly looking forward to the adventures and successes awaiting us in the year ahead.

In 2023, our collective efforts propelled us to remarkable heights, with impressive statistics reflecting our commitment to excellence. Our total company sales volume reached a staggering $329,712,496, with a total of 848 transactions, and an average sales price of $262,276. These numbers are a testament to the dedication and hard work of each member of our team.

But behind these figures lies the true heart of our success—the individuals and teams whose unwavering dedication and passion have propelled us forward. From managing brokers to agents and support staff, each person at RE/MAX Advanced Realty plays a crucial role in our collective journey, and we are immensely grateful for their contributions.

As the night unfolded, our excitement peaked with the announcement of the Club Awards, recognizing outstanding individuals and teams for their exceptional achievements. Let's take a closer look at the winners:


As the excitement built, we transitioned seamlessly to honor our exceptional teams with the Club Team Awards:

100% Club Team Award:

This award recognizes teams achieving a total commission between $100,000 to $249,999. The recipients were:

Joyce Campbell, Rob Campbell (Team Leader), and Kayla Brandenburg.

Platinum Club Team Award:

Recognizing teams achieving $250,000 to $499,999 in gross commissions, the recipients were:

Pinnacle Club Team Award:

This prestigious award recognizes teams achieving $2 million+ in gross commissions.

In the photo from left to right : Column 1 ( Michael Carter, Scott Chain, Jeff Cloyd, Clint Cooper, Kitty Dangcil. Jason Dodd, Stewart Duhamell, Nate Elkins, Robert Ertel, Josh Graves) , Column 2 ( Doreen Harris, René Hauck, Ryan Hendren, Bob Hoffman, Michelle Jackson, Justin Jackson, Mukul Khanna, Anthony King, Josh Latham, Sophie Lingen), Column 3 ( Jun Liu, David Luse, Bradley McCleerey, Jessica Montalvo, Madison Nauman, Michael Nauman, Sharika Pandwar, Jade Perry, Lawens Pierre, Hayley Puff) Column 4 ( Aubrey Sanchez, Shelby Scott, Danielle Shouse, Cheryl Sizemore, Phillip Tinsley, Lindsey Winkhart, Jordan Wirth, Dana Wright, Doug Alvey - West Office Managing Broker, Dennis Nottingham - Broker/Owner, Team Leader)


Following this, we celebrated our Career Awards, starting with the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame induction:

RE/MAX Hall of Fame:


Recognizing those who've surpassed $1 million in gross commissions, regardless of length of service, we proudly induct our rockstar agents:

Congratulations to Jun Liu, Cate Waggoner-Lee, Jason Kraus, and Scott Chain for their outstanding achievement in joining the prestigious RE/MAX Hall of Fame.

Moving on to the Specialty Awards:

Rising Star:

Shelby Scott was recognized as the Rising Star, highlighting her exceptional potential and contribution to the team.

Top Agent:

Scott Chain was celebrated as the Top Agent, highlighting his exceptional performance and invaluable contributions to the Brokerage.

Top Team:

The Craftsman Group was celebrated as the Top Team, recognizing their exceptional teamwork, dedication, and outstanding results.

Finally, we extended our accolades to the outstanding teams and individuals  that made it to the 2023 RE/MAX Top Producers List:

RE/MAX Top Producers 2023: At the helm is the indomitable 𝗜𝗻𝗱𝘆 𝗛𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝘀 𝗧𝗲𝗮𝗺, commanding the #1 position across multiple categories:

Hot on their heels, 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗖𝗿𝗮𝗳𝘁𝘀𝗺𝗮𝗻 𝗚𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗽 shines brightly:

𝗧𝗲𝗮𝗺 𝗥𝗲𝘀𝘂𝗹𝘁𝘀 leave an indelible mark, clinching the Top 48 spot in the fiercely competitive Top 50 Teams by Transactions Category.

Meanwhile, 𝗠.𝗢.𝗩.𝗘 . earns well-deserved recognition, claiming the Top 49 spot in the challenging Team Residential and Commercial Combined Categories.

And let's not forget our very own 𝗞𝗲𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝗧𝘂𝗿𝗻𝗯𝗶𝗹𝗹, making waves in the individual rankings:


An additional spotlight shines on the remarkable achievements of the Indy Home Pros Team. In the RE/MAX Year-End rankings, Indy Home Pros Team proudly secured the #16 spot in the U.S. and #37 globally, showcasing our prowess in both residential and commercial sectors. Notably, we achieved #3 in the U.S. and #7 worldwide for commercial teams, and #16 in the U.S. for residential teams. This outstanding performance underscores our dedication to excellence on a global scale, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the entire Indy Home Pros Team for their extraordinary contributions and stellar accomplishments.

