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Noblesville is a quaint suburban city that looks to the future while embracing its past.

It lies just 23 miles north of downtown Indianapolis and has easy access to both I-69 and the I-465 circle. This allows you to enjoy living in a large, comfortable community while having a simple commute to work.

Noblesville frequently ranks as one of the greatest locations to live in Indiana, which is not surprising given its nationally acclaimed schools, stunning parks, and active downtown scene.

With more people migrating to this charming city every year, Noblesville is now the 14th-largest city in the state, not to mention, Hamilton County's oldest and most established community.

Buying Noblesville Indiana Real Estate: Amenities & Features

The prices of the properties in Noblesville, Indiana range from $1.55K to $44.5M, with a 2-bed single-family house costing, on average, $332K.

Located north of Indianapolis, the vibrant county seat has entertainment options like shopping on the square, events at Federal Hill Commons, and artistic activities at Nickel Plate Arts.

Noblesville, IN also takes pride in having schools with a national reputation, colorful downtown culture, amazing restaurants and shops, and many more.

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