Should You Plant Trees within the Yard?

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Dennis Nottingham
April 09, 2014
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Are you aiming to improve the curve appeal of your Indianapolis home? You could be considering planting a tree or trees to make your yard look livelier and more interesting. In reality, having trees in the yard could surely make the exterior of the house look more beautiful. But should you really plant trees there?

Many trees could truly add privacy, beauty, and shade to any property as evidenced in many cases within the Indianapolis real estate market. However, you should also be aware that some trees only wreak havoc through their invasive root systems, messy fruits, prickly thorns, and weak branches. You should also prepare to constantly get rid of withered leaves, which could make the lawn look awful and could accumulate at the roof to spell future trouble.

Trees across Indianapolis real estate

If you have already decided to plant a tree within your yard, you should first do ample research. Begin by assessing what you intend the tree to do. Is it for shade, clocking the view, or adding color to the landscape? Do you still have enough space within the yard?

Be reminded that deciduous trees tend to lose leaves during fall season. They are usually bare all throughout winter. Do you want to have foliage all throughout the year? Then, you should choose to plant an evergreen like spruce, hemlock, or holly.

Choosing the right tree for Indianapolis homes

Are you having a hard time choosing a tree to plant within your urban lawn? You might select trees that don’t get too sturdy or those that don’t tend to have invasive and destructive roots. You might also choose one that doesn’t produce too much withering leaves or one that does not bear fruit, if you dislike the idea of falling fruits in your roof during unholy hours of the night.

There are specific trees you should not choose. Among those are weeping willow, cottonwood, Russian olive, Norway maple, and ash tree. These are trees that are not meant for urban lawns; they should instead be planted in the forests or in other non-residential vacant lots.

Check out trees planted in yards across the Indianapolis real estate market. The community might also be recommending specific trees for your Indianapolis home. Lastly, it may not be advisable to plant the same tree that your closest neighbors have. It is better to have diversity, not just for aesthetic appeal but also for practical and logical reasons. 

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