The night wouldn't have been complete without a special mention of our partners and sponsors who have stood by us throughout our journey. We extend our deepest gratitude to Vision of the Kingdom Catering for providing the delicious food that fueled our festivities. Additionally, we thank Bailey & Wood Financial Group NMLS #2334 and IndyLegal Title Services for their unwavering support, which has been instrumental in our success.

To our friends, families, and loyal clients, we owe a debt of gratitude for your constant encouragement and support. Your belief in us has been the driving force behind our achievements, and we are honored to have you by our side.

As we look ahead to 2024, we do so with excitement and optimism, knowing that the challenges we face will only serve to strengthen our resolve and determination. Together, we will continue to raise the bar, inspire one another, and achieve greatness beyond measure.

Here's to RE/MAX Advanced Realty and the unstoppable spirit of our incredible team. Cheers to another year of success, growth, and endless possibilities!


In 2023, Indiana's real estate market witnessed unprecedented success, with RE/MAX Advanced Realty emerging as the leader once again. Our dedication to excellence has propelled us to the forefront of Indiana's real estate scene, reaffirming our position as Indy’s Leading Brokerage and home to the state's #1 selling team. We're proud to highlight the outstanding achievements of our teams and individual agents who have excelled and secured notable positions in the coveted Top Producers List.


In the photo from left to right : Column 1 ( Michael Carter, Scott Chain, Jeff Cloyd, Clint Cooper, Kitty Dangcil. Jason Dodd, Stewart Duhamell, Nate Elkins, Robert Ertel, Josh Graves) , Column 2 ( Doreen Harris, René Hauck, Ryan Hendren, Bob Hoffman, Michelle Jackson, Justin Jackson, Mukul Khanna, Anthony King, Josh Latham, Sophie Lingen), Column 3 ( Jun Liu, David Luse, Bradley McCleerey, Jessica Montalvo, Madison Nauman, Michael Nauman, Sharika Pandwar, Jade Perry, Lawens Pierre, Hayley Puff) Column 4 ( Aubrey Sanchez, Shelby Scott, Danielle Shouse, Cheryl Sizemore, Phillip Tinsley, Lindsey Winkhart, Jordan Wirth, Dana Wright, Doug Alvey - West Office Managing Broker, Dennis Nottingham - Broker/Owner, Team Leader)

Led by RE/MAX Advanced Realty’s CEO and Owner/Broker, Dennis Nottingham, the Indy Home Pros Team stands as the #1 Selling RE/MAX Team in Indiana. With 40 full-time associates specializing in corporate, private, and government-owned properties in Central Indiana, their achievements include:


Under the leadership of Cate Waggoner-Lee, The Craftsman Group has secured the Top 23 spot in the Team Residential Combined Categories and held strong at Top 27 in the Top 50 Teams by Transaction Categories. Consisting of team members Marcus Fillyaw, Matt Henninger, Gigi Melloh, Jackie Ray, Sarah Ragsdale, and Katrin Teverbaugh, they prioritize a client-first mentality and are known for their highly educated team and commitment to a balanced life.



Led by Team Leader Jason Williamson, Team Results has made a significant mark by clinching the Top 48 spot in the fiercely competitive Top 50 Teams by Transactions Category. Jason Williamson, Russ Burk, and Robyn Roller pursue their passion as a team, promising excellent service with honesty, integrity, and commitment.


Move with RE/MAX, helmed by the dynamic duo  Jason Kraus and Tony Sowers, combines over two decades of real estate expertise to offer unparalleled service. As local experts, they leverage their in-depth knowledge to maximize opportunities and value for clients. Their Top 49 ranking at Team | RESCOM Combined further solidifies their reputation as industry leaders.

Keith Turnbill:

Our very own Keith Turnbill also made it to the Top Individual list, securing the Top 49 spot in the Individual Residential and Commercial Combined Category and an impressive Top 6 position in the Individual Commercial Only Category.

As we celebrate these remarkable achievements, we look forward to another year of growth, innovation, and success in 2024. Congratulations to all our exceptional teams and agents for their outstanding contributions! 🏆✨

One of the most crucial instruments in today's real estate market for property sales is technology. Among those technological tools, one of the newest and most important ones for selling a house quickly is a virtual tour of real estate. This technology allowed military members to be transferred, investors to increase their portfolios, and homeowners to select vacation properties. Virtual tours enable real estate agents to help buyers find homes and give sellers unique marketing tools.

