Proper protection and maintenance of our home is one of the things we need to practice to keep our home from possible damages. Nonetheless, there are inevitable things to happen causing the materials to get weaker than normal. Some factors that can affect the condition of a home are Weather, Pests and Time. Here are useful ideas in order to be prepared and avoid possible inconveniences in the future.

1. Weather. We have no control over this, however, we can always prepare for it. Paints are not just to color your house and make it look more pleasant. They are used as coatings of your walls and roof against acid rain, sweltering climate, and dirt they may spoil and ruin the material in a much shorter time. Add truss bracings if possible to fortify your home for strong wind impacts. It also boosts your home’s stability from storms or any natural disturbances.

2. Pests. These insects are hard to avoid and are present in every houses. They could be ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, beetles, rodents, etc. which gradually ruin the house’s woods, bamboos and other light materials as they stay longer. They could be anywhere in the ceilings, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, inside walls and/or in garage. Pesticides can be used to exterminate them but this process needs to be cautiously applied because it can be very dangerous especially to kids. Do a general and thorough cleaning sometimes to detect where these pests settle and that you can take action in eliminating them.  Make sure that your food storage has no holes and the kitchen is always clean and tidy as well.

3. Time. In time, irons get rusty, woods get brittle and other materials wither. Leaks and easily broken wood stairs, floors and walls are indications that the house is getting older and some parts are needed to be repaired. Check regularly the plumbing which would enable you to detect loose connections and regularly clean the roof gutters and drainage to avoid water to stay that eventually causes leaks and ruins hardwoods over time.

How we treat our home can affect its condition. It is important to practice proper home protection and maintenance in order to maximize the use of materials. If we are confident of our home, we can sleep at night with peace of mind. We can even save more from extra expenses in the future. Doing these would not just preserve the home to last long or to keep the property in good state, but it is also for us to continue living in a safe, presentable, protected and convenient dwelling.

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