Are you going to be hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? If so, you are probably feeling a bit nervous, excited, and maybe even a little overwhelmed. You are looking to make this special holiday perfect and for all of your guests to be happy and full! Ultimately as much as you try to control things and have every little detail ready there will inevitably be things you miss and aren't thinking of right now. To help relieve some holiday stress here are a few little tips that can make this a holiday to remember.

1. Make a plan to tackle some cleaning: No one wants to host a holiday meal in a dirty or unkempt home. Start brainstorming a list of what needs to be cleaned, fixed, or put away. A list will help you to keep organized as well as keeping you in check for what needs to be done next.

2Go grocery shopping now!:  Don't wait until the last second to pick up your thanksgiving ingredients. Going to the store now is a good way to avoid busy stores full of last minute thanksgiving shoppers. Shopping earlier will make you feel much more relaxed when the week of Thanksgiving comes.

3. Think of the cooking utensils you might need for you and your guests this holiday: Nothing is more annoying than making a full dish and realizing that you don't have the proper plate or platter to serve it on. Before you go out and buy a brand new cooking set make sure you've asked a friend or family member if they have something you could borrow instead of digging in your pocket to buy something brand new.

4. Start cooking: It's never too early to get ahead on Thanksgiving cooking. Thanksgiving meal can be a lot to manage at once, take any opportunity you can to prepare things in advance. A few Thanksgiving food items that can be prepared before the big day include: rolls, cranberry sauce, turkey stock, gravy, and even some simple appetizers are easy to prepare a day or two before hand.

5. Buy some nice smelling candles: Everyone wants their home smelling nice when hosting family and friends. Purchasing candles is a quick way to decorate and set the mood for your holiday. Candles are inexpensive and make a great addition to any Thanksgiving centerpiece.

6. Pick up a fresh bouquet of fall flowers: Flowers make for great centerpieces at the Thanksgiving table. Flowers are also an easy way to bring bright colors and scents into your home.                                                                                                                                                                     

7. Bust out some games for the kids attending your meal: While the kids aren't eating they will need to be entertained. Pull out the board games from the cupboard and make them accessible to your little guests. Having the kids busy will help you stay busy with your cooking and entertaining.

These are a some the ideas of The Indy Home Pros Team at RE/MAX Advanced Realty and a few ways to make your home holidays ready. Don't stop here, get creative, make lists, and most of all, be prepared!

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