Buyers want to rapidly find their next secure haven, which may be their office, gym, or classroom over months or years. Sellers want to prevent strangers from entering their homes while reaching enough buyers for the greatest offer. Virtual house tours are popular, but there are many choices for buying or selling a home.

Tips On How To Do Virtual Tours Of Homes

1. The Development Of A Virtual House Tour

Many real estate specialists who had never utilized virtual tours had to adjust rapidly during the pandemic. Not everyone can produce a "virtual tour" as last year due to time and resource constraints.

360° photos are used in traditional virtual house tours to show all sides. These let virtual tour viewers see up, down, and around a home's interior and exterior. A dollhouse-like digital model can be created from 360° photographs using software. Agents may also use Virtual Staging to embellish spaces with digital furniture and wallpaper or paint.

Online Walkthroughs show you strolling about the home, unlike traditional virtual tours. The seller or agent will hold a camera or smartphone and go through the house to make a video. Online walkthroughs can be pre-recorded or live. 

They are also called Virtual Showings or Online Open Houses if live. A scheduled, one-on-one Virtual Showing begins at the exterior and moves around the home like an in-person tour. Virtual Showings include FaceTime or Skype from your agent from a home you're interested in. Online Open Houses are more flexible, allowing viewers to join and leave group video calls on Instagram, Facebook, or Zoom.

2. Not All Things Virtual Are Impersonal

These kinds of virtual tours show property details more clearly than static images. However, a new refrigerator or the size of the master closet aren't the only variables when buying a property. It's a good thing virtual tours are great for human connection.

Virtual house tours let buyers see the house from every angle, visualize themselves living there, and assess if the flow and features suit their lifestyle. Live video walkthroughs in the real estate agent reveal non-visual details like creaking floors, quick internet, and community dynamics. Plus, you may ask concerns and get an insider's take on the home's best features.

Virtual tours are now my standard recommendation for sellers to showcase their homes and attract buyers. You can be sure that interested buyers are still seeing your house up close and personal, which will inspire their best offers.

man holding ipad for virtual guided home tour

3. Virtual Only Represents The Beginning Of Safe Home Sales

Even though certain government limitations are lifted, virtual tours are still advised for buying and selling real estate. Buyers don't have to worry about previous visitors, while sellers lose foot traffic. Some data suggest virtual house tours make agents safer by reducing in-person showings and open houses.

Many virtual tours are available, but some buyers need to view a home to feel secure enough to make an offer. Realtors may advise purchasers to stay in their cars and wear gloves and face covers on the day of the in-person tour. Many sellers give hand sanitizer and ask buyers not to touch any surfaces. The agent will turn on lights, doors, and curtains. 

4. Your Objectives Will Affect How Quickly You Close

Real or not, virtual tours are expanding buyer and seller alternatives. The average buyer saw ten homes over ten weeks before making an offer in 2019. However, virtual tours save them time and allow them to view many homes quickly to create their ultimate pick.

As a buyer looking at a home from a couch, know you're not alone. You're competing with other buyers viewing the same properties, so collaborate with your real estate agent to make a solid offer when you find the property of your dreams. Sellers should evaluate the desire for a quick sale against the temptation to accept additional bids, which can extend the listing period by six percent. Agents can help you choose the best plan for your priorities.

5. The Best Option Might Not Always Be Virtual

Virtual tour creation, editing, uploading, and promotion for listings are expensive. Virtual staging and advertising will increase a listing's marketing expense. Even affordable methods like video call walkthroughs involve seller and agency time and effort.

These costs imply sellers may not want a comprehensive virtual tour bundle. Your agent may advise against a lengthy virtual tour, showing, and open house while marketing your home. That style of promotion may not appeal to your potential buyers, the investment-to-return ratio may not be favorable, or there may be other ways to get eligible buyers to notice your listing.

Buyers, some listings in your search may have something other than virtual tours. Those for-sale homes may have yet to need a full virtual marketing package to attract buyers or be better marketed traditionally. 

Have you tried a virtual tour? If yes, how was your experience with it? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

The term "seasonality" refers to the recurring cycles and shifts characteristic of a given point in time throughout the year. 

It is a crucial component that can dramatically affect the real estate market, and it is one of the many aspects that influence the real estate industry, just like it affects many other sectors. 

Buyers, sellers, and real estate investors must understand how seasonality affects the market because it can affect pricing, demand, and total market activity. 

In this post, we will look into seasonality in real estate market and how stakeholders can use this learning to make more informed decisions.

The Effects Of Seasonality In Real Estate Market

1. The Pricing Trends

Pricing and seasonality in real estate market have a very close relationship. Prices of homes might be expected to move up and down following the marked seasonality of the region. 

For instance, during spring and summer, when there is a boom in demand, sellers may choose to advertise their properties at higher prices to capitalize on the increased interest from buyers. 

On the other hand, when business is slower in the fall and winter months, sellers may need to change their prices to attract possible purchasers. Buyers and sellers of real estate must be aware of the seasonal pricing trends and consult with agents with significant knowledge of the local market to make well-informed decisions.

2. The Demand and Inventory Fluctuations

Seasonality is a factor that can substantially impact the real estate market's level of demand, both positively and negatively. The spring and summer months saw increased demand in the past since potential homebuyers prefer to move during more agreeable weather conditions and before the new school year begins. 

Consequently, there is a trend toward a rise in real estate inventory during this period, providing buyers with more options.

On the other hand, demand may decrease throughout the fall and winter months due to the approach of the holiday season and the possibility of severe weather. 

As a consequence of this, there is a possibility that inventory will decrease, which will make this a more advantageous moment for sellers as there is a possibility that they will face less competition.

high angle shot of suburban neighborhood

3. The Rental Market Dynamics

The rental market is also subject to seasonality, which affects both the demand for rentals and the available inventory. For example, because students move into college towns at the beginning of each school year, the need for rental housing there may reach its highest point. 

On the other hand, demand can fall during the summer, when many students take time off for vacation or return to their hometowns. 

Landlords have a responsibility to plan their rental strategies in a manner that is appropriate, taking into account seasonal fluctuations and the possibility of vacancies at specific times of the year.

4. The Regional Variations

It is essential to understand that the effect of seasonality in real estate market can drastically differ from one geographic region to another, which must be considered. 

Spring may be the busiest shopping season in some parts of the country, but it may be falling in others, particularly those with milder climates. Compared to areas with more temperate temperatures, the seasonal slowdown in the real estate market may be more noticeable in areas with harsh winters.

Investors and other market participants must extensively study the region they are interested in to understand the seasonal patterns affecting the local real estate market.



Seasonality is critical to the real estate market. Buyers, sellers, and investors can benefit from seasonal demand, pricing, and inventory patterns. By understanding seasonality, stakeholders can better enter the market, set prices, and negotiate deals.


A knowledgeable real estate specialist with local market knowledge should advise you on any investment. With this information and expertise, market players can effectively analyze the real estate market and achieve their goals year-round.

By delivering valuable insight and material, real estate agents and teams can engage their community via real estate newsletters, including prospects, clients, and spheres of influence. 

Email newsletters enlighten, educate, and entertain subscribers weekly, bimonthly, monthly, or at other intervals.

When Should You Send A Real Estate Newsletter?

Your lead generation technique may have produced many leads who are weeks or months away from selling or buying a home. 

You need systematic and repeatable techniques to engage passive leads until they're ready to proceed to the next step to keep lead costs low and the pipeline full. 

By reminding passive leads of the things you do along with how well you do it, real estate newsletters can nurture new leads.

Real Estate Newsletter Content Ideas

Below are some real estate newsletter examples to give you some ideas on what to include while making it:

Real Estate Newsletter Example #1: Community Events Newsletter

A community newsletter implies you're a neighborhood insider who knows everything, such as events for adults and families that may help reach the broadest audience. You can also write "best of" articles about restaurants and other local businesses that may interest your subscribers.

Real Estate Newsletter Example #2: Updates About Real Estate Market

Market updates on homes sold, average prices, and other details are significant for warm-to-hot leads considering buying or selling a home and armchair-realtor homeowners who want to stay informed about local real estate. They can also be a great source of referrals. Send market updates with an easy-to-digest, remember, and use takeaway.

Real Estate Newsletter Example #3: Give Helpful Advice

Provide buyer and seller advice in newsletters to demonstrate your knowledge. By providing readers with helpful information, agents can show their customer service skills and prove they're not only interested in selling. It's even more vital to optimize your newsletter for mobile consumption when it's full of outstanding information.

woman reading newsletter

Real Estate Newsletter Example #4: The Holiday Content Ideas

Holiday content with fresh ideas is always a hit with your community. Plan the newsletter at least a month in advance to include exciting offers, event information, and other details to build enthusiasm.

Holiday-themed email newsletters are a terrific approach to showing real estate leads who you are by sharing personal holiday traditions or how your company or family celebrated last year.

Real Estate Newsletter #5: Newsletter for Local Business News and Announcements

Agents can attract leads and buyers and build relationships with local business owners by promoting local businesses. It's a fun and easy way to network and curate great email newsletter content.

Real Estate Newsletter #6: Interactive Newsletter Content Ideas

Another entertaining technique for attracting passive leads is using quizzes and polls to learn about their interests and preferences.

Real Estate Newsletter #7: Listing Alerts Newsletters

Only send listing alerts to active sellers and buyers. Expand your price and house feature segments and connect to your website. Use video to liven up the listing alerts by linking to tours on the website or making a collage of your listed properties' most outstanding features. 

Real Estate Newsletter #8: The Relocation Guides

If you are in a busy relocation market, create a real estate landing page containing a useful offer and adapt your email to help your subscribers move more quickly. To build trust early in the home hunt, share local and state permits, guidelines, and other local "insider" knowledge.

Real Estate Newsletter #9: The Ultimate Inspiration Newsletter

For your newsletter, you may wish to compile expert suggestions and opinions from celebrity interior designers or other 'exclusive' insights from elsewhere if your readership is sophisticated. Your newsletter can help you build brand recognition with luxury prospects with stunning real estate images and inspirational articles on living your best life in essential places.

Real Estate Newsletter #10: The Contest Newsletter

Presenting all homes at once isn't the ideal method to engage leads who aren't ready to purchase or sell. To attract passive leads, meet them where they are, thus going outside the box for concepts that appeal to a broader audience. Also, pets and toddlers are always popular.


There are a lot of ideas you may create while making a real estate newsletter. Hopefully, the examples of the real estate newsletter above will help you and inspire you to do your newsletter as a real estate agent.


When you look for houses, it’s given that you trust the seller or the real estate agent marketing the home you are looking for. It is the same when you’re the one advertising your home. Trust is the ultimate selling factor in real estate, but marketing helps build that trust. Efforts in marketing your home help boost your selling point of the home, especially in a very competitive market.  

Every home is unique, and a good marketing plan takes time to prepare, typically months. When you market your home, it must be in good condition. All upgrades and repairs must be complete. 

Pricing, likewise, should be planned. A broker will give you advice on the price and best terms like closing cost and seller credits. Once the home is on the market, it will quickly be searched and your marketing begins. 

Marketing your home becomes easier if you know the current real estate market. Good marketing can bring your home to higher prices. Here are some tips that can help you boost your marketing strategy:

Tips To Market Your Home

Take Photos of Your Home 

Most buyers begin their search online so posting a good photo to attract prospects is essential. Listings without any photos are often ignored. 

Virtual Tours

You should do a virtual tour as buyers love to have a virtual tour of a home. A good virtual tour can attract buyers whether you do it 360 or a video. You can edit and add some sounds and descriptions to your video. 


Well-designed signage can help attract buyers and maybe inquire or make a phone call and ask for details about your home. Putting a “For Sale” signage is free advertising; you can put two signs if your home is located on a corner lot. 

Direct Mail

You can also buy mailing lists and give them to neighbors. You’ll never know if a neighbor or a family relative wants to move near them. You can give them to agents who represent buyers in your neighborhood and also to neighbors living in other areas who want to relocate to your area. 

Print Advertising 

The target market for print advertisements is those who usually read newspapers every day and also online ads. Search for days that pull the most readers and put ads in the newspaper. Don’t overlook local newspapers, look for larger ads that will cost you less and at the same time will target those who are looking within your area. You can also make use of websites that you can search and find, most online listings are free. 

Open Houses

You can place an open house sign directing buyers to your location. You can also advertise your open house in newspapers and post it online. Don’t forget to indicate the time that your house is available for an open house. 

Take Note: Not every home is suitable for an open house due to location or other factors. If you’re not sure whether this is a good way to market your house or not, the only way to find out is to try. If no one comes, it’s probably an indication it’s not good for an open house but at least, you tried.


You can include photographs and a few descriptions of your home with the help of technology as it will be easier to create and send. It may cost you a little but you may look at it as an investment. 

You can send these e-flyers online to your friends, family, or neighbors within your location to help you advertise them to others. You can also send them to real estate agents and brokers that are looking within your area. 

Energy-Efficient Features

Based on research, buyers prioritize homes that have energy-efficient features, as it is a long-term way to save on house costs. Buyers are more interested if the windows are Energy Star-certified than the appliances or thermostats. Some of these energy upgrades are solar panels, CFL lighting, and sufficient insulation. Solar panels are one of the biggest energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

real estate agent taking photo while holding sold sign


Your location itself can be a selling point for your home. Living in a neighborhood that has many commercial buildings, like groceries, restaurants, schools, parks, shops, churches and convenient means of transportation can help buyers appreciate the property and think how easy and hassle-free it would be to live within the area. 

Social Media

If you’re selling your home through a real estate agent then they should be well-versed in using social media as a means of marketing. Most of them are trained to make your listing create a noise online and make it noticeable within the area. 

Our team at RE/MAX Advanced Realty - Indy Home Pros, for instance, are well-trained in marketing homes online. Other than social media, we use different platforms to advertise your property for maximum exposure. Call us at 317-316-8224 or drop a comment below to learn how we can help you market your home online.

In the meantime, you can also post photos and videos of your property on different social media platforms and websites. You can even use the design you created for advertisements and e-flyers to make your listing more attractive.


It is an online database that is exclusively used by real estate agents to make buying and selling homes more efficient. Agents list homes for sale on MLS or multiple listing services – it’s a must. And only they and other professionals can view and have access to it. 

MLS can also accommodate for sale by owner listing. You can find a broker who’s willing to enter the information about your property without representing you. When you post your home here many agents will see it and buyers will be aware of the property’s availability. Oftentimes they will do it for a flat fee, but be sure to ask the agent first to know what to expect. 

Bottom Line

Marketing your home is essential if you want it to sell. As we phase into the new era, marketing also evolves online. There will be many gimmicks on how others will market their property. 

Implementing your marketing strategy is crucial so that your property will stand out. Keep track of the changes in real estate and the current trends, so you can adapt and apply your style of marketing. 

You've compiled a list of all the features your ideal house should have. You spent hours looking through real estate websites and planning the perfect route for a weekend filled with showings. 

You're prepared to go into the challenging task of house hunting. There is one minor problem: you could not find a babysitter. Fear not if spending hours touring homes with your kids makes you want to give up before you even start. 

Even if it's not ideal, you can effectively go house hunting with your kids if you give it some thinking and forethought. Finding your dream house may be a memorable and joyful family effort if you use these tips on house hunting below.

Top Tips On What To Do On House Hunting With Kids

Here are the seven tips on house hunting you may need to know:

1. Plan Ahead

Pack extra clothes, toys, and snacks for your kids. Despite planning your route, you don't know what you'll encounter. You may be stuck at one house or need many rest stops. To avoid boredom, pack some toys or activities for your kids.

2. Bring A Friend

Bring a relative or friend along if you can't find a babysitter. When your friend watches your kids, you may concentrate on talking to a realtor about each house. If they get antsy throughout the day, a friend can watch them run around the house's yard instead of chasing them about the house.

3. Drive Yourself

If you're bringing kids, driving yourself and following your realtor is advisable. Many agents like to drive potential clients from one home to the next so they may discuss the residences. You won't have to transfer car seats and booster seats in your car, and your kids will feel comfortable.

4. Respect The Homeowners

Not all properties are child-friendly. You may be visiting a childless couple with many expensive antiques. Watch your kids so they don't get into the homeowner's stuff. Additionally, kids must follow the homeowner's no-shoe policy. Before entering, ask whether there are pets so you can watch the children.

kids helping parents carry boxes at new house

5. Make It Fun

House hunting with older kids is possible. Give them a paper and pen with a house-hunting checklist, and then let them check off each property you see. Let them write their house-hunting checklist about each house and discuss it while in the car on the way from one to another. They will be distracted by such a task at each house and feel like they are helping to find the ideal family home.

6. Bring Your Camera

Despite your best efforts, house hunting with kids will be distracting. Get lots of pictures of each house you visit. To keep the images arranged between each house, take a picture of the mailbox address or the realtor's information page. After touring the houses, review the images as a family and add any missed things to your house-hunting checklist.

7. Be Realistic

Realistically, your realtor and you may have planned the perfect day. Kid-related things do happen. You may need to stop for food or even a diaper change unexpectedly. Start your house hunting with a plan for longer than one day.